Tere Bin 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Doctor informs Akshay that Neeti is a diabetic. Akshay is shocked. He goes and informs Vijaya that he will perform Neeti’s surgery as she is a diabetic. He needs expert anesthetist who can handle critical cases. Irfan says Nandini. Vijaya calls Nandini and Nandini asks how is Neeti now. Vijaya asks how does she know. Nandini stammers. Irfan takes phone. Nandini tells him that she was in Lonavla with Akshay when Akshay got a call about Neeti’s accident. Irfan says he told her about Neeti’s accident. Vijaya pleads her to save her daughter’s life.

Ratan and Abhaya also rush to hospital and Ratain complains Vijaya why did not she inform about Neeti’s accident, asks if he can be of any help. Abhaya says O negative blood group. Ratan asks Irfan to get his

blood tested and if it matches, he is ready to give his whole body’s blood. Irfan says right now blood is not need, but may be needed later.

Akshay wears surgeon’s gown and prays god that he is going to perform his life’s toughest surgery and to protect his daughter. He starts surgery. Nandini assists him. Everyone prays for Neeti’s successful surgery. Akshay’s parents board flight and rush towards hospital. Surgery completes successfully. Akshay comes out and tells Vijaya that surgery was successful. Vijaya hugs him and cries emotionally. Nandini comes out and gets jealous. Iran notices it. Doc tells Vijaya that her husband is really a good doctor, usually it is very difficut to

Akshay’s parents reach hospital. Mom sees Nandini. Nandini hides. Irfan asks what happened. Nadnini says they are Akshay’s parents and they have seen her before. Parentsmeet Vijaya and ask how is Neeti now. She says operation was successful. Dad says it took 2 hours for them to come from Delhi. Vijaya thinks how did Akshay come so early then. Mom asks about Naani and Vijaya says she got a hand fracutre but is fine. Once Vijaya leaves, mom tells dad that she saw akshay’s girlfriend Nandini here.

Vijaya in doc’s cabin asks Akshay how did he come from Delhi so early when his parents took 2 hours to come. He says he was about to board a flight, but got an announcement and came back. He says Neeti will wake up after 4-5 hours, so she should go and take rest at home and asks her to call Nilesh’s parents and asks if anyone has diabetes in this family as Vijaya’s family does not have diabetes. She says Nilesh’s parents hate her, how will she. He says she has to as only then he can cure Neeti properly. She hugs him emotionally and says even though he is not Neeti’s father, he loves her more than her father.

Precap: Ratan asks Akshay’s parents if their blood group is O negative. They says no. He says even Akshay’s blood group is not O negative, but Neeti’s blood group is, so Neet is not Akshay’s daughter.

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