Tere Bin 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shabana challenges Nandini that if she loses bet with Vijaya and could not separate Akshay from Viaya, she has to marry Irafan then. She says she is serious and Nandini is not accepting challenge as she is confident that she will marry Akshay. Nandini says yes. Shabana says then they both should not have problem accepting her challenge and tells Nandini that she has only 3 months to convince Akshay. Nandini accepts and says if she loses challenge, she will marry Irfan and if she wins and marries Akshay, Irfan will not go into depression and will be happy seeing her happy. Irfan says he gets happy always seeing her happy. Shabana says then what problem he has, he should accept challenge Irfan says okay. Nandini thanks Shabana for the suggestion and leaves. Shabana says Irfan that he has to help Vijaya so that she can win challenge and get so closer to Akshay that he forgets Nandini forever.

Ratan meets Nandini and says he was surprised when Vijaya did not react at all when he showed Nandini and Akshay’s pic, she is so cheap. Nandini asks what does he mean. He ays Vijaya did not react all and said instead that it is common in friends. Nandini says Vijaya knows before he told her and has challenged that she will get Akshay forever. She asks him to spy on Vijaya and give her report of her each minute, she will give him whatever money he asks and asks how will he do that.

Vijaya appoints a driver for Akshay and says him that he works so hard, so she thought of keeping a driver for him. He says she will not listen. She says taking care of him is her duty and right. He says he cannot have lunch with her as he has to study something. She says he can study in her cabin. He says he does not have surgery today, so he will go and rest at home. She agrees. Irfan hears their conversation silently standing at a distance and thinks if he helps Vijaya get closer to Akshay, will it be right.

Ratan in his wanders thinking how will he spy Vijaya. Abhaya comes and says she is thinking of staying in Vijaya’s house for some days as mom is unwell and she is thinking of helping her. He says she expressed his heart out. She goes to pack her bags. Ratan calls Nandini and says he is going to spy Vijaya. She asks how He says Abhaya is going to stay at Vijaya’s house and he will go to meet her and spy on Vijaya. Nandini says good and disconnects call. Nandini thinks she will get Vijaya out of Akshay’s life within 3 months.

Irfan suggests Vijaya to hav a psychological survey of her staff to know who needs motivation. She says it is a good idea. He says some people weirdly think purple color is pretty, in fact Nandini’s ex-boyfriend thinks purpose completes a person. Vijaya hears him carefully. Ifran thanks her for accepting his idea and leaves smiling.

Lado is busy cleaning house. Abhaya comes and says she will clean and asks her to go and knead dough. Naani brings her juice. Abhaya says she has to serve her instead. Naani says it is good she came, they can chat at lot. Abhaya forces her to drink juice.

Akshay is traveling in his car. Nandini calls him and insists to come and study in her house, he can study leaning on her lap and she will reminisce their older days Akshay agrees and asks drier to park car and leave, he will drive from there. Driver does so, Akshay leaves.

Abhaya selects saris and Naani helps her. Vijaya thinks there must be purple sari in this. She searches and does not like mixed purple saris. Naani asks what happened, she can get different color. Vijaya says she needs only purple and thinks what to wear. Mandeep calls her and says driver Shiva is his man who informed that Akshay sent him and went to Nandini’s house. Vijaya is shocked and says she is coming right now. She tells Naani that she is going out and leaves. Ratan hears her conversation and picks phone to inform Nandini. Vijaya rshes in taxi. Nandini and Akshay are busy romancing. Akshay calls Nandini and asks if she is at home and Akshay is with her. She asks how does he know. He asks her to send Akshay out soon as Vijaya is coming there. Nandini says thank you so much, bye. Ratan says money… Nandini thinks let Vijaya come here and see her with Akshay. Vijaya asks driver to speed up. Nandini tries to get intimate with Aksay, but he feels uneasy. Nandini thinks why Vijaya is taking so much time. Door bell rings. Akshay asks who it must be, if it is Irfan. She says let us go and check, what if it is Vijaya. Akshay opens door and is shocked.

Precap: Naani says Vijaya she should not think that Akshay does not like her. Neeti hears that and shockingly asks is it. Ratan asks Nandini if she heard about any death in Thakur nursing home, if not, he will create problem.

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