Tere Bina!!! (Without You!!!) Kaanchi OS Part 3 (Last shot)

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Soon kaanchi became very good friends… Zara and Zain also…

One month passed Kabir and Zain make visit to both girls to city of Australia…they were enjoyed a lot…it was wonderful time that they spend together… slowly Kabir started developing feeling for her…. like that second month to passed Kabir brought Saanchi to his home where she met with his Mom Kusum… and there she got to know about Kabir and his father’s relation…then Kabir explained her everything that why he hats his father so much… because his father betrayed his mother for another woman when she ditched him than he returned to his mom…his mom Loves his father so much and she forgave him but he still hats him and will hate forever….

Saanchi felt very much bed for him… but she make him understand that Jo kuch hua woh badal nhi sakta and now this time his dad with them so he should need to him one chance to prove himself right…. and that’s his right to get one check for defend himself…

Than Kabir understood her and for give one fear chance to his dad…than he got to know that… that woman with whom he went she was black mailing him upon his beloved son and wife…. because he faced lots of crisis in his business and on that she was supporting her. And eventually fell for him…and crossed all limits for get him…. that’s why he hadn’t another option instead of going with her..

Kabir cried a lot for hatting his father since years… now he was regrets for this and apologized him and hugged him.

After that kaanchi became more than common friendship….they were shared everything about each other but Saanchi hides her engagement ring and news about engagement from Kabir…. Kabir didn’t knew about that…. now they were completed lots of assignments together…they started spend time together…. Kabir became very sincere with his work. Kabir was singing songs for her she enjoyed his music…. for sake of Saanchi she found like best friend…on the other side for the sake of Kabir…he found love in the form of best friend…. they were doing lots of massages to each other.. .

Zara and Zain started to love each other… because they were perfect match for each other… Zara was naughty yet bubbly girl… and Zain was loving her this nature so much…..so they were in a relationship….

This month passed as well…..now kabir’s feelings became stronger for her….during the mid-session they studies together…kabir’s shared his feelings with Zain. Zain encouraged him to confess his feelings to her…but he was nervous…he said that he never feel like this before for any girl that he is feeling for Saanchi…mid-session completed kabir and Saanchi got good positions…everyone appreciated them for their hard work…to see their friendship everyone assumed that they are in relationship….Saanchi was feeling something awkward for him…she didn’t knew what feeling was that…..but it was something special and good..

Now Saanchi started Ignore him…kabir hurts by her ignorance one day he came near to her asked from her why are ignoring me??

Saanchi: no not at all.. Why I will be ignore you??

Yehi toh I’m asking same why r u ignoring me…I can’t understand….did I anything wrong with u??

No, not like that..

So tell me why u are doing that??

Please kabir let me go I don’t want to talk on it anymore please…she was about to go…but kabir held her hand pulled her and put hand on her waist and looking at her eyes…if u are not ignoring than y r u not replying to my massages y u not attending my calls..y r u not meet with me…y u r not talking with me like before…what I understand about all that?? That u are not ignoring me….Saanchi I’m not blind ok I can see everything…now give my answers.

Saanchi pushed him back and ran from there…kabir was shocked…she reached at her hostel room locked the door and cried…she wiped tears….I’m sorry kabir to hurt u but I’m helpless…I know what u are feeling for me…but I can’t allow to u to come close to me….it’s better for of us that u stay away from me..because when u will get to know the truth that will hurt u more that I can’t bear…and may u won’t spare me for that.

Just like that 3 month and 15 days passed now remained 15 days to go back for Saanchi. Their final semester started they performed very well in that also. Now it’s time to farewell party of them…

Kabir and Zain was ready for party Zain came to kabir,,

Heyy kabir what’s u think about Saanchi??


Means?? I mean my friend Saanchi is going back to India after one week and still she didn’t knew about you’re feeling about her…abhi nahi toh kab bataoge??

But if she refuse than I can’t bear that..

So that means you are scaring about rejection??

Well…he nodded yes.

But dude if u don’t tell her so how u know about her feelings?? Meri maano go and propose her….trust me she never reject you….because I saw love in her eyes for u….

He smiled really??


Than kabir without wasting of time hugged him…Okk I will propose her on the farewell day. He brought beautiful Ring for her…

On the day of farewell Saanchi was in black gown Zara was in white gown kabir was in black suit and Zain was in White suit…both pair were looking gorgeous and stunning. Kabir mesmerized by her beauty he came near to her….held her hand Saanchi was shocked. Kabir knees down and said…

Heyy!! Saanchi I want to tell u something?? I don’t know where when and how but yes it is…I started falling for you…yes Saanchi before u came in my life I was carefree person but when u entered in my life u changed my life a lot…u met me with my father…u spread happiness in my life….he looked down and little smiled again looked at her I can’t think my life without you…don’t know how u became my life…I’m thankful to god who send u in my life….I Love you Saanchi….will you allow me to be part of your Life??…Will you marry me??

