Tere Bin 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay tells Vijaya that whatever Ratan did was disgusting. Vijaya says yes. Ratan and Abhaya reach home and Ratan asks her to give him food. She says she did not prepare anything and asks if he is not repenting for his sin. He says why should he, it was not his mistake. Vijaya calls Abhaya and says she has cancelled her contract and she should come and take back her items from nursing home’s cafeteria. Abhaya cries. Akshay asks Vijaya why is she punishing Abhaya for Ratan’s mistake. Naani also takes Vijaya’s side. Vijaya disconnects call. Naani says Abhaya is at mistake being on Ratan’s side, she has to either leave Ratan or face consequences with Ratan.

At Nandini’s house, Shabana prepares tea and Nandini says it is very tasty. Shabana

says Ratan and Dr. Akshay are from same family, Ratan is characterless, but Dr. Akshay is so well cultured. Irfan says Akshay is not that good, looking at Nandini. Vijaya comes with Akshay and apologizes Nandini on family’s behalf. Irfan asks Akshay how can see Ratan insulting Nandini in front of him and spared Ratan instead of filing police complaint. Akshay says if he thinks so, let us go and give police complaint. Nandini stops them and says it is okay. Akshay says he is getting late for nursing home and leaves. Vijaya praises Nandini for her sporty spirit and leaves.

Abhaya informs Ratan that she lost cafe contract because of him and Vijaya does not even want to talk to her. Ratan is shocked. Abhaya says she will go and try to convince mom to convince Vijaya to give back contract.

Naani and Neeti check Vijaya’s birthday gifts. They see a beautiful watch gifted by Shabana, etc…Abhaya comes. Naani asks Neeti to go in. Abhaya cries to help her get back cafe contract. Naani says she cannot. Abhaya asks her to give Nandini’s address, she will apologize Nandini. Naani says she does not know Nadnini’s addresss. Abhaya continues crying. Naani says she cannot do anything. Abhaya tries to leave. Naani says she cannot see her crying and gives her money.

Precap: Doctor see Akshay and Nandini’s intimacy and badmouth. Vijaya hears their conversation. Akshay shouts at Vijaya and Vijaya asks if she did a mistake. Akshay shouts yes.

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  1. Plz vijyau should leave charecterless cheap husband akshay.

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