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twinj’s children
kavya -kreesha shah-14th september 12:01am
tarun-divyam dama-13 th september 11:59pm
vidharth’s daughter
snehal-spandan chaturvedi-11 th september

yuhi’s daughter
jasmine-tasheen shah -10 th september
sandhir’s daughter
pihu-amrita mukherjee-12 th september
hope you remember the cast
twinkle-jasmine basin
kunj-siddhant gupta
sanyukta -harshita gaur
randhir-param singh
uv-zain imam
mahi-shritama mukherjee
parth-ankit gupta
vidhushi- nisha neha nayak
rohan- karan tacker
episode starts:
the next day:

twinkle has received a legal notice which states that kunj sarna and twinkle kunj sarna have to stay together for a month under the same roof and room
twinkle:i have to live with kunj i can’t if i stay with him for long i will fall for him once again i can’t (she starts crying)
karun:ma why are you crying
twinkle:(wipes her tears)beta…
kunj:(speaks cutting twinkle’s words)beta from today you will stay with me in my house with your mama
karun:yes papa you are the best papa in the world
kunj:(hugs them)come lets go and pack your stuffs
al of them leave for packing their stuffs
in the night twinj along with karun reach sarna mansion
uv:(hugs twinkle and karun)bhabi you are back
twinkle:uv only for a month (she moves inside the house with her stuff and karun)
kunj:uv i don’t think she will forgive me so easily
uv:bhai you know na you have to do a lot of hard work to get twinkle
kunj:yes boss(salutes him)
kunj and uv laugh

mahi:twinkle di this is kunj bhai’s room and she takes the kids to their room
twinkle enters the room
twinkle:(to herself)the room has not changed a bit
mahi:but di one thing has changed earlier when bhai used to cry you used to wipe his tears but now when he cry looking at your photo there is no one to wipe his tears
twinkle:mahi but kunj cheated on me
mahi:di he loved you

twinkle:mahi it was all his plan
mahi:di if it was bhai’s plan then why did he not leave you after he got married to you ?why did he ask your permission to come close to you?di why did he marry you?di why does he still wait for you thinking you might return back?(she leaves)
twinkle(thinks):does kunj really love me
twinj ,karun,yuhi and jasmine have their dinner the children have developed a good bond with each other and all the adults admire their childish behaviour (to be continued in this episode only)
sandhir and vidharth side:
snehal:pihu this is kavya’s dress you can’t wear it
pihu:oh look who is saying in kavya’s name you will take this dress and then will never give her back
snehal:no…pihu how can i do this you know na it was kavya only when we go to india i will give her
pihu:how can i believe you ?
snehal:decide whatever you want
pihu:(goes to her room and brings a paper out she writes something on it while reading it aloud)

i snehal kashyap would like to say that this red frock belongs to my sister and i would give it to her when we reach india
snehal kashyap:(she asks snehal to sign and snehal sign’s )
sayukta and vidhushi smile seeing them and remember the time they did like this
flash back starts:
rd:vidhushi this dress is for twinkle give it to her when she comes
vidhushi:wow i have got a dress i don’t think twinkle would mind me taking her dress but if bha asks i will say that twinkle herself gave me this dress
sanyu(from behind):but if bhai asks you that twinkle can never give her dress to anyone then what will you do
vidhushi:i would just wear it once….(she realises that sanyu has herd it)
then the same part as pihu and snehal the exact same words just instead of snehal it was vidhushi (sorry guys but i am a bit lasy so…please bear me 🙂 hope you understand )
in the night
rd:sanyu i think we should send pihu with vidharth and snehal

rd:because i want my princess to get a younger sister or brother
sanyu:rd(she blushes)
rd:sanyu i was just joking but if you want we can(he moves toward sanyu)
sanyu:(moving back)rd i was ….but why should we send pihu with vidharth
rd:(still moving towards her)because sanyu we have to wind up all the work here in london and shift permanently to india because of the deal
sanyu:(stops)but rd i can’t live without our princess
rd:(stops)me too but we have to because she wants to meet kavya and tarun soon
sanyu:rd why don’t we all go after a week we can postpone our tickets
rd:(think and then says)okay sanyu i will talk to vidharth about it
sanyu(in excitement hugs rd and kisses his left cheek)love you rd
rd:(happy)sanyu those too
sanyu:(not in her senses kisses his right cheek too)
rd:here also(pointing towards his lips)
sanyu:(now comes to her senses)no i won’t

