Tere Bin 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Neeti cooks food with Naani at Akshay’s house. Neeti hears car sound and says papa and mamma have come. She hides Nandini and says she will surprise mama and papa. Akshay and Nandini enter and Neeti says she has a surprise for them. Akshay asks if naani prepared special dishes today. She says another suprise and gets Nandini out. Akshay and Viajay are surprised. Naani comes and says Nandini prepared food today. Akshay smiles. Naani goes to serve food and Vijaya goes to freshen up. Nandini tells Akshay that she prepared his favorite sabji. He says he wanted to meet her and Neeti heard his mind’s voice and called her here. Nandini say she came for Neeti and is still angry on him.

Abhaya waits for Ratan till late night. He enters and says he went o meet his friend with whom he goes for horse race betting. Abhaya says he promised he will not gamble. He says he will and she will give him money.

Naani sees Vijaya in distress and asks reason. Vijaya informs that Abhaya demanded her property share. Naani is shocked. Vijaya says she will handle this issue and will give Abhaya’s share she wants to see her happy. Naani suggests her to give share in part and invest the remaining amount so that she meet Abhaya every month and give the interest amount.

Ratan asks Abhaya if Vijaya called back. She says not yet, but she will also not take her share. Ratan shouts she has to and give the amont as a loan to him.

Nandini gets ready to meet Akshay. Irfan starts arguing with her and says her boyfriend is a coward and will not leave his family for her, suggests she should ask him to marry her. She says okay fine and leaves. Shabana asks Irfan who is Nandini’s boyfriend. He smiles and leaves…

Irfan reaches nursing home. Nurse Jennifer says a patient is waiting for him. He sees burqa clad lady who starts flirting with him. He identifies her as his old patient Radhika and asks her to go now and come next time with an appointment and someone along. She says she has no one except him and wants to stay in his house. He sends her out.

Askhay and Nandini meet at a restaurant. Nandini asks Askhay to inform Vijaya about their relationship. He says he will and Vijaya will accept their relationship. Ratan sees them and clicks pics and gets happy hatching a plan.

Precap: Ratan informs Abhaya about Nandini and Akshay’s affair. Akshay informs Vijaya about Nandini and says he spoke what he felt is right.

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  1. Acha h akshay jb tk vijya we dur nhi yoga to use uski value samjh m kaise ayegi.

  2. QueenB

    Oh gosh
    ah well
    let akshay and nandini move on
    and let irfan and vijaya get together 🙂

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