Tere Bin 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Radhika calls Ratan on his new number and asks him to extract more money from Akshay. Ratan says that he is not that bad that he will trouble Akshay when Neeti is so ill. He warns her not to call him until he calls back.

Abhaya brings food for Akshay and Vijaya and asks him to have it. Ratan also insists and asks Vijaya to convince doctor saheb to have food. They both leave to discharge Naani. Vijaya asks Akshay asks Nandini to go home while he feeds his parents something and send them home via taxi.

Irfan in his cabin tells Nandini that Akshay handled Neeti’s surgery very well. He sees Nandini missing. Nandini murmurs from under his table. He asks why is she hiding here. She says she saw Akshay’s parents coming this side, so she is hiding. He says they are gone.

She comes out and says Akshay told soon he will marry her. He asks if she did not see Akshay and Vijaya’s emotional bonding after Neeti’s successful surgery. Nandini confusingly says yes.

Akshay gets food for his parents. Dad asks how did Neeti get type 1 diabetes, neither their family nor Vijaya’s family has diabetes. Akshay says it happens in some cases. Ratan passes by. Akshay introduces him to his parents. He shows his wittiness again. Dad asks what does he do. He asks Akshay to tell and then says he doe social work. He then asks if their blood is O negative. They say no. He says how can it be as they are Akshay’s parents and Akshay is not Neeti’s father. Dad asks what did he mean. Akshay says Ratan always blubbers meaningless words. Ratan says he means Akshay’s Neeti’s father, philosopher, friend, eveything.. Dad sys he heard something else. Akshay says Ratan is always meaningless. He books taxi for parents and thinks Ratan had spoilt his secret, what would have Vijaya thought.

Vijaya reaches home and sees Lado maid performing nazar of Akshay, Vijaya and Neeti’s photo. She goes up and calls Nilesh’s parents. Nilesh’s mom picks call and scolds why did she call here. Vijaya informs her that Neeti met with an accident and got successfully operated, but she is diabetic, so she needs to know if they have diabetes. Nilesh’s dad takes phone and scolds Vijaya not to call again and disconnects call. Mom informs him that Neeti met with an accident and has diabetes.

Vijaya then goes to Naani’s room and tells Nilesh’s parents denied talking to her and scolded her. Naani calls back and Nilesh’s dad warns her if something happens to Neeti, he will not spare her, why did she take Neeti when she cannot drive properly. Naani says his worries are obvious as he is Neeti’s grandfather. He asks hospital name and says he will meet doc and inform about his family’s diabetes history. Akshay’s mom enters and asks what was she talking about. Vijaya and Naani are shocked to see her.

Precap: Akshay’s dad stops Nandini and says they have met 8-9 years ago.

Update Credit to: MA

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