Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 73

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Next day

Twinkle has gone to office. Alisha went to meet Sachin and after coming back she seems to be very happy. Although Usha and Yuvi asked about what is the reason behind, she didn’t tell it. She was waiting for Kunj to come. Kunj has come back and Alisha takes her to the terrace.
Alisha: I am very happy today. I want to share this with you first. I have been waiting for you from long time..You are my best friend. You have always been with me…whether in good or bad phase…So I want you to be the first person to know this.
Alisha is laughing and blushing. Kunj could sense what it might be….
Kunj: Fine….Enough of build up…I know what kind of a friend I am…Tell me now… What’s the matter?
Alisha: Today Sachin proposed me…N that to in a proper romantic set up…I was completely blown out..I knew somewhere in mind that we get along well and can be good partners…But I never expected him to propose me so soon…I said yes to him…See my ring….
Kunj: Ohh wow…That’s amazing…Even I have felt Sachin will be a perfect match for you…He is the one who can handle your tantrums and those b*t*hy mood swings…
Kunj winks…Alisha looks at him..
Kunj: Was just joking…I meant to say that he is a perfect companion for you…I am happy that you said yes to him and didn’t make him wait. I am so happy for you…

Alisha: Are you sure? I expected something else.. I thought you will say I should think for sometime and then decide.
Kunj: Yes, of course. Why would I be unhappy with your decision? You both are compatable. He cares for you and loves you..And that’s what matters in a relationship.
Alisha: Frankly If I were in your place, I would have tried to keep him away somehow…
Kunj (with a smile): Why should I do that?
Alisha: I don’t like someone taking away my friend…Don’t you feel he is replacing your place..I am giving him more time than you… My life is kind of circling around him…Sometimes I feel like I am ignoring you… I think as a friend you will feel bad about it.
Kunj: That’s because you have insecurities…I am your friend and I know my place. I know that it can’t be replaced by anyone..He is your partner or fiancé…His place is something different and that can’t be replaced by me too…Understand this…If someone comes in your life doesn’t mean that the importance of your family or friends are going to get reduced.
Alisha: What about the amount of time spent with family and friends? That gets reduced and of course they will feel bad…
Kunj: Of course, it gets reduced…But as a friend, it is your duty to understand that priorities change during different stages of life. If your priority has changed to Sachin over me…I should understand it…That’s what a true friend does rather than blocking you from meeting him.

Alisha: At this point of time, I completely agree with you…I understand your thoughts now because I am in a relationship. But I guess I was a bad friend then…I have tried hard to block you from meeting Twinkle. I had this insecurity that she is taking away my place…She is replacing me in your heart…
Kunj: Why would it happen? Twinkle and you have two different places in my heart…Neither of you can take place of other. She being my partner doesn’t reduce our friendship.
Alisha: Due to my insecurities, I have troubled you both a lot of times…I am sorry about it… I can’t do anything to rectify that…You have always been a true friend..Sadly I was never…
Alisha is a bit disturbed and nervous too. It seemed like she is trying hard to confess something.
Alisha: I know you won’t believe..But I genuinely feel apologetic about my deeds. I shouldn’t have tried to separate you both.Now that I am in a relationship, I understand what all you must have gone through. How much hard time I have given you during your best period of life.
Kunj: That is okay Alisha.

Alisha: No, it is not. I know you think that I am a true friend to you and have always thought good for you. But I want to confess something. Frankly, I don’t deserve your friendship.
Alisha stops and drinks some water. She is a bit teary eyed.
Alisha: By confessing this, I am ending our friendship. After knowing truth, I am sure you will never want to see my face again. You and your family will ask me to get out of your home. But I have to do this. Because I can’t live with this pain anymore. Whenever you people were talking about your relationship and how it worked. I was burning from inside because I am the reason why you had to go through all this.
Kunj tries to stop Alisha.

