Tere bin – few shots (part 1)

Hey guys. Its me your sara. Thanks a lot for your response. And here we are with episode 1.

A busy road is seen where one handsome guy coming on bike. As usual handsome means none other than he is our hero. While on journey he gets a call & stops his bike on side & lifts the call. It was from his mom.

Laksh: Hi mom.

Mom: ————–

Laksh: Ya i am fine mom. How are you?

Mom: ———–

Laksh : Ya just now i am going to home from office.

Mom: ————-

Laksh : Offo mom again you have started. Whats the hurry mom?

Mom: ——————

Laksh : no mom there is nothing like that.

Mom: —————–

Laksh : Okay fine meri maa but one condition if i didn’t liked you should not force me ok.

Mom: ——————-

Laksh : ok bye.

After ending call he gets down from his bike & sadly lights cigarette & started to think deep.

“In my life nothing happened which i wished & wanted the most. My name is laksh. When my mom calls me everytime she used to talk a lot about my marriage but this time she is confirming my marriage with someone.

My mom asked me whether i am in love & i said no. But for that question i had a beautiful answer before few days. Now everything is finished. ”

He started to say his flashback.

Laksh & his friend rohan is sitting in balcony & chatting while laksh is watching a pic in his mobile lovingly. Rohan gets irritated.

Rohan: Buddy till how many you will see her pic & spent your days like this? I am seeing this from 3 months you both are working together. Roaming together closely.

For this closeness if she kept name friendship and you kept as love. Then express your love to her yar. Why are you waiting? Tell me one thing do you seriously love her or not?

Laksh gets shocked.

Laksh: Rohan what are saying? I love her truly man.

Rohan: Then what yar. To tell those 3 words you are struggling from 3 months. I cannot see you like this yar. Call her immediately. Just tell her about your love & face off what happens.

Laksh : But her phone is switched off from one week.

Rohan: Ok then tomorrow she will come to office right. Say it there.

Laksh: She is not even coming to office from one week.

Rohan: Ok wait. Do you know her house?

Laksh : Ha i know.

Rohan: Thats it just go now & say about your love.

Laksh: What? Now at this time?

Rohan: listen lucky there will be no time limit for feelings. You can express them at anytime.

Laksh : But i am feeling nervous yar.

Rohan: I know about you lucky thats y i brought this for you by giving 2500 to shopkeeper.

Both smiles seeing each other & after drinking they both goes to her house. Laksh gets down from bike & shows rohan her house.

Laksh: That is my shwetha’s house.

Rohan:ok then go carefully & propose her daringly.

Laksh: Ok done.

He walks in drinking manner non stable. And goes to her house & rings the bell. She opens the door & he starts saying.

Laksh: Hi shwetha. Actually it is not correct to come at this time. Sorry but what should I do. From one week i haven’t seen you & talked with you. You know how much i suffered this 1 week.

And you know when it happens, it happens when we madly in love with someone. Yes i love you truly & madly & that love only making me suffer like this. That’s y at time i am here infront of you. I love you shwetha. I love you so much. I love you.

He says & she closes the door immediately on his face.

Thats it guys. How is it? Please comment. Keep smiling.

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