Tere Bin 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya asks Nandini is she is in love. Nandini asks why is she asking this. Vijaya says she doe snot know, she is seeing love and happiness after a long time and hopes her dream does not shatter. Ratan tries to flirt with nurse Jennifer. She calls him idiot and leaves. Abhaya sees that and confronts him.

Naani serves juice for guests. Nandini takes tray. Naani says he has become their family member and Neeti likes her a lot. Nandini serves juice to Irfan and Shabana and then Akshay and says on her birthday, only she and him should be present. Irfan joins them followed by Nandini. Akshay insults Irfan that his patients think the are getting treated, but actually they are not, he is like modern educated tantrik. Irfan replies that even he is like jadi boti/herbal selling educated man doing surgeries and says some people make mistake and then repent it later and he is there to help them. Vijaya and Nandini change topic.

Irfan asks Nandini to sing for Vijaya. Nandini says even Irfan sings well. Neeti insists them to sing. Irfan says he will sing Nandini’s favorite song which even Akshay knows. Akshay and Nandini get tensed. Irfan says he means everyone knows. He starts sining Mainaa bhoolunga..Nandini sings with him followed by Akshay and then Nandini. Nandini gets jealous seeing Akshay and Vijaya singing together. Vijaya sings leaning on Akshay’s shoulder and Nandini gets more jealous. They all complete song together.

Ratan starts misbehaving with Nandini next and touches her. She gives him a tight slap. Abhaya drags Ratan from there. Neeti asks what happened. Akshay says nothing and asks her to sing a song.

At night, Akshay fumes in front of Vijaya how dare Ratan is to misbehave with Nandini. Vijaya says they tried to help Ratan and Abhaya so much and even gave them cafe contract, but Ratan is still same.

Precap: Vijaya apologizes Nandini for Ratan’s misbehavior. Irfan asks Akshay how could Ratan touch Nandini in his presence, he would have called police, instead he let Ratan go.

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