Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejal meets VJ

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Scene 1
Bell rings. Saksham opens the door. He says Hitain you? He says brother in law. He says don’t call me jeja ji. Nikhila says he’s our son in law. Come in Hitain. Hitain says I got bhog from the temple. Nikhila realizes it’s Gopika who sent it. Nikhila asks Hitain ti sit with them. They all enjoy the food. Baa says it’s so good. Chiragh says it’s so tasty. It feels like home cooked food. Reminds me of someone. Nikhila asks Hitain which temple did you get it from? He says eskon. she says it’s 50km away. Hitain says yes from there. She says you went there early morning? Say the truth that Gopika sent it. He says I did what Gopika said. She asked me not to tell you. Don’t tell her. Nikhila says you’re a very good human. Nikhila says this is my Gopika. Her self respect is important but she cares for her family too. She will come back home one day.

Scene 2
Hitain calls Gopika and says everyone loved it. Nikhila found out you made it. But she was very happy. Gopika says thank you. Ramila says Gopika where did all the grocery go? Someone stole it. Gopika says I was coming to you to get the grocery. It might have happened because of me. I sent food to Modi house. Ramila is shocked. Ramila says they’ve everything. Why do you need to send them food from here? But you did right. It will impress them. Tejal comes. Ramila says sending food is a blessed thing. Tejal says is this kitchen or a shed? Ramila says we are cleaning it. We sent breakfast to Modi house.

Tejal says I was cleaning the cupboard. My nails are chipped. I am going to the salon. Ramila says to Gopika where will get the grocery from? There’s no money left. Gopika says I will arrange something don’t worry. Ramila says what? Gopika says I have some savings. Ramila says okay.

Scene 3
Chiragh calls his clients. Saksham calls more clients. They are all mad because the designs are different. Gopika is not there to make designs. Nikhila says we sent our laxmi away. How can we expect things to go smooth? Baa says I pray our laxi comes back soon.

Gopika buys grocery. She goes to get change. Gopika sees Tejal at the cafe. She says Tejal here? But she went to the salon. Tejal is on call. Gopika says why did she lie? Tejal says on call come fast. Saksham is on his way to the client. He says there’s too much traffic. VJ comes to meet Tejal. He takes her to the side. Gopika looks for Tejal. VJ says Gopika is here. I saw her. That’s why I didn’t come inside. Tejal says why is she always after me. Saksham is also there. He tries to make calls.

Scene 4
Nikhila thinks about Gopika. Nikhila says I miss her every moment. Gopika and Radhika both are faces. You’ve to help me bring Gopika back here. You have to. Gopika’s napkin falls. It comes to Saksham. He opnes it. There is design on it. Saksham says this is Radhika’s design. She’s around.

VJ says Gopika won’t come back. Relax. You are safe with me. Stop crying. I’ve missed you a lot. I can’t live without you.

Nikhila prays to unite Gopika and Saksham. Gopika says why did Tejal lie? Or am I overthinking? Saksham looks around for Radhika. He calls on her number. Gopika sees her phone rining. He’s outside the shop Gopika is in. Saksham sees Gopika.

Episode ends.

Precap-A girl hugs Saksham. Saksham says Priya you? Gopika sees it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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