Tere Bin 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay with Vijaya reaches home and does not find Neeti. He asks Naani where is Neeti. Naani says Nandini took her out for icecream. Nandini comes with Neeti. Akshay gets very angry on her and shouts how can she take his daughter out without his permisison, she works in his nursing house, that does not mean she can come to his house often and take her daughter out. He asks her how much she spent and gives her money. She sadly returns money and leaves. He scolds even Neeti how could she go out without informing her.

Neeti cries in front of Naani that she called Nandini and now Nandini will not be her friend. Akshay fumes in his room how can Nandini takes Neeti out without informing them, she should have informed Vijaya when she came to nursing home. Neeti comes and says she called

Nandini here and says now Nandini will never come back. He even scolded her and says she told Nandini that her papa is good, but he proved her wrong. Akshay tries to console her, but she runs away. Vijaya says Akshay along with Nandini, he spoilt even Neeti’s mood.

Nandini while traveling home reminisces Akshay’s insult and thinks how arrogant he is. She stops at temple and goes into flashback where she goes to temple with Akshay and the momemts there, she dorning garland in his neck, etc.

In the morning, Naani and Vijaya go for a walk with Neeti at a park. Naani tells Vijaya whatever happened yesterday was not good. Vijaya asks if she is talking about Nandini and says Akshay does not like Nandini from the beginning and even opposed her decision to appoint Nandini. Neeti says Vijaya that her friend’s mom brought her a small brother to play withh her, so even she needs a baby brother. Vijaya says she and Naani are there to play with her. Neeti says they are grown up, she needs a small sibling.

Vijaya reaches nursing home and sees Nandini sitting in waiting area. Nandini says she came to collect her remaining payment. Vijaya says she should have waited in her cabin and takes her in. She apologizes Nandini and tries to convince her not to leave her job. Vijaya then goes ot Akshay’s cabin and says even he should apologize Nandini for his mikstake. Akshay silently takes Nandini’s phone number and address. He travels in his car and calls her number. She picks and he say it is him.

Precap: Akshay thinks why he wants to meet Nandini, she hates him. Irfan tells Nandini that people are not bad, but situations are. Nandini opens door and sees Akshay standing.

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