Tere Bin 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay says Vijaya he will book tickets for Delhi, but they will go only for 2 days n Sat and Sun. Vijaya says she will inform Neeti then. Neeti at her room plays game with Naani. Naani asks who taught her this game. Neeti says daadaji. Vijaya enters and tells her that they are going to dada/dadi’s house. Neeti gets very happy and runs to Akshay’s room. She asks Akshay if they are going to meet dada/dadi. Ashay says no. Neeti gets sad. Akshay says they are going, but only for 2 days this time. Neeti says they will go for a long trip next time.

Next morning, Lado serves tea and breakfast to Akshay and Vijaya. Vijaya sees her injured lips and asks what happened. Lado says her husband it her and has an affair with another woman. Vijaya is shocked and says she should

divorce her husband then. Lado saays she cannot as they are married for 7 lives, she is habituated to work whole day and then gets tortured by her husband. Vijaya comments what kind of man Lado’s husband is. Akshay sits silently. She asks if he heard what she said. He says no. He then goes and gets ready for nursing home. Vijaya asks if he anytime thinks even he should have an affair with someone. He asks what kind of baseless question is this.

Akshay meets Nandini and informs that he is going to meet his parents this weekend. She says she cannot stay away from him. He says he is going with Vijaya and everyone and they may notice her. She says she does not know all that. He says today Vijaya asks if he wants second woman in his life and does not know he has already a second woman. Nandini says she is first woman.

Vijaya calls Abhaya and Ratan to her cabin and scolds Ratan for conning a customer. He says customer is lying. She says everyone knows they are her relatives and their wrong deed will affect her reputation. Ratan leaves yelling.

Akshay tells Nandini that he will why he married Vijaya and starts that Vijaya was his best friend Nilesh’s girlfriend and fiancee and since Nilesh died in an accident and Vijaya was pregnant with his baby, he had to marry Vijaya to give his name to the baby. Nandini asks if Neeti is Nilesh’s daughter. Akshay says yes. Nandini starts crying and apologizes for misunderstanding him.

Precap: Ashay with family reaches his parent’s house. Nandini calls him and says she needs to meet him. He says he would have if he would have been in Mumbai. She says she is in Delhi airport.

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  1. Kamini nandini tu pehli nhj dusri orat h ,kuki pehli orat hoti to kisi k ghar nhi thodti tu ,dusri orat hi ghar thodti h joki tu hai or apna ye besharmi pana chod de ja k kisi kuware ladke se shadi kr samjhi or pehli orat bn kisi k to life me.

  2. Partho

    Nandini sucks

  3. Does Nandini have no shame? Whether you were first in his life or not, he did not marry you. He is a married man and you should not wreak his home. Selfish! Poor Vijaya.

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