Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Someone writes letters to Priya

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Scene 1
Nikhila says these knives need to be sharpened. Priya looks at her. She says did Nikhila write this letter? Nikhila gets the knives sharpened. Priya follows her. Nikhila turns back. She says come here. She shows her the knife. Nikhila says what were you doing there? Need something? She says this.. knife.. Nikhila says I am getting these sharpened. He has been doing it for us for 20 years. Priya says you are so nice. I learn a lot from you. Nikhila says you better do. the milkman gives her milk. The letter falls from it. Gopika picks it. priya takes it from her. Gopika says I had to speak to you. Come with me. Priya is confused.

The paper falls Minal picks it. Priya spills mulk on her. Gopika runs to Minal. Minal says what did you do Priya. Everyone comes there. Saksham says how did it happen? Nikhila says Priya did this. Can’t you see? Saksham says what did you do Proya? She slaps her hands. Nikhila says what are you doing? She says punishing my hands. They were very heavy. I am really sorry. Nikhila says don’t make these childish excuses with me. What were you doing there with milk? It had to be taken to the kitchen. Priya says I was doing exercise. A watchman says she was trying to save a letter. It fell while she was trying to save it. Saksham says what was written it it? Minal says where it is. Chiragh opens the letter but he can’t read it. He says it’s all wiped out. Chiragh says what was it Priya? She says a gym’s invoice. I am sorry aunty. Minal says it shouldn’t happen again. Minal sneezes. Gopika says you should take a hot shower. Nikhila looks at Saksham in anger.

Scene 2
Saksham comes to Nikhila and says I know you’re mad t me. She says you left the pooja and kept a dummy there. Saksham says I was really tired. I am really sorry. Nikhila says I am your mom. I know when you lie and when truth. I am glad you told me the truth. Gopika kept the jagrata because she heard you praying for it. She’s doing everything as a wife. Go and talk to Gopika and apologize. Saksham says I will.

Minal sneezes. Gopika says take steam and then shower. I have taken out your new clothes. Minal says thank you. Saksham comes to Gopika. He asys thank you for taking care of my moms. She says I am their daughter. Gopika says we should talk about last night. Saksham says let me speak. He holds her hand adn says come with me. She says I have to press the saree.

Scene 3
Priya says was it Gopika? Who knows I love Saksham?
Saksham brings Gopika downstairs. she says you’re taking me to the kitchen? I can make you tea. He says I don’t want to have tea. He takes out flour. Saksham says I couldn’t make laddus last night. Gopika says you did. He says not with my heart. Let’s make them now. Priya looks for Saksham. Priya comes to Gopika’s room.

Scene 4
Mohan asks Ramila where did you get all this money from? She says I am modeling. He says I can’t believe that.

Gopika and Saksham cook together. Gopika cleans his face. She says I hope our relationship becomes strong like this. Saksham says in heart you’re so nice Gopika. Priya looks at them. Gopika says these are really good. Things you do together are always good. Let’s take them to the temple. You should take them. Priya comes and falls on them. Saksham saves the laddus. He says why do you keep falling Priya. Thank God Gopika gave them to me otherwise they would be ruined.

Episode ends

Precap-Priya hits Nikhila on head. Gopika and Saksham come there. Saksham is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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