Tere Bin 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya questions Akshay why his credit ard is found in Lonavla. Akshay lies that some Dr. Kashyap must have used his card. An imposter as Dr. Kashap calls and tells Vijaya that he had sent credit card from Lonavla via someone, if Askahy received it. Vijaya says not yet and asks if he wants to speak to Akshay. He says no and disconnects call. Vijaya apologizes Akshay for doutbing him. Akshay say it is okay.

Vijaya goes to her room and reminisces all the incidents and thinks what if Akshay and Nandini are really having an affair. Neeeti comes tires to speak. Vijaya scolds her and she starts crying. Akshay comes and consoles Neeti and scolds Vijaya. Neeti goes out. Akshay says she should nnot vent his anger on Neeti. Vijaya says she will stay back home tomorrow and spend some

time with Neeti.

Nandini goes out for a dinner party with Shabana and Irfan. Shabana tells Nandini that Vijaya must have stopped Akshay from going out. Irfan asks Shabana not to misguide Nandini. Shabana says she is telling right. Irfan says forget it. Vijaya gers call from Akhay’s number na d picks it. Neeti speaks from other side and says she felt like chatting with her and says mummy scolded her today. Nandini says there is nothing wrong if mamma scolds and she should not be angry on mamma.

Ratan comes to Akshay’s cabin and Akshay gets angry. Ratan asks if he will not greet him and says he needs a smart phone. Akshay says he is same cheap characterless man. Ratan says he heard him talking to Vijaya about Dr. Kashyap, so he called as Dr. Kashyap from his friend’s mobile and saved him. Now, he needs a smart phone. Akshay agrees to buy him a new mobile.

Vijaya tries to speak to Neeti, but she gets busy with her homework. Naani says Neeti they will go out and will not take mamma as mamma is bad. Neeti says she did not mean that and mamma is good.

Nandini comes to Akshay’s cabin and shows an earrning she bought for Neeti. Akshay says she should not have bought it. Nandini says Neeti is her would be daughter and it is between her and Neeti. Akshay says they should not meet often as Vijaya is doubting about them. Nandini thinks he is lying and starts fighting with him.

Precap: Neeti says Vijaya bye jaanu. Vijaya asks who taught this. Neeti says when she picked Nandini’s call on Akshay’s mobile, Nandini told hi jaanu, I miss you a lot. Vijaya thinks why did Nandini say this.

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  1. I find Akshay character can be passive aggressive, especially when he gets frustrated with Vijaya. Its going to be a matter of time before Vijaya finds out the truth about Akshay and Nandini, hopefully they can work through the problems and not let Nandini spoil her family.

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