Alisha: Don’t interrupt me Kunj. I have been trying to confess this for the past few days. It is just that I never had the guts to say this to you. In fact I don’t want to loose a true friend like you.
Kunj: I am a person who loves to be in present and takes the life the way it comes to me. So whatever happened in our relationship was meant to happen. May be… to strengthen our relationship. Don’t overburden yourself with baggage of pain. You are moving ahead in your life and this probably is the happiest moment. Go ahead and grab all the happiness which life is offering. Enjoy this moment.

Alisha: Kunj, you do not understand my point. Look, as per you, I have just hindered you both while you were new in relationship and trying to hide it from everyone. That’s why you are saying that you can forgive me. But that is not the truth. You both got separated because of me. For some petty office ego issues and my insecurities, I never wanted Twinkle to be close to you. I feared you will prefer Twinkle for promotions instead of me. Those materialistic things seemed more valuable to me at that time than our friendship. But now I realize that I have done a big mistake. A mistake which can never be forgiven. I created…I mean… I made…misunderstandings…messages on phone…
Alisha is at the verge of break down and is trying hard to convey what she has done to Twinj relationship. Kunj goes and hugs her.
Kunj: No need to say anything. I know everything. I am happy you are regretting your deeds. Those messages, misunderstandings and confusions…I know everything.
Alisha looks puzzled.
Alisha: You knew everything? You don’t feel like hitting me or throwing me out of this house? I have spoiled your relationship and you are still nice to me?
Kunj (smiles): Ek hi toh zindagi hai…Kitne din giley shikvey rekhtey challenge…Jitna ho sake khushi baato…Bus me yehi chahta tha ki, tume apni galti samaj aa jaye…Bus tuje yeh realize karane ke liye me, Twinkle aur Yuvi tere saamne baar baar vahi baatein ker rehe the…
(You have only one life…Why to keep grudges and hatred for each other. Try your level best to give happiness to everyone. That’s my policy…I just wanted to make you realize that you have done a mistake. That’s why me, Twinkle and Yuvi were repeatedly talking about our relationship in front of you.)

Alisha: I can’t believe this. They all know this and still they behaved so normally to me. I am grateful to you that you have forgiven me. I am blessed to have a friend like you.
Kunj: Past is past…Leave that burden of regret here and move ahead…Enjoy your life…I am happy for you…
Alisha: I will..But before that I need to apologise to Twinkle. I don’t know how to face Twinkle. I won’t get sleep or can move ahead in my life unless she forgives me.
Kunj (hastily): Not right now. Give her sometime. I am sure she will give you a tight slap at this moment. She is not Kunj Sarna…remember…She is my sherni…
Alisha: I know…But I deserve that… I don’t mind getting slapped by her. I have done that much wrong to her.
Kunj: Alisha, listen to me first.I want this to be sorted amicably. I don’t want to loose a life partner like her or a friend like you. You both are at different places. I know when she will be calm. I will let you know when to seek apologies from her. Trust me…
Alisha: I trust you Kunj…I will wait.
Kunj: Just behave as normally as you can…Nothing happened…You are the same Alisha, best friend of mine…That will never change even after you get married or have kids..Same goes with me. I will be the same for you…Understand this point…
Alisha: Hmmm…I wish I had understood this earlier…I wouldn’t have created this much issues in your life…
Kunj: Alisha….Leave it…Relax…
Kunj and Alisha come out and Kunj announces to everyone that Alisha is officially engaged to Sachin…All are happy and congratulate Alisha.
Alisha: Aunty, please keep these bangles in locker..Sachin’s parents have gifted me today…It is very close to my heart and I don’t want it to be misplaced…I am very careless in keeping ornaments. Better you keep it. I will ask you, whenever it is needed.
Usha takes the bangles.

