Tere Bina!!! (Without You!!!) Kaanchi OS Part 2

Hi friends I was told you that I have 2 parts of this OS…but now I gave extension to this OS of one shot… yes you read it right, now I will post 3rd part of it as well…

Hope you Guys like it….

Thank you for showering your love on me…that’s really means a lot for me..

So let’s begin

No Zara please…I don’t want to go plz u go.

Okk Saanchi as u wish I said u once twice and thrice but it’s okk I know you are not consider me as your friend than ok I’m also not going…what I meant to go if u r not with me…not u but I consider u as my friend….it’s okk…Zara said in a very calm and sad voice than turned face to other side ….

Saanchi felt very bad she didn’t want to hurt her…she stands up and went to in front of her: Heyy Zara plz don’t be upset ok I’ll go with you….and plz don’t say that again that I’m not consider you as my friend… because that’s not true you are my friend…OK??

Than a beautiful smile appeared on Zara’s face…. she hugged her..

Really?? Saanchi that means you are going with me. I’m so happy….Saanchi smiled… she broke hug…ok get ready for going….than she turned towards her suitcase what I have to wear…Heyy Saanchi she turned to her again and said please suggest me something please…than Saanchi came besides her she suggested her a beautiful grey color’s printed skirt with torn jeans…..she was admired her choice…than they got ready and reached at the concert…..where they saw crowd of people cheered for the boy by name Kaabir Kaabir kabir….

Saanchi was feeling awkwardness but Zara was so excited she pulled her by hand and sigh her to go in..Than they included in the crowd they were tried to reached to near stage….they approximately reached there where they saw a man holding Guitar in his hands he was dancing like Michael Jackson……he threw his hat in audiences all were excited to catch his hat….peoples was dancing on his music….then Saanchi and Zara reached besides the stage…stop light mistakenly came on Saanchi suddenly kabir’s eyes went on her he came to the corner of the stage where Saanchi was stood he raised hand towards her…Saanchi was shocked and looking at Zara and asked me…..

Zara smiled at her and said her to go….yes go…

Saanchi looked at him than gave him her hand kabir pulled her up…Saanchi was on the stage with him…the spot light captured both of them both were looking at each other’s eyes….and shared beautiful an eyelock….an magical smile appeared on kabir’s face…..than kabir rounding around her she was standing middle in the stage….kabir rocking with the songs that he was singing around her…..finally kabir threw his guitar and rounded to Saanchi and held her by waist Saanchi leans down kabir on up…both shared beautiful eye lock…..all claps and cheered for them….

After lights off…they separated from each other and lights on….Saanchi was embarrassing

Kabir was staring at her….soon Zara reached there…

Heyy Saanchi are you okk?? Zara

Yeah I’m fine. Replied Saanchi

Kabir first glared Zara than again her…and pretend to think about two seconds…..so your name is Saanchi??

She looked at her…yeah but…

She interrupted by him……he came close to her hold her hand…made direct contact in her deep eyes “You are really very much beautiful girl I ever seen…..where were you till now I’m thinking that I’m waiting for you…..don’t you think like that?? Hmm”???

Then Zara coughed loudly intentionally both looked at her Saanchi make her hand free from his hold….

Heyy kabir I’m here don’t you think I’m also beautiful girl in front of you??

Then kabir came to her….heyy baby how I didn’t noticed you??

Zara smiled Saanchi hell shocked to see his sudden change in his behavior….than she realized that he was flirting with her….

Now Zara too smiled and hits him back…o foo kabir I’m your big fan but I didn’t new that you are also flirts with beautiful girls….than kabir smiled really you are my fan…okk he raised hand from now will you be my friend??

Zara pretend to be think about two seconds than shake hand with her…and smiled Okk friends….soon he turned towards Saanchi what about u miss Saanchi??


He raised hands friends??

No wants I don’t want to do any kinds of friendship with cheap boys like you…she said him with so much attitude than leaved from there…

Kabir remained dumbstruck…after her go he smiled while seeing her hand…O attitude haan I like it…..now I found girl of my type….now it will be interesting to play with her….he went from there by Whistling.

Next day it was first day of their classes in the University all reached at classes Saanchi sat on the bench than she saw kabir was entering in the classroom she tried to ignore him but kabir noticed her he came near to her greet her…

Hi, how are you??

Saanchi with fake smile fine…but Zara pinched her…Saanchi saw her and what??

