Tere Bin 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Irfan reminisces Nandini telling she enjoyed insulting a person whom she hates, etc.. and realizes the man who just knocked door/Akshay must be the one. He knocks Nandini’s door. Nandini is busy crying and opens door. He asks if she took her medicine. She says no. He gives her medicines and consoles her. She holds his hand and continues crying.

Akshay thinks Nandini is married now, he he should not feel guilty now, he should worry about her at all. He reaches home. Vijaya who is waiting for him asks where was he, she called even nursing home and his mobile many times. He asks what happened that she is ovreacting. She gets teary eyed and says everyone are worried about him. He softens and asks if she had dinner. She says she never eats dinner without him. He asks to serve

dinner then. Irfan gets dinner for Nandini and feeds her dinner convincing her. She asks why he cares so much. He says children need care, especially elders who act as children. Nandini smiles. While havind dinner, Vijaya tells they should go on vacation for Neeti’s sake. He says okay. She gets excited and says Neeti will decide everything, where to go and which hotel to stay in, etc..

Irfan goes to Nandini’s room in the morning and finds her missing. He searches her on his cycle and finds her in park. He sits next to her and says if she had informed him, even he would have walked with her, it is good for health. She sits silently. He says as he promised, he will take her for dinner and movie, in fact lunch itself. She asks if he does not have work today. He says he has a lot, but wants to spend time with her. He continues his jokes and she asks what is he made of. He continues joking and says they will sit here whole day looking into each other’s eyes. She gets nervous and says let us go home.

Naani asks Vijaya when did Akshay come home. Vijaya says at 1 a.m. Naani asks if she had where was he. Vijaya says he did not tell. Naani says she is his wife and should know. Vijaya says he never gave her wife’s rights and does not think he will. She continues pouring her heart out and leaves crying. Naani stands sadly seeing her daughter’s condition.

Precap: Vijaya tells Nandini that Mumbai is a city where nobody returns empty handed, even she will reach her goal. Nandini says she liked cooking in her hostel kitchen, her friend used to like her food a lot and they used to go on picnics. Vijaya asks where is her friend now. Nandini looks at Akshay.

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