Tears of Love in The Night Of Pain- PATCH UP (18)

Im so so so so Sorry guys. I know you are angry for disappearing all of a sudden but Second year classes have been like hell. Adapting to offline classes after a year, running errands and assignments were over the top. But I promise to upload everyday from today as I have finally adjusted to everything here. Prerna dear the FF you asked for is on the brew. Just contemplating the core plot and character sketch. I’ll upload it very soon. Hoping your forgiveness and love.


Naira is in a deep pain as she walks into the house. Like every other day she walks towards the dark room to cry her heart out. The dark room has been her hideout during pain so that she hides it from every soul of Goenka house. Naira slowly enters the dark room. She is shocked to see Kartik leaning against the wall and crying his heart out. Yes she is angry…yes she is hurt but seeing him crying her pain for him increases and she forgets that she is angry with him. Naira runs to Kartik who is controlling his tears on seeing her and is trying to get up.
Naira makes him get up and hugs him .

Bichdi saanson ki hain
Yaadein teri bandh aankhon mein hai
Tujhse juda mann
Teri yaadon ki dhadkan jagaye mujhe
Aisi khamoshiyon mein
Dil ke naghme sunaaun kisey

The hearts which were in pain separately have united now after so long.

Kartik feels her pain and tightens the hug. Naira’s tears wet his shirt while his tears fall on her cheeks. She looks up at him. His eyes droop in shame as his guilt occupies his heart. Naira notices his eyes drooping cups his face

Naira: Kartik..look at me

Kartik: Naira I cant do that…Im ashamed of myself. I know that I have done a grave mistake. A mistake which doesn’t deserve forgiveness but by punishing me please dont punish yourself. I cant see you in pain. Its all my mistake I should have died the mo..

Before he could finish his words Naira’s hand in on his mouth shutting it

Naira: How dare you say like that? Dont dare to demean my faith. Everyone was telling that you were dead but I never believed it. I trusted that you will never dream of leaving me

Kartik takes her hand in his and holds it tight

Kartik: Im sorry for hurting you again Naira. I love you a lot more than myself but I always end up hurting you. Be it Keerthi Naksh wedding or Shubham’s death I always hurt you instead of supporting you. When I learnt that you are Naira I should have tried to reason out the past . If what Ridhimaa told was true you would not try to win me back. I should have realised the truth but all I did was believing Ridhimaa and falling prey to Naman chachu’s evil plan. However angry I was I should not have used that word for you. Anyone who respects his mother and women will not do it.
Naira: Kartik

Kartik: Let me speak Naira…I have always boasted of loving you more but I always mess up. You love me the most. When everyone believed my death you never lost confidence and you were counting the days for my return…I don’t deserve this love I don’t deserve you

Naira realises that he has completely understood his mistake and her anger melts away like a dew drop after sunrise

Naira: Kyu? Kya kami hai meri Kartik mein? He deserves all the love in this world. Khabardar uske khilaf ek bhi shabd bola tho

Kartik pulls her into a tight hug.

O more saiyan
Raina na beete bane
O more saiyan
Naina na roothe mane

Anger cannot hide love for long. True love comes out despite all hurdles put on its way

Kartik: Im so sorry Sherni. I should have not done what I did. Please forgive me

Naira: Iss baar maaf kar rahi hoon par ye aakhri baar hai

Kartik: Pakka..Ill never hurt you. I cannot see you in pain

Naira: So do I? I cannot punish you for long as I cannot see you in pain too. But you misuse this always

Kartik: Sorry my jaan.
Naira kisses him on his cheek

Naira: I missed you mendak. I missed you so much

Kartik: Im sorry

Naira: Ab bas sorry ke alava bhi shabdh hai is duniya mein

Kartik: Achaa..then I love you ?

Naira: I love you tooo…now come with me. You have to have your medicines . Its time

Kartik: Its time for your medicines too. I haven’t forgotten them. When the doctor said that Your clot is getting back I did not remember anything so I did not worry much

Naira: You worried budhu…staying up all night to take care of me..feeding medicines

Kartik: Haan par that time I did not know that Im the Kartik who you have been longing for and wanted to…replace that Kartik

Naira: What?

Kartik: Woh..Jolly fell for Tina..

Naira: Tina too liked him

Kartik: What? He doesn’t deserve my Tina..he is bad

Naira: Your Tina?

Kartik: Aur kya? Meri Miss Hrishikesh. Whom this mendak fell for

Naira: This mendak only made Tina as Naira. But phir bhi except that word in other things Jolly…
Kartik: Wait wait..I feel jealous of myself…dont dare to take that name anymore

Kartik gets away

Naira: Kitne cute ho tum..ab chalo

Naira takes Kartik to the room

Naira: Kartik…your work is pending

Kartik: Which work?

Naira takes the sindoor box and hands over him

Naira: I have been filling my maang myself awaiting your return…now its time for you to fill

Kartik: Par meri haat se bar gaya tha na..holi ke din aur mandir mein bhi aur nashe mein

Naira: That was by Jolly na

Naira giggles. Kartik pulls her closer

Kartik: I said na no more of that name…its filled with guilt na jaan

Naira: Sorry sorry

Kartik takes the sindoor and fills her maang. Their eyes are full of love. Naira hugs him.Luv Kush come there and get excited at it. The run down

Luv and Kush: Woohooooo bhaiya bhabhi ka patch up hogaya…..hurrayyyy..Kaira are back

Gayu: Atlast my sister has accepted Kartik

Samarth: When did you get over your jealousy?

Gayu: When Naira’s clot matter came out..I realised her pain and how wrong I was

Dadi: Atlast all problems of our family has ended. Its time for happiness now

Swarna: Sacha maaji. This Gangaur will be filled with happiness

Surekha: Haan didi…its so special this year

Kaira room

Naira is feeding Kartik. He is staring at her without blinking. Her eyes get wet which is noticed by his eyes

Kartik wipes her tears

Kartik: Naira…

Naira: Kartik…your accident..

Kartik: Its a punishment for that word and you should be thankful to it too

Naira: Thankful?

Kartik: Haan I got my memory only because of it

Naira: But you are hurt

Kartik: Not more than what I did to you

Naira: I have forgotten it and forgiven then why are you talking about it?

Kartik: Okay Sorry hereafter I wont talk about it…I wont fight with you over anything

Naira: Nahi..thats boring..Kaira without nok jhok will be boring

Kartik: Fine then..we will fight but all cute small fights..no big arguments and no big hurts

Naira: Thats fine

Akshu starts to cry and Naira runs to her

Kartik: Naira I should give you a big happiness now.kya karun mein?

An idea strikes and Kartik smiles wide.



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