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Nandini informs Ifran that flat owner gave her ultimatum to get married within 24 hours or leave his flat. Irfan asks how can owner give her ultimatum like this without a proper notice and how can he call her characterless, what were people doing standing here. Akshay gets angry and says Irfant that he should not have lived here like this. Irfan says Nandini should tell this and not people like him. Akshay asks what does he mean by people like him. Nandini shouts to stop their fight. Akshay says she will get her a flat in a day. Shabana says if Nandini married within a day, problem will be solved. Nandini asks Akshay to marry him tomorrow in a temple as she does not want to leave this flat. He asks if she is serious. She says yes. He leaves.

Vijaya apologizes Naani for hiding

the truth that Akshay is having an affair with Nandini. Naani says she knew Akshay was having an affair and even had doubt on Nandini, she should be careful. Vijaya she cannot keep a tab in hospital. Naani says Nandini is very clever and shrewed, she is not a good human and will go to any extent to get Akshay, so she should not have challenged her. Neeti hears their conversation and this Nandini is not a good human.

Nandini packs her bridal dress and happily thinks she will marry Akshay in some time and thinks who informed society about her character, whatever it is she is getting married to Akshay. She leaves home for temple. Irfan comes and calls Nandini. He says Shabana this temple marriage is not a good idea, Akshay will not agree. Shabana says it is good if Akshay does not turn up, she just wants Nandini to marry Irfan.

Akshay at home reminisces Nandini’s words and gets tensed. Vijaya gets tead and Naani signals her to go and serve akshay. She gives tea to Akshay and he thanks her. She silently signals Naani to go. Naani goes to her room. She asks what happened, he did not sleep well yesterday night. He says nothing important. She says he knows she cannot see him tensed and his problem is her problem, be it professional or persona. He knows if they are together, they can solve bigger problems. He says he does not have any problem. She says she will get biscuit.

Nandini reaches temple and gives pooja thali to panditji. She then calls Akshay and tells she has reached Ambarwadi temple and pandit told there is good muhurath for marriage in 1 hour, so he should reach soon.

Vijaya goes to Naani’s room and Naani asks if Akshay told anything. Vijaya says no and she has decided to take a leave today. Naani says it is a good idea, she goes to work even on Diwali. Neeeti comes and asks if Nandini is a bad woman, she heard Naani and Lado aunty tell she is a bad woman, if she wants, she will stop talking to Nandini aunty. Vijaya says people are not bad, situations are, she will understand it when she will grow up. She sends Neeti to finish her breakfast.

Nandini continues waiting for Aksay at temple. Pandit says marriage muhurath has finished. Phone rings. She picks and asks Akshay where are you. Owner speaks and says he knows he cannot marry within a day, so he is coming tonight to get posession of his house.

Vijaya says Naani that they should not speak anything in front of Neeti. Naani says yes, but if she also thinks that situations are bad and not people. Vijaya says she was talking about her as she did injustice to Nandini. Naani asks how can she think that. Vijaya leaves.

House owner gathers neighbors and says already 22 hours are over and within 2 hours, Nandini cannot marry, so he has decided to get Nandini’s belongings out of his flat. Nandini comes and neighor ladies badmouth that she is staying with a muslim man and is characterless. Irfan comes and says they should not allege Nandini and says he has brought marriage papers and will marry Nandini tomorrow. Nandini says she cannot marry Irfan. Shabana says she just have to sign 1-month notice form.

Precap: Owner says Nandini and Irfan that someone called and badmouthed about Nandini’s character. Vijay ainforms Naani that Nandi had called and informed that she and Irfan are getting married and signed a 1-month notice form. Irfan says Akshay will not marry her, so she has to sign form for 1 month relief.

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  1. Super fast update, cheers MA.

    At first i thought it could be Nandini herself calling the landlord, spreading this rumour to pressure Akshay into marrying her. Now after reading this update, I think it could be Shabana. This way, Nandini has to marry her brother.

  2. its shabanA

  3. Nandini is already shameless dating a married man, what a shame.

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