Tere Bin 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini packs her clothes. Irfan asks where is she going. She says she cannot stay with him after his degrading comment. He says he did not say wrong. She says people say right that doc and patients should not befriend. He says Akshay will never leave Vijaya and will accept her. Nandini challenges that Akshay will accept her soon.

Akshay comes home from nursing home and Neeti says Nandini has come to stay with us. Akshay is shocked. Nandini greets him and says he did not like her coming here. He says he did not say that. Vijaya says Nandini and Irfan’s flat was vacated, so Nandini was searching a new flat, so she insisted her to come and stay with them. Naani says Nandini is already helping her in kitchen like a family member. Akshay says they can continue chatting, he will go and change. Vijaya goes up. Akshay says she should have invited even Irfan and his sister Shabana here.

Nandini messages him if he liked her here. He thinks she is a stupid to come here. He ggoes to her room and asks why did she come here even after a warning. Nadini gives him warning to inform Vijaya about her within 7 days. Lado sees them holding hands and asks Naani why did Nandini come here. Naani says Nandini is Vijaya’s friend and can stay here. Lado says she and Akshay are holding hands together and talking. Naani goes and checks and does not find them, thinks Lado must have mistaken.

Akshay tensely sits in his cabin and thinks about Nandini’s ultimatum. Ratan comes and in his witty style demands money to buy car. Akshay shouts at him and asks why did he tell a woman about him and Nandini. Ratan says he did not and takes oaths.

Vijaya is busy chatting with nurse Jennifer in her cabin. Radhika enters and acts as getting heaart attack. Vijaya calls stretecher and takes her to ICU. Ratan smirks that Radha is a good actor.

Precap: Naani sees Nandini holding Akshay’s family pic and hiding Vijay and Neeti’s faces and asks what is she doing. Nandini gets afraid. Radhika calls Vijaya and informs that Akshay is having an affair.

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  1. Very bold of Nandini to give Akshay an ultimatum. Her audacity has no limits. I hope Vijaya can find happiness and give their marriage a chance to develop under the circumstances. I think Akshay deep down has developed feelings for Vijay but does not realise yet. He is still held in the past and his guilt has dominated an obligation towards Nandini.

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