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Ragini was keeping her dresses. Sanskar comes behind and hugs her. She smiles and holds his hands which were on her waist. He started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes feeling his kisses.

San: ragini,

Rag: still closing eyes. Hmm?

San: u know wat I was missing?

Rag: wat?

San: I was feeling like m missing ur love.

Rag: how can u miss when m infront of u only?

San comes infront of her still holding waist.

San: coz my wife is not romantic.?

Rag: who told u?

San: ur husband.

Rag kept her hands around his neck. Goes close to him. She kissed on his forehead. Then on his both cheeks, then on his nose. Then she stopped.

San: u r copying me.

Rag: (romantically goes more close without leaving any space between them) m ur shadow. I’ll copy u only. u cant stop me.

She closed her eyes and kissed his lips. He too hugged her tightly and started kissing deeply. Till 5 mins continue they were kissing, then broke their kiss due to lack of oxygen. Both r breathing heavily.

San: breathing heavily. this was our longer kiss till now.

Rag: do you want to break this record.

San smiles and took her to bed. Now rag is on his top.

San: ofcourse. Daily I want break our previous record.

Rag: now say who is more romantic?

San: still its me only.

Rag hits his forehead with hers. San rolls and now san is on rag. He started to kiss her neck slowly he comes down kissing her. He opened her blowse hooks. He looked at her. She smiles at him kissing his forehead again giving her permission. He removes her saree while kissing, slowly he removes her all clothes. Himself made undressed. Holds her both hands tightly. And they became one.

After some time ragini opened her eyes and looks at san who was admiring her continuously. She blushed and closed her face with blanket. He removes it.

San: let me see u. day by day u r looking more beautiful. Wats the secret?

Rag: kept her hands on his cheeks. Ur love makes me beautiful. As ur love increases, my beauty increases. Now m feeling like m complete.

Tear escaped from her eye. He kissed there.

San: y tears in this happy moment?

Rag: its of happiness. Thanku sanskar for coming in my life. (hugs him) I never thought my life will take such a huge turn with u. u filled my life with colours. I don’t know I deserve it or not. But u gave me ur love, which is precious for me. Don’t leave me at any cost. If in anger I tell u something, then u slap me. But don’t leave me. If I slap u, then also.

(she realized wat she said)sry sry. I dint mean that.

San acting like angry: u will slap me? U’ll slap ur husband?

Rag: sry. It just tongue slip. Sry pls. (she takes his hand kept on her cheek) slap me for my mistake.

San: hey. Its ok. I know u. I was just kidding. Wat do you think? I can live without u? never . (hugs her tightly) I’ll b with u like this only forever.

Both smiles.

San: I’ve something for u.

Rag: wat?

San gave her a small box. She opened it and saw a chain with pendant RS on it. She smiles happily.

Rag: make me wear. I want to make every moment very special.

San makes her wear. She kisses pendant and hugs him again kissing his chest.

They slept peacefully. Ragini thanks god for giving this happy life with sanskar.


Nik: be happy now how much u want sanskar, coz in future I cant let u happy.


mrng ragini wake up and saw time. Its already late. Daily she wake up early. Then today how cud she be late. She saw sanskar is not there. She fastly get fresh and goes to kitchen. There she saw sanskar. He was cooking something. she was entering.

San: stop there only.


San: u’ll not come inside. Today I’ll only prepare breakfast. I took leave from office today. Lunch also I’ll prepare.

Rag: sanskar. Don’t joke. U also know that u cant cook. Let me do. M hungry.

San: only few mins. Its almost ready. U go sit. I’ll come.

She smiles and goes. After few mins he comes with breakfast. Ragini saw. She cudnt understand wat it is.

Rag: wats this sanskar?

He was doing something in mob.

Rag: sanskar. M asking u.

San: actually ragini I cooked it seeing in net. Now I cant find now. By mistake I pressed something.

Rag: its ok. Atleast wat it is?

San: that only I forgot. I just know its some Spanish dish. Name I forgot.

Rag laughs: u only cooked and u don’t know food name?

San pouts: first of all I did it with so much difficulty only for u and u r making fun.

Rag: sry. Leav name. all about is only taste. Lets taste it. Feed me.

San smiles took spoon and feeds her. She ate it. San was waiting for her reaction. He was luking tensed. She just looked at him.

San: ragini. Don’t make me wait. Tell how it is?

Rag: really sanskar, for the first time u cooked so tasty food.

She took spoon from his hand and fed him.

San: wow. Its really tasty. I became gud cook now.

Rag: sanskar, u cooked only one dish.

San: u don’t know how much I put effort to do this. I started it at 6 am.

Rag: (widen her eyes) wat? Its 9am now. U took 3hrs to cook one dish? I cud have cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner in this time.

San face became sad. She cupped his face.

Rag: thanku so much. u did this only for me. U r cute hubby.

She pecked his lips. Both started eating feeding each other.

Suddenly someone clicked photo. Both luked at there.

Mil: smiling, this is perfect pic. I’ll hang this in your room. Sis, make place for this. We will hang this in romantic section.

San got up from chair. Mil became scared. San comes near and hugs him. Mil dint expected this.

San: thanku for being with me in my all time. U became a member of our small family.

Mil: happily. Thanku sir. Sis, see sir finally hugged me with happily. U won the bet.

San: confused. Bet? Wat bet?

Mil: actually I told sis that u will never see me with happy. But she had told that u’ll do. That too soon. See, u did. She won.

San saw at rag in questioning way. She started luking here and there. He smiles.

San: to mil. My wife is always rite and she wins always.

Rag smiles and hugs him. Mil clicked one more pic.


San got call. It was from laksh. He answered and kept call.

San: ragini . swalak kept a party as laksh got promotion. They invited us. Its tmrw evng. Shall we go?

Rag: ofcourse. They are our imp frnds. We shud go.

San: I’ll bring dress for u. u shud wear that only.

Rag: ok. Ur selection always best.


Nik: now I’ll start my game slowly. U cant come to know that its done by me.

Done with this sissy’s. I tried my best for giving ragsan scenes. Hope u’ll like it. waiting for likes and views. I hope I wont get dislike this time.

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