Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Gopi strikes with Shaksham and falls in his arms. They share an eye lock. Shaksham moves away and says what the hell? I am in a meeting. His colleagues laugh and say we can join later on. Shaksham is embarrassed so Gopi runs away.

Raashi asks Chiragh to tell her his favorite dish. He says mushroom pie. Raashi gets worried. He says you don’t know how to make it? You can make Poha? dosa? mashed potatoes? Raashi looks on. Chiragh says you can make bread-butter. She says that’s fine.

Baa is watching VJ’s video. VJ says Tejal Modi is a spoiled brat. Tejal watches the video. Gopi comes there and asks about Shaksham’s favorite dish. Tejal says don’t irritate me. Minal says what is this way of talking? Tejal says this guy is saying that I am rich and spoiled that’s why I have followers on social media. Baa says he is right. Tejal angrily leaves. Minal tells Gopi that Shaksham likes Hash browns. Gopi nods and leaves. Minal stops Raashi and says Chiragh likes Chilla.

Raashi comes into the kitchen and tries to make chilla. Gopi comes there and asks what is hash browns? Raashi thinks to make her work. She says it’s Chilla in English. Gopi says I can make that. She starts making it and says if you need help then tell me.

Ramila is cooking in the kitchen. Her husband says you have spoiled the kitchen after Gopi left. You didn’t work when she was here. Ramila says Gopi will be back soon. He says what? Ramila says I mean I don’t want a maid now that Gopi has left. He smiles and leaves. Ramila says once Raashi settles down in that house, I will bring out Gopi’s truth and bring her back here as a maid.

Gopi is making Chilla. Raashi smirks and acts like she is cooking also.

All family members sit to have breakfast. Chiragh says where are our wives? This is 2021 so all should eat together. Nikhila asks Gopi to bring breakfast.

Raashi takes Gopi’s chilla and says your number will come. Raashi gives chilla to Chiragh and says this is world-class. Thank you Raashi. Gopi looks on. Nikhila asks Gopi what she made? Gopi is tensed. Nikhila says you have just brought water? Raashi says thank you, everyone, for giving me a chance, I made this chilla. I thought I wouldn’t surpass expectations and nobody would like me as real daughter-in-law is Gopi, I was just a burden. Minal says this house is yours now. Raashi says but you all chose Gopi, thank you for accepting me. I made this chilla. She glares at Gopi so Gopi remains silent. Nikhila tells Raashi that you didn’t make a mistake today and I hope you remain like this. She says Gopi has disappointed me again. Baa says let her be, she must be feeling pressurized in the new kitchen. She asks Gopi to serve water. Gopi gives her water. Nikhila says it was a ritual and Gopi can’t just give us water. Gopi says I did a mistake, I will go and make food for Shaksham. Shaksham says no need, I like Nikhila’s food only. Nikhila takes Gopi from there.

Nikhila asks Gopi if she knows cooking? If you don’t know cooking then tell me. Gopi says I know how to cook. Nikhila says then how did you do that mistake? Gopi sadly looks at Raashi. Nikhila notices it and says I will give you another chance but don’t disappoint me. Gopi says I will give my full efforts. Nikhila comes to the family and says we will welcome Ganpati in the house soon and we have to make modak. Raashi says we can make it. Nikhila stops her and says both daughters-in-law will make 50-50 modak separately. They will both serve it to Ganpati. Shaksham says how can you give her responsibility after her mistake today? Nikhila says we can give her a chance, she can’t do mistakes again. Gopi nods.

Raashi calls Ramila. Ramila says I am working to prepare for Ganpati. Raashi says Nikhila asked me to make modak. Ramila says you can ask Gopi to make it for you. Raashi says Nikhila asked us to make 50 modaks separately. Can you please make and send it. Ramila says I can’t make 50 modaks alone. Raashi says what will I do then? Ramila says I will do something.

Gopi is making modaks. Raashi comes there and gets an idea.

PRECAP – Ramila brings momos for Raashi. She says I needed modaks and not momos. Ramila says just manage with this. Ramila comes into the kitchen and exchanges momos with Gopi’s modaks. Nikhila asks Gopi to bring her parsad to the priest. He takes it and finds momos on the plate. Gopi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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