Tere Bin 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Irfan says Nandini that Akshay and Vijaya’s relationship is not love, it is not even less than that. Nandini says Akshay does not love Vijaya. Irfan asks her to come into senses, she will be called Akshay’s mistress else. Nandini shouts and leaves saying he is jealous of Akshay. Irfan reminisces Nandini’s blind love of Akshay and thinks he is not jealous of Akshay.

While having dinner, Vijaya tells Akshay that Naani wants to open join account with her and him for smooth operations. Akshay reminisces Nandini’s warning to marry her and Ratan’s warning to get cafeteria contract for Abhaya, else he will expose his secret. He says even Abhaya and Ratan are Naani’s family, she should get them involved also and says because of Ratan’s mistake, they cannot punish Abhaya, Ratan and Abhaya are jobless, so she should give back cafeteria contract to Abhaya, it is his wish. Vijaya nods yes.

Akshay goes to sleep and dreams about looking at Nandini’s pic and saying he loves her. His dead friend Nilesh comes and says he married Vijaya and she prays him, he is betraying her. He continues that Neeti considers him dad and he is betraying even her. He should forget Nandini and stop living dual life. He wakes up sweating and panicked.

Vijaya informs Naani that Akshay wants to give back cafeteria contract to Abhaya. Naani says Akshay must have taught well. They hear glass breaking sound from Akshay’s room, rush up and sees Nilesh fotoframe broken on floor. Akshay says he always pesters him and he does not want his photo in his house again. Naani leaves. Akshay hugs Vijaya and cries that he is doing injustice to her. She calms him down.

In the morning, Neeti asks Naani where is Nilesh uncle’s photo. Naani says papa must have given it to change frame. Neeti says she saw a dream where she, papa, and Nilesh were going on a bike and met with an accident. Ashay conoles her and says until her papa is there, nothing will happen to her.

Vijaya calls Abhaya. Abhaya says she must be angry for asking property share, but she knows her situation. Abhaya says she called her for something else and says she is giving back her cafe contract on Akshay’s insistence. Abhaya happily thanks her and tells Ratan that Akshay is god. Ratan says he is not., then says he is big god and says he had to do a lot of prayers to convince her god.

Precap: Nandini alleges Irfan that he is jealous of her and Akshay’s relationship. Ratan gives Radhika 5000 rs and asks to tarnish Akshay’s image in front of Vijaya and Naani.

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