rd:sanyu you love me na
sanyu:rd i love you but is this the time to romance go and sleep
rd:in the afternoon you said the same thing then when do we romance (pouts)
sanyu:(smiles)ok (she kisses rd but now it turns into a wild one and now rd bites sanyu’s lower lips sanyu mourns his name and now it sanyu’s turn she bites rd’s lips and slowly the move towards the bed and then and then…………….(guys don’t think so much)they sleep in each other embrace
in pihu’s room
snehal:pihu today i will sleep with you
pihu:okay but who will tell us a story
snehal:papa will hena papa..(she looks at parth with a cute pleading face)
parth:okay babies i will
parth narrates them a story of a prince and princess (his and vidhushi’s story and how sandhir helped them become one )(before he could complete the story he found pihu and snehal already asleep he kisses their fore head and goes to sleep
twinj part:
twnkle comes into the room and goes to the washroom to change and comes out wearing her night dress it’s a loose shirt with a knee length tights
kunj enters the room when he finds twinkle talking to herself
twinkle:babaji now how will we sleep on the same bed but where is the couch which used to be here ?
kunj:you are turning old twinkle
twinkle:how rude of you kunj but where is the couch?
kunj:twinkle remember when you came into this house for the first time you said that you did not like the couch so you yourself removed it
twinkle:oh ha i remember
kunj:so now what come lets sleep good night

twinkle:kunj but how will we sleep on the same bed
kunj:twinkle we are married and have 2 kids too
twinkle:but kunj now we can’t
kunj:twinkle you sleep here while i will sleep on the floor
twinkle:no kunj we both will sleep on the bed
kunj:but we don’t have enough pillows to make the wall
twinkle:it’s not needed
kunj:(smiles)as you wish
twinj slept facing on the different sides but who knows how will it turn out to be in the morning ……
in the morning twinj were seen sleeping hugging each other (so cute)
kunj:(opens her eyes sees twinkle too close to him and smiles unknowingly)se looks so cute while sleeping
kunj goes to the bathroom and freshens up
he comes back
kunj:this twinkle now she is the mother of two kids but still sleeps for so long i am sure she would have put this bad habit in my kids too

kunj:twinkle twinkle(shouts in twinkles ears)
bechare twinkle was sleeping so peacefull ,wakes up with a jerk
twinkle:kunj kunj(checks him) are you fine?
kunj:twinkle i am fine
twinkle:(a bit angry)then why did you shout?
kunj:so that you wake up
twinkle:kunj you know na i never wake up before 9 and see the time it is just 7
kunj:twinkle because of yo my kids also wake up late am i right
karun:no papa we wake up early always (they hug kunj)
twinkle:you got your papa so you guys forgot your mama(acts to be angry)
kunj:i thing some thing is burning
twinkle:wait babies i will get you
karun:papa save us(stand behind kunj)
kunj:twinkle…(twinkle comes towards kunj)

twinkle:kunj get aside
kunj:twinkle please i am sorry on their behalf please leave them my poor kids how have they lived with your torture
twinkle:kunj now even you are gone first you woke me up 2 hours before and now calling me a torturer
kunj:twinkle i am really sorry
twinkle:okay so you will be punished
kunj:okay any punishment will do
twinkle:think before speaking mr.sarna are you sure you want to be punished
kunj:yes twinkle anything for you..
precap:sandhir,vidharth,pihu and snehal in india and kunj’s punishment

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      For a minute Anahita I thought Sadda haq is really coming back
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      Yes they should show a bit of Sandhir’s married life or how they convince Sanyu’s dad and all that to with Param and Harshita only no one else 🙂

  25. Hi Sidmin! Ur ffs r really nice. My ffs weren’t exciting right from the beginning. So many of these readers did not comment on my ff. So I have to quit. No choice.. I just wanted to say thank you for your support and yeah… Keep writing?

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