Tere Bin 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shabana comes to meet Nandini at Akshay’s house. Nandini asks how does she know she is here. Shabana says Irfan told she is trying to get closer to Akshay, so she thought she would be here and says since she left, Irfan is very sad and does not even eat or drink, so if she can come back to their flat. Nandini says she will shift to some other flat in 3-4 days but not back to Irfan’s flat. Shabana requests her to come and convince Irfan to have some food.

Vijaya shows her nursing home to her inspector friend Manjeet. Manjeet says she has built nursing home very well. She says all credit goes to her husband. Akshay comes and Vijaya introduces Manjeet. Manjeet says Akshay that Vijaya was praising him and has habit of giving her credit to others. She has a big weakness that she trusts people blindly. Akshay says he has a surgery and leaves. Manjeet says Vijaya that he thought she married Nilesh. She says Nilesh is dead in an accident. He says he is sorry to hear that. She says she does not want to lose her love again and needs his help. He says he will get Radhika’s info, not to worry.

At night, Akshay gets Nandini’s messages that 2 days are finishe and she needs to talk to him. He goes down and Nandini gets romantic. He says someone will wake up. She says she does not care and asks when will he inform Vijaya about them. He sees Naani’s room door opening and hides in passage. Naani comes and asks Nandini what is she doing here. Nandini says she did not get sleep yet. Naani asks she told about her boyfriend, when is she marrying him. Nandini says as soon as her boyfriend agrees for marriage. Naani sees passage light on. Nandini says she can switch it off. Akshay gets tensed. Naani walks a bit, but Nandini stops her and starts chatting.

Nandini goes to meet Ifran and asks why is not he eating anything. He asks why did she come here. Shabana brings tea and Nandini asks Irfan to have it. He says he does not need and asks her to go back to Ashay. She says she will and get up, but gets dizzy. He holds her and makes her sit on sofa. She gets up after sometime. He gives her medicines and asks to take them regularly. She leaves. He gets tensed that she may go into nervous breakdown again.

Nandini goes back to Akshay’s home and sees Vijaya in kitchen. She asks if she still thinks Akshay is having an affair with Radhika. Vijaya says she trusts her husband and pities on characterless woman like Radhika who have an affair with married man. Nandini feels bad realizing she is also behind married man. She fumes, but calms down thinking she is staying in Vijaya’s house. Vijaya suggests her to marry her boyfriend and move on in life.

Manjeet comes back to meet Vijaya and tells that Radhika is a professional blackmailer and blackmails doctors to extract money, she has criminal records and will not trouble Akshay. He asks why did she fall behind Akshay, there must be some reason.

Akshay calls Nandini and scolds that because of her, Naani would have caught them, he thinks she wants him out of house. She shouts she does not know anything and justs wants to be his wife and does not want to be his mistress. He asks to give him some time and disconnects call, thinks how to tell her that he is getting in Vijaya’s love with each passing day.

Precap: Radhika threatens Ratan that she will inform Akshay and Vijaya that he is mastermind behind her. Akshay sees Vijaya crying and asks what happened, she says Neeti fell unconscious in school.

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