Tere Bin 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akshay gets tensed reminiscing Vijaya’s words that she knows he is hiding things from her, but she will wait until he accepts her. Naani comes and thanks him for tackling Sudhakar and stopping him from taking Neeti. Once she leaves, Neeti comes and confesses that she ate icecream and Nandini bought her twice. Akshay fumes and calls Nandini, but she disconnects his calls.

Nandini waits for Ratan in a park. Ratan comes. She says Akshay told he holds her and Akshay’s pic. He sits nervously. She says she wants him to show that pic to Vijaya. He asks what. She says yes and says she will give him money if Akshay does not give him frm here on. He thinks Radhika blackmailer took his phone and he should get it back somehow.

Akshay goes to Nandini’s house and asks Shabana where is Nanidni. She says she is not at home. Irfan hears his voice, comes out, and warns Akshay to stay away from Nandini, else he will not spare him. Akshay says he is afraid and asks Shabana to inform Nandini to call hhim back and leaves.

An old man comes to nursing home with his injured wife. Akshay checks lady and says she needs emergency surgery. Man agrees. Akshay takes lady to OT. Vijaya comes and identifies man as her teacher. Man also identifies her and asks how come she is here. Vijaya says this is her and her husband’s nursing home and assures him that Akshay is a good surgeon and will handle lady’s surgery well. Akshay performs surgery and informs man that his wife’s surgery is successful. Man tells Vijaya that she is so confident of her husband and suggests her to forgo her husband’s small mistakes and be happy in life.

Ratan calls Radhika and asks her to send Akshay and Nandini’s photo. She asks 10,000 rs. He sends her money and asks to send photo now and murmurs this illegal affair. Abhaya hears him and asks what does he mean. He says Vijaya is having an affair with Manjeet. She asks what…He asks her to ask Vijaya itself.

Precap: Vijaya opens Akshay’s nursing home drawer by mistake and sees Nandini and Akshay’s pics in it.

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