Tere Bin 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay sees Neeti studying in hall. Neeti sees him and says she will study well and will never let him complain. He says if she studies well, they will watch Salman Khan’s movie together. She says he was angry on her yesterday when she was watching Salma’s video. He apologizes and she says he is world’s badmash papa. He asks what that means. She says naani told it means best. He says her naani is mast.

Nandini finds green bangles in her cupboard and goes into flashback where while traveling with Akshay stops seeing bangle cart and asks lady to give her black bangles. Lady says she should buy green as she is married. Nandini asks Akshay to explain. He says he is telling her repeatedly to marry him, but she is delaying. Lady says she knows palmistry, checks her

hand and stands silently. Nandini asks what happened. Lady says she does not have line of marriage in her hand. Nandini stands in a shock. Akshay asks her not to listen lady and asks lady to give green bangles. Lady refuses to give green bangles, but Akshay pays forcefully and takes bangles. He asks shocked Nandini not to think much. Nandini comes out of flashback. Her current boyfriend calls and asks if she is in Delhi train. She asks what. He says she told she is going to Delhi yesterday and suggests her to come to Pune to stay with him for some days. Thei conversation continues.

In the morning, Vijaya calls Nandini and says she wants her to meet their nursing home’s senior surgeon Dr. Sinha and asks her to be at nursing home sharp at 11 a.m. as Dr. Sinha is very punctual. Nandini says she knows and disconnects call. She informs Akshay that she has asked Nandini to meet him to finalize her contract. He says she can take care of this. She says she does, but she wants him to meet her once. They sit for breakfast. Neeti comes out getting ready for school, converses with Akshay a bit and leaves with Nani.

Akshay then drives car towards nursing home with Vijaya. Nandini calls Vijaya and says she came ahead of time and asks her to remind punctual Dr. Sinha to reach on time. Vijaya reaches nursing home and takes Nandini to Akshya’s cabin. Akshay extends hands, but Nandini greets namaste. He sadly replies and questions where did she get her degree. Nandini rudely says everything is written in her profile and he can check it. Vijaya gets an emergency call and walks out. Akshay asks Nandini why is she behaving like stranger, he wants t meet her and explain her a lot. She says she does not want to meet him and leaves room.

Precap: Nandini angrily scolds Akshay to leave her hand and asks what he wats to explain. Akshay thinks Nandini is always right. Driver asks Nandini’s new boyfriend if Nandini is his gharwali or baharwali. He says he does not know. Akshay scolds Vijaya for praising Nandini so much.

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