Tere Bin 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ratan pesters Nandini that he will inform Irfan about her affair with Akshay and asks for money in return to keep his mouth shut. Nandini calls Irfan and says Ratan wants to talk to her. Ratan says he needs an appointment for his friend. Nandini takes back phone and warns Ratan ont to come near her again.

Vijaya sees Akshay tensed and asks what happened to him. He says Neeti told about her friend’s parent’s divorce, he felt guilty thinking he was thikig of divorcing Vijaya, if he had done that, he would have been more hurt than Vijaya and Neeti. Vijaya consoles him. He says he loves her a lot and cannot live without her.

Irfan while sipping tea with Shabana asks her what Nandini loves most and cannot live without it. Shabana says irfan. Irfan says Nandini is addicted to Akshay, he wants to divert her attention. Shabana says Irfan’s friendship, Nandini cannot live without Irfan’s friendship.

Vijaya gets ready for a movie with Akshay and tells him that she had a craze about Salman Khan’s movies during her school days and never used to miss his movies. She promised mom that she will not watch movie again, but next week movie released and she headed towards theater, but headed towards school instead. She says thinking and excuting ideas are differet and he need not feel guilty.

Irfan speaks over phone to someone about his seminar andd says he has some important work and need to postpone his seminar. Nandini asks him why he is making an excuse. Shabana says bhai’s friend Shyamili is coming. Nandini asks who Shyamili. Irfan says his school best friend, they used to enjoy a lot and in fact she is the one who taught him guitar. Nandini gets jealous and leaves. Shabana says their plan worked.

Vijaya finds diifficulty in removing her necklace. Akshay says he he will help, removes necklace and kisses her neck. He asks what…He says there is a mole on her neck which he had not seen yet. Vijaya says he has not seen many things yet. He says he would like to see then. She asks him to control.. Nandini calls him. Akshay says why did she call at this time. Nandini starts describing their first meeting, etc. Vijaya takes phone and says Akshay does not remember anything and has moved on, even she should move on, and disconnects call. Nandini gets a panic attack and angrily tries to leave to confront Vijaya. Irfan and Shabana stop her. Irfan gives her injection. Nandini subconsciously hugs him and says I love you Akshay, please don’t leave me alone. Irfan feels sad. Nandini asks him to let her sleep and sleeps on bed. Irfan gets Jennifer nurse’s call and informs that his patient got a panic attack and family needs to prepone appoointment. Irfan says he is coming right away. Shabana asks how can he leave Nandini in this condition and go. He says he will return before she leaves for job.

Akshay praises Neeti’s hindi language skills. Neeti says competition means pratiyogita. He says he did not know and leaves with her to drop her school. Naani tells Akshay was distracted during breakfast. Vijaya informs that Nandini had called yesterday night and was reminding Akshay about their friendship. Naani asks her to cancel Nandini’s contract and get rid of her. Vijaya says there is no need for that.

Nandini wakes up and asks Shabana why did not she wake her up, it is already 10 and asks if she likes muli parantha. Shabana says okay. Nandini says Akshay likes muli parantha a lot and will prepare it right now. Shabana feels sad for Irfan.

Precap: Nandini takes sleeping injection in OT room and collapses. Jennifer informs Vijaya. Irfan shouts at Akshay if something happens to Nandini, he will not spare him.

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    3 episodes more to go… and how will they show that Nandini loves Irfan not Akashy…
    And irfan is soo caring…
    And best secnes-
    1. akshy putting his phone on loud speaker for vijya to listen.
    2. Nandini calling irfan not akshay
    3. Nandini holding and kissing irfan, though thinking him to be akshay

    1. Madeha124567

      Will the show end??


      Yes it is ending on this friday

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