Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Nikhila finds out the truth

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Scene 1
Nikhila says I know she is brave and she would handle things in this difficult times too.

The goons ask Gopika where is the diamond? Saksham looks for Gopika. Gopika runs from there. Saksham says the police has sealed the area. They won’t be able to take her out of here. The goons catch Gopika. She is scared. They shout where is the diamond. Nikhila says on mic Gopika we know you are here. Don’t get scared. Show us a hit so we can come to you. Don’t be scared.

Scene 2
The goons ask Gopika where is the diamond? They show her the knife.. Gopika tries to run and the lights go off. Saksham sees the light of the diamond. the goons say the diamond is in her mouth. Catch her. Gopika doesn’t give it to them, Saksham comes and hits them. Gopika hugs him. She’s scared. The goon hits Saksham on head and he faints. Gopika is shcoked and scared.

Saksham faints. Gopika says Saksham ji open your eyes. Gopika picks a rod and starts hitting them. They wear their scary masks. Gopika gets scared. They say give us the diamodn. Nikhila comes there and says Saksham.. They put a knife on her and say give the diamond or we will kill her. Nikhila says don’t give the diamond. Nothing will happen to me. Gopika gives the diamond. Nikhila recalls baa said Gopika isn’t brave. Gopika hits the goons. She says Gopika pick the diamond and run. Gopika faints. Nikhila says Gopika.. The goons say she is such a loser. The police come and arrest them.

Scene 3
Gopika opens eyes. She says is everyone okay? Maa ji? Are you and Saksham okay? Nikhila says I am glad that you’re okay too. Gopika says I thought you know about me. I just got to know you never got the letter. I wrote it for you and Saksham. I am not what you think. I am a coward and no educated. I am not the one you were looking for. Nikhila says what are you saying.. You’re my Gopika. I like you as you are. We all do. Chiragh says we all like you bhabhi. Gopika says to Saksham sorry I thought you know. I am not educated. I only studied till 8th in Gujrati medium. Saksham says that doesn’t matter. we are all proud of you. I like you the way you are. You’re my wife and this house’s DIL. We are all glad that you’re okay. Tejal says yes bhabhi we are glad. Gopika hugs Nikhila. Nikhila says I am proud of you. Stay happy, you look pretty when you smile.

Gopika was dreaming all this. She wakes up.. She says maa ji.. Saksham ji. She recalls what happened. Gopika says maa ji are you okay? Gopika comes downstairs. No one is there. Gopika sees Nikhila. She says maa ji are you okay? We the goons took me, I just got to know there’s a huge misunderstanding. I was coming to tell you the truth. I am not what you think. Brave and educated. Everyoene comes.

Nikhila says I know they all know too. That you are a coward and uneducated. But you didn’t tell you’re a liar too. You lived a lie. You didn’t tell this to me and everyone. But I saw how you were shivering today. I told you not to give them the diamond but you didn’t. I only saw what I wanted to see in you. The DIL that I wanted for my Saksham. I didn’t listen to baa because I trusted you but you’ve broken my trust. You lied to me from day one.

Gopika cries and says maa ji I didn’t lie, I can’t lie to anyone. You gave me everything. The moment I found out, I was coming to tell you the truth.. Nikhila says now? Why didn’t you tell me when I took you to the salon and asked you to introduce in English? When Tejal asked you to do arti in english. Why not when I asked you to introduce yourself and your family in English. Why didn’t you tell then that you only studied till 8th grade from Gujrati medium. Gopika says maa ji I didn’t know..

Saksham says enough Gopika.

Episode ends.

Precap-Nikhila says I will take my decision. the one I thought was diamond was a coal. Gopika will leave this house. Saksham says this is your stuff. Gopika says I never lied. I never said I am brave or educated. I accept myself with whatever shortcomings I have.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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