Tere Bin 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay drives back home with Vijaya. Vijaya cnotinues telling about Nandini, how she called her and asks if she has an anesthetist job in her nursing home and how she got imprssed with her and gave her job. Akshay silently listens to her. She asks if he did not like Nandini that he scolded her. He says he tought her as Dr. Pathak and scolded for coming late.

They both reach home. Neeti watches Salman’s songs on TV. Vijaya scolds her and switches off TV. Neeti complains Akshay that mom is not letting her watch Salman uncle’s song. Akshay scolds her to concentrate on her studies and asks Naani to keep an eye on her. Neeti gets sad.

Vijaya goes to kitchen and converses with naani. Naani asks why is Akshay looking tensed. Vidya says she does not know. Naani says Akshay has become Neeti’s father, but she has not become Akshay’s wife yet, she should know why her husband is tensed. Vijaya goes to room and sees Akshay engrasped in thoughts. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She changes bedsheet and asks why he is looking tensed. He says nothing..She insists and he says bedsheet color is nice. She says why is he changing topic. He says when there is nothing wrong, then what he should say. She says she knew he likes green color and goes to bring water. He goes into flashback where he is sitting in a park with Nandini and saying they havecome here so many times that even trees and birds know them. She gifts him green shirt. He likes it a lot. He comes out of flashback. Vijaya comes back and asks if he liked Nandini. He says she is asking same question repeatedly. She asks if he is angry that Nandini came 2 min late. He says it is too early to judge anyone.

Neeti tells Naani that dad is very angry on her. Naani says he will not if she studies well. Their joks and pampering starts.

Nandini gets her current boyfriend’s call who says she disconnected his call without saying anything, if she is still angry. She says no. Their conversation continues. He says he is coming to Mumbai. She says she is going to Delhi.

Precap: Nandini looks at green bangles. She over phone tells someone that human thinks something and something else happens.

Update Credit to: MA

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