Alisha has decided to give a treat (dinner at a restaurant and a movie) to everyone. Twinkle has denied it as she has to go to office early morning and can’t stay awake late night…Alisha and Kunj had left early in bike to book the tickets. Yuvi and Manohar are waiting in car for Usha. Usha is about to leave and then comes back to home.
Usha: Twinkle, keep these bangles in your cupboard (Kunj’s). Alisha’s in laws gave her and she gave it to me to keep it safe. You both share the same room. Rather than keeping in my cupboard, you keep it in your room itself. Alisha can take it whenever she needs it from there. Cupboard has a secret locker in it..Keep it there.
Twinkle: I don’t have the keys with me…It is been kept locked from the day I came here..I never asked the keys because I never had to keep something precious.
Usha: Uff…Ye ladka… Na jaane kya rekhta hain apne locker me…Hamesha lock kerke rekhta hain… (Uff…Kunj…I don’t know what he keeps in his locker… He always keeps it locked.)
Usha: Wait a sec. I know where he has kept the keys.
Usha brings the key and gives it to her. Usha leaves.

Twinkle opens the secret locker. She keeps the jewel box in it. Twinkle could see a file and some diaries kept in it. Twinkle is in a dilemma whether to check it or not.
Twinkle: Vaise Kunj sabse chupa ke, aisa toh kya rekhta hain…Ek baar dekhna toh banta hain… (I think I should see what Kunj has kept in this locker.)
Twinkle: Kisike cheezein bina permission dekhna galat hain…Muje nahi dekhni chahiye… (Checking someone’s personal things without his permission is bad manners..I shouldn’t do that…)
Twinkle closes the locker and is about to leave. She stops there for a moment and then thinks again.
Twinkle: Ek baar dekh hi leti hun…Hum donon alag thodi hain… Uske har cheese pe mera haq hain…
(I think I should see it…After all we are partners…I have all the rights to check his personal things…)
Twinkle opens the locker and takes out the file and diaries. She is about to keep them on bed. But before that a pile of photographs from the file falls down on ground. Twinkle keeps the file and diaries on bed and turns to pick the photographs…It is all over the ground…Twinkle was surprised to see that all the photographs were of Twinkle.

Precap:- Twinkle reading Kunj’s diary and photos…

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Ria

    Yay!!! I am so damn happy. This episode was amazing as Alisha realised her mistake, but the next one.. it’d be MAJESTIC!!! I am just loving it.. so, so much. I’ll be waiting for the next one.

    Loads of love❤
    Keep taking care of yourself?

  2. Adya

    Ohhhhh Jisha di…that was lovely…
    Will u mind posting is by tomorrow..!!
    I really dont have the patience to wait more…my god…when will u post yrr di….post it plss plss pls
    I never knew that you’ll make Alisha a protagonist….that was the best part indeed….lovely as u…Nd yeah really excited for precap
    Post soon…plzzzzzzzzz
    Take care of urself , Aamu nd the new member….
    Love u

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Jisha di,
    I was having goosebumps all the while reading this fantastic piece of creativity!

    You rocked it like anything….

    I was seriously smiling when Kunj and Alisha’s conversation took place and indeed best friends have insecurities which made me remind of my best friend and I…Anyways Kunj was such a sweet friend and an understandable one as well that is what makes KUNJ SARNA 🙂

    Indeed you posted 2 episodes a day but please post the next episode ASAP as I am craving to know the love of Kunj for Twinkle which is surely written in his diary and which will make Twinkle’s heart melt and that will make Twinj reconcile…

    Well this was my stupid guess 😛 Maybe there is something bigger planned in your creative mind 🙂

    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    This episode is just out of box…u nailed it di…
    I loved it from the core of my heart…
    Yes besties do have insecurities…I too became insecure when my bestie gave more importance to others in front of me…I was very possessive about our friendship…I was feeling very jealous when my bestie used to give others more importance than me…but now I have understood that each and every relationship is different and it has different places in heart…one relationship can’t replace the other…Di I so loved Kunj’s each and every dialogue especially (you have only one life…why to keep grudges and hatred for each other…try ur level best to give happiness to everyone. That’s my policy) glad that Alisha realized her mistakes and confessed it in front of Kunj…damn excited to know Kunj’s love for twinkle through his diary…di try to post next as soon as possible…

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