Tere Bin 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay enters Vijaya’s cabin and sees inspector Manjeet there. He greets Manjeet. Manjeet gives his peronal visiting card and asks him to call him with any nursing home issues. Once he leaves, Akshay asks Vijaya why did her inspector is coming here often. Vijaya says sorry. He asks why. She says she had asked Manjeet to enquire about Radhika and he told Radhika is a professioal blackmailer and has many cases registered against her. He feels guilty that he is really having an affair with Nadnini. He asks what wil she do if he really has an affair with any woman. She says she will kill herself.

Radhika goes to Ratan’s house and says inspector Manjeet caught her and interrogated a lot and warned her that once he finds proof against her, she will be in jail. Ratan panicks. Radhika says only she does not want to go to jail, so will inform inspector that he is mastermind. Ratan pleads not to take his name. She asks him to give money then. He takes out his wallet. She takes both wallet and mobile phone in which photo is and says he will get it only if he regularly gives her money. Abhaya comes and asks who was this girl. Ratan says someone asking for charity. She laughs who will ask him charity.

Nandini goes to meet Irfan. Irfan gives her flat keys and says he and Shabana are going from her flat. Nandini pleads him not to go, she will be back in 4 days. He says this was her house and he does not want to disturb her and leaves with Shabana asking her to call him if she needs psychiatric help.

Akshay sees Vijaya crying and running out of nursing home and asks what happened. She says Neeti fell unconscious in school. Akshay says let us bring her here. They both bring Neeti to nursing home. Akshay gets Nandini’s call and asks Vijaya to take Neeti to her cabin, he will be back soon. He picks Nandini’s call who says she just wants to marry him. He says Neeti is having health issues and he will talk to him later. He goes back and asks Neeti if she gets unconscious often. Neeti says yes, when she stares laptop or studies for long. He calls expert who checks Neeti and says she is fine. Doc asks Akshay why did not he attend seminar last time, this time he has to attending it abroad. Akshay agrees. Vijaya realizes Akshay lied that he had attended seminar.

Nadini calls Akshay again and says again she wants to marry him. He says he is going to seminar abroad. She insists to accompany him. He says he cannot and thinks her posessiveness is increasing day by day and he has to do something.

Ratan comes back home. Abhaya informs him that inspector had called him. Ratan gets afraid and asks why. She says inspector needs his help in some case and gave his number.

Akshay and Vijaya reach home. Naani asks how is Neeti now. Akshay says she is fine and reminds her that she has doc’s appointment tomorrow. She says okay doctor saheb. He asks where is Nandini. Naani says she packed her bags and left 10 min ago and it is good. Vijaya asks why. Naani says she was acting different when she came this time, it is good she left. Vijaya says even she noticed it, she wil ask her when she comes to nursing home tomorrrow.

Precap: Akshay confesses in front of Vijaya that he does not love her and loves Nandini, so he needs divorce from her. Vijaya falls unconscious.

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