Tere Bin 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya gifts tie to Akshay. Akshay says it is nice. She asks if she can dorn it on his neck. He says he will wear it. She says it is looking good on him. He asks occasion. She says gifts bring occasions and not otherwise. They both sit for breakfast. Naani says tie is good. They continue their conversation. Neeti says she does not driver to drop her school. Akshay says why. She says Naani learnt driving and will drop her school. Akshay says marrying Vijaya get got a smiling and lively natured saasuma.. Neeti says even she got a good naani. Akshay wishes best luck to Neeti and people who walk on street. Naani smiles.

Akshay reaches hospital and gets ready in OT dress. He tries to speak to Nandini, but she ignores him. He starts arguing her and says he did not forget her till

now and even she has not forgotten him. She says she has moved on in life. He says she came here searching him, else why would she come here knowing this hospital is his. She says if she had to search him, it would not have been so difficult, she warns him to stop dreaming and walks out. Colleagues who hear their conversation discuss there is something going on between them.

Vijaya’s Abhaya and brother-in-law Ratan come to meet naani. Neeti get happy seeing them and they gift choc and cake to Neeti. Neeti happily shows gift to Naani. Naani asks her go and play inside. Ratan says they came to seek help and his Abhaya says Ratan is jobless and if naani can recommend Akshay to get him a job. Naani says she will not and if needed she will speak to Vijaya. Ratan taunts why will she speak to Akshay, he is her favorite as he gave new life to Vijaya. Naani asks him to get out. He says they will meet again as they are closely related and leaves asking Neeti to finish cake as it is expensive. Naani fumes.

Nandini reaches home angrily. Irfan asks what happened. She shouts people bother her a lot when she does not want to be bothered. He lights candle and asks if she ever lit it in his absence. She says she does not have spare time for all this. He suggests her to write diary. She says she left this hobby long ago. He says life is a circle and hobbies repeat.

Ratan taunts his Abhaya that her mother always insults him and praises Doctor Akshay. Wife asks why did he take out topic about Akshay and Vijaya’s marriage. He says it is their weak point and he will manipulate things and get his work done. She asks how. She says she is dumb and will not understand it.

Neeti goes to kitchen and sees naani preparing bread cutlets and says she will eat a lot. She then asks why she was scolding Abhaya aunty. Naani asks when. Neeti says she saw when she was going to her room. Naani says she should not listen to elder’s talks like that. Neeti asks what does ehsaan mean. Naani says favor. Neeti asks why did Abhay uncle told dad did favor to mom by marrying her. Naani stands speechless.

Precap: Nandini says Vijaya that she will not marry in life. Vijaya asks why. Nandini says a boy promised to marry girl, but he was just playing with her life. Vijaya comes out crying. Akshay sees that but stops seeing Nandini.

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