Zara sigh her to behave well with him…Saanchi nodded no…kabir was noticing all their gestures and grinning. Soon he asked to Saanchi may I sit here

Saanchi was about to tell something than Zara interrupted… Yeah sure you can sit here….

Kabir hi five to Zara…thanks Zara…..Saanchi was irked but she was silent just because of Zara…

Kabir sat beside her and talking to Zara. .he was sat mid of them like kabab main hadii….kabir Repeatedly came close to her for talk to Zara…Saanchi was more irked by his closeness…than she stands up and went from there without attending the lecture…kabir shocked on her antics and felt bad…Zara went behind her….

They reached at Garden

Heyy Saanchi what happened to you?? Why you are behaving like this?? I’m not able to understand to you….you are very much strange….Saanchi you are from India from independent country and you are scaring and hesitating from boys… look this is Australia and here is all this common why are behaving like that…look we are girls and we are very much independent and strong okk if we show that we are weak than these types of boys will get advantage of our weakness…..so be strong and don’t show stupid antics…

Saanchi was hearing her words and replied to her it’s necessary to show our bravery by coming close to boys we flirts with boys we have to go close to them I don’t think it’s important…

Yeah Saanchi I agree with you….but my darling friend this is not our country like India and Pakistan we came here for the sake of study and here we are alone…our family members aren’t with us for protect us…here we have protect ourselves. And if we talked with them politely so in this what’s our gone tell me..

Okk, but I don’t like that these types of boys come close to me I want to keep distance from them..

Okk I understand you….do as your wish but please just because these types of boys don’t you miss your lectures at least…you came here for the sake of study do that well..

She replied yeah you are right I don’t need to waste my time these kinds of nonsense

Zara said okk now smile

Saanchi smiled both laughed and hugged each other than turned for the classroom than they found to kabir who stood in front of them…kabir heard every words of their convo….he came near to them Saanchi was about to go than kabir held her hand Zara got call from someone than she goes to talk ….kabir make her front made direct contact in her eyes both looking at each other’s eyes …..Kabir get emotional held ears by hands and apologized from her..

I’m so sorry Saanchi please forgive me I was so stupid I didn’t think before that you are really not like that girls with whom I was flirts and spend time with them…..

Saanchi still looking at his innocent eyes which was uttering his emotions with her…

Saanchi look at me I’m rock star every girls runs behind me…but I was surprised to see you…

Saanchi broke her silence asked why??

He grinned… Because you are very different from them you didn’t bit attracted towards me…and that thing attracted me towards you… I want to talk with you I wanted to do friendship with you but you denied for friendship with me and that thing I wasn’t able to Bear that’s why I did that hope You will forgive me…once again sorry… After said sorry he was about to go than Saanchi held his hand this time he was stopped and shocked too…he turned…


Stupid…itnii saari bakwas toh karlii ab mera jawab sune bina hi chale jaoge??

Kabir shocked Saanchi rocked what do mean asked her very seriously…on that Saanchi laughed

Arrey budhu she raised hand mujh se dosti karoge??

Kabir happiness had no boundaries he immediately shake hands with her…yeah sure…but maafi??

Don’t you know in the friendship no sorry no thank you…both laughed

Than Zara came and saw them she shocked and unexpected smiled spreaded on her face

Whao!! Both looked at her…I leave you alone for a minute and you guys changed what happened suddenly haan tell me..

Nothing Zara….said Saanchi

Heyy kabir please you tell me Saanchi toh kuch nahi batayegi…

I tell you what happened than they heard one boy’s voice from behind Zara turned to see him.

He was kabir’s friend Zain who came near them Zara looking at him….he came besides her…and also starring her..

Heyy!! Zain where were you dude?? I was looking for you??

Heyy bro larkiun ko chhod larkon se kab se flirt karne lage ho…

Heyy Zainnn…kabir gave him horrified glare

Okk okk plzz don’t look me like this….okk so Miss Zara am I right?? She pointed finger towards her…she nodded so what??

Hi I’m Zain I’m also Karachi Pakistan…

Really?? Zara asking very interestingly


Hi I’m Zara khan nice to meet you Zain Hope we will spent good time together..

Zain smiled and head’s down and nodded…yeah sure.

Than Zain greeted to Saanchi as well…after that he told everything about kaanchi union….because he witnessed all their confession…

Zara smiled after heard every thing

To be continued…..

Hope u guys not disappointed with me…

Love u all

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