Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Krisha tries to expose Jaya but no one listens to her

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Scene 1
Krisha tries to find the video that Basanti sent her but it’s deleted. Krisha is stressed and tries to find it. Jaya asks what does she want to show them? Krisha goes from there.

Krisha comes to the basement and doesn’t find Basanti there, she tries calling her but her phone is off.

The family is waiting for Krisha. Ugra says Krisha keeps doing some drama every day. Krisha comes there and shouts at Jaya, she says I know you are behind Basanti going missing. She tells the family that Jaya kidnapped Virendra for years, she was behind the accident of Dev’s parents. She is their killer actually. Dev shouts at her and raises his hand but stops himself. He says Jaya is my mother, how can you even think like that about her? Jaya says it’s okay. Dev asks Krisha to apologize to her. Krisha says I am sure she is the criminal so I won’t apologize to her. I won’t stay here if you people can’t believe me. She leaves from there.

Krisha is leaving the house. Dev comes there and says you are not going anywhere. Krisha says if you can’t listen to me then I shouldn’t stay here, Jaya is not your well-wisher. You don’t want to listen to the truth but you never listen to me, it’s better that I leave. Dev says you can leave if you don’t trust me. He leaves from there.

Virendra is sitting in his room and recalls Krisha’s words. he tries recalling memories and suddenly he sees Jaya’s face in the memories clearly. He says Jaya was behind all this, I will tell Dev the truth. He tries to leave but Jaya comes there and glares at him. Virendra gets scared. Jaya says you want to tell the truth to Dev? You can go but I will kill your son then. Virendra turns around and sees that it’s his dream only. He says I can’t tell the truth to Dev.

Scene 2
Krisha is leaving the house. Jaya asks Dev to stop her, she tells Krisha to not go, she hugs her and whispers that I told you I would throw you out soon. Krisha glares at her and leaves the house.

Krisha is leaving the house but Virendra comes there and says you were right about Jaya, she was behind everything. Krisha says you remember everything now? Virendra says yes, I remember all the torture she did on me. Krisha says I am sorry, I couldn’t do justice for you. Virendra says I am sorry but I don’t have guts to fight with Jaya alone, she will kill me and Dev but you have guts to fight with her. Please don’t leave Dev and me with her. I am begging you.

Krisha comes back home. All look on. Krisha tells Dev that I realized my mistake. She says I will apologize to Jaya. She sits in her feet and says I am sorry. Jaya says you don’t have to, she hugs her. Dev glares at Krisha and leaves. Jaya tells Krisha why are you back again? Krisha smirks and says I am here to expose you soon. You will run away from here soon.

Krisha and Dev are lying on the same bed but in opposite directions. Krisha tries to talk to him but Dev says you have insulted my mother which I can’t forget. Krisha says there are misunderstandings between us but it will be clear soon.

Jaya comes to Vamika and says Krisha can’t find out about our relationship so don’t come to my room. Vamika says I am going to party, she leaves from there.

Precap: Dev says to Krisha, Jayamaa was right, you both cannot live in the same house, it’s Jayamaa’s house and she will live here, if someone who will go from this house, then you will. Krisha says, you are asking me to go far away from your life and this house. Dev says yes and your stubbornness against Jayamaa is the reason, you will leave the house right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Intolerable story!! Why they can’t use the few episodes which is left with harmony? Audience whould have liked a strong devisha and memorable romance of devisha. Instead they show a fight between krisha and jaya just to show whom dev trusts the most.

  2. What about Maya missing???? Is their going to be any revelation about it. AV is for sure going to play a sardar in his upcoming show, his present look seems to be hint.

    1. No unfortunately he is not doing that project he was been approached but things didnt fall in line casting already done shaika just used his popularity to hype their new project

    2. Oh no, then why Av is appearing in beard look????, I am really disappointed, our AV deserves best scripts 😔😔😔😔

    3. This CS show producers always are being such a disloyal people to their fans and hardworking actor.

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