Tere Bin 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya teaches maths tables to Neeti. Neeti says she thought her so well that she byhearted so easily. Vijaya says she will go to market and come back soon. Neeti says bye jaanu. Vijaya is surprised and asks who taught her this. Neeti says when she called Nandini aunty from papa’s mobile, she told hello Jaanu i misss you even without hearing her voice. Vijaya says she must have heard her voice firs and then told this. Neeti says she is sure she did not speak. Vijaya is confused why Nandini called Akshay as Jaanu.

Abhaya is busy calculation cafe expenses. Ratan comes holding new mobile phone. She asks how did he get it. He shows bill. She asks how did he get so much money and reminisces talking about Doctor saheb, asks if he took money from Akshay. Ratan gets angry and

scoldss her to mind her business. Abhaya thinks Ratan must be blackmailing jijaji for something.

Nandini comes to Akshay’s home to check Neeti’s blood sugar levels. Neeti says she is afraid of needles. Nandini says she will feel like a small ant bit her and takes her blood, checks blood sugar level and says it has improved. Akshay comes home and Naani shows him Neeti’s blood sugar level. He says it is a good improvement and thanks Nandini. He goes to his room. Naani says she will send him tea. Nandini continues chatting with Neeti and gives her gold jewelry as gift. Neeti likes it and says what if mamma and naani find it out. Nandini says she can wear it when they both go out and it will be a secret.

Akshay looks at Nandini’s pic in his room and hides it in cupboard when Lado comes in with tea. He scolds her and sends out. Lado thinks her husband is cheating on her and her life is hell, so she will not let Vijaya’s life become like her life.

Vijaya thinks she already doubted Akshay so much and will not doubt him this time. Lado comes and tells her that Akshay was looking at someone’s pic and when she entered, he hid it in his cupboard. Vijaya gets suspicious. Lado says saheb is very honest and she must be thinking wrong about him.

Akshay calls Nandini repeatedly, but she ignores her calls. Neeti calls from landline and chats with Nandini. Akshay angrily sits in living room thinking. Vijaya comes and speaks. He calls her Nandini. She asks why did he call her Nandini. He says he wants to discuss about Neeti’s diabetes with Nandini, but she is not picking call, so he must have told subconsciously. Vijay goes to room and opens cupboard to check if Akshya was hiding Nandini’s pic.

Precap: Vijaya calls her college friend inspector Manjeet and asks him to investigate about Akshay, if he is having an affair. Manjeet says he thought before itself that she is doubting Dr. Akshay, not to worry he will find out the truth.

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