Saanchi cried and said yes to him…he stand up and hugged her…his happiness had no boundaries…

After one week Saanchi returned to India by bid adieu to Zain and Zara…kabir told her that he will come soon bring her back. Saanchi was very happy she thought when she will tell about kabir to their parents they will definitely agrees for their marriage…but things happened opposite as her thinking….jaya and suneel didn’t understand her and did her married with veer….kabir was unaware of that…he called Saanchi but she didn’t answered to his any call he worried about her. He came to India with his family than one night he got know about sanveer marriage….


The man was none other than kabir who cried by sit on the bench holding her pic in hand…he stood rain stopped he took lighter and burned her photo. Than he sat down on knees looking at sky and screamed her Saaaanchiiiii..

After 4 years:

Saanchi came for job interview where he met with a very strict, rude and arrogant man….who hates women.

When they met Saanchi shocked to see him like this he ignored her. The man was none other than famous business tycoon Kabir Kapoor…who is rich and famous business of the India since 4 years…..he used to hate that girl who still was in front of her…he threw her out of the office but her partner yash agerwal hired her to see her qualifications that was perfectly match for this job…now Saanchi was started working at his office…everyday they were met but kabir didn’t pay any kind of attention to her. When she came to him for an urgent work than he used to insult her…he didn’t leaved any chance to ruin her life… one side Saanchi was guilty for her doings on the other side she started hate him for such his doings….they rift started between them….

Kabir was completely changed by nature now a days he started to drink alcohol day and night any time….Saanchi got to know that..

One day Saanchi was stuck in the office late night because kabir gave her so much burden of work…

Kabir was there…everyone went to their homes kabir starring at her arrogantly…Saanchi was scared from gaze. Kabir started drinking Saanchi came near stopped him from drinking….than kabir pushed her back again started to drink…this time Saanchi came and snatched the bottle and threw out he was angry on her….he held her by shoulders tightly pulled her close to him…looking at her eyes…

What is your problem haan??…who are you to stop me?? I don’t know you?? Where from you came??

Saanchi was hurt…please kabir leave me it is paining…

Ohh paining…he smirked pain do u know the meaning of pain?? Ohh tum kaise jaanogi ke dard kiya hota hai….and I’m not kabir for you kabir was died 4 years ago I’m KK only K K got it…and for you it’s Sir samjhi tum??

Please kabir don’t do that…I requesting you please don’t hurt yourself…please for God sake please forgive me….I beg sorry from you please….try to understand me..

He leaved her….haann kis ki baat kar rahi ho tum?? I don’t know….

He went for take another bottle of alcohol

She was weeping please kabir stop it.

He again held her hand pined her to wall….what is your problem?? Haann tell me…and why are u come to stop me….ager rokna hi tha toh shaaadi ke liye khudko rok leti mere emotions ke saath khelne se khud ko rok leti…tab kuch yaad nahi ayya ab kiun rok rahi ho?? You betrayed me I don’t spare u…I hate you he leaved her and shouted I Hate You….u got it…. I hate u hate uuu…said in low tone…than someone came and opened the door Saanchi ran from there by holding tears in eyes…kabir sat down and was weeping…..

Next morning

Saanchi didn’t came office she send her resignation letter…..kabir shocked to see her letter…. He asked from his secretary about Saanchi and her marital relation than he got know that veer died in car accident after 4 months of their marriage ….kabir felt very bad and he also sad for her..

He went her home where Saanchi was living with her mom jaya kabir came jaya send him Saanchi’s room but Saanchi refused to meet with him…kabir apologized to her from rooms window. Saanchi heard him and weeping a lot kabir also…than Saanchi opened the door kabir went in….he held her hand and caressed on her face.

Saanchi why u didn’t told me before about that….

Kabir I didn’t betrayed you when I came here I told everything about us to my parents…but on that time papa was fell in ill he wanted that I marry with veer…kabir I was helpless I did as papa want because I also loved him so much.

Kabir I love you

Love u too Saanchi…kabir kissed on her forehead …..Than they hugged each other.

Jaya realized her mistake and let them married.

The end

Hope u guys enjoyed it.

  1. Sakash.

    Hi Anee.Superb story dear.I loved each and every scene.You showed their feelings, emotions very well.Superb dear.Bye.TC???Keep writing dear…

  2. Ziyarasheed

    How I wish you would have extended this a bit more. Couldn’t get enough of khadoos Kapoor and Jhansi ki Ranis fights….but sanchi didn’t do right with both the guys…she had kept Kabir unaware of her commitment and hid truth from veer also. She could have been honest with atleast one of them.
    But then, how would we get our story?????
    Good one dear. Good job???

  3. Amazing…. It was so emotional

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    write more dear

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    just superb….

  6. Amazing story, every scene is fabulous, please post heart to heart connection asap, take care

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    Superb.. Amazing…

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    Beautiful Anee ??? this is simply beautiful. No words to say it’s beautiful ???

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    So so amazing and emotional episode story……… reading this story tears came out from my eyes……..sach me bhot acha and beautiful love story hae……I love it so so much dear………. Thanks a lot yaar for give us this beautiful and sweet love story………. please yaar write some another story soon………love u dear……….tc yaar

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