Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 72

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Twinj and Yuvi continued reminding Alisha of their relationship and how she used to disturb them. They continued talking about the previous things and used to grill her in every which way possible. Meanwhile Alisha has met with Sachin, boy whom her parents had chosen. They kind of have started hanging out together and have started gelling well.
Few days later Alisha and Kunj are in the living room talking to each other. Twinkle is in kitchen, helping Usha. Twinkle is a bit irritated seeing Kunj enjoying her company. She can’t hear what they are talking, but could see them giggling.
Living room

Kunj: Now you enjoy talking to your fiancé, haan? And remember how much you have disturbed me and Twinkle at that time. I really had to struggle to have a glance of her or talk with her phone because of you…Aisi dost dushman ko bhi na de koi…
Alisha (with a bit regret): Sorry yaar..Now I realize what mistake I have done.I shouldn’t have disturbed you guys. Now that I am in a relationship, I understand what all you must have gone through. How much hard time I have given you during your best period of life.
Kunj: Leave it…I was just joking…You took it so seriously…
Alisha was about to say something more. But Kunj interrupts.
Kunj: Let me lighten up your mood…I will show you how you talk to Sachin…
Kunj enacts how Alisha talks to Sachin on phone. Kunj shows how she blushes while talking to him. Alisha has turned pink seeing this.
Kunj asks her to watch how she behaves when someone is around.
Kunj (as Alisha): Haan…Okay…Hmm…Tikh hai…Aur kuch…
Kunj burst out into laughter. Alisha is blushing.
Kunj: Whenever someone is around, you behave like this. As if dictionary has found out only these many words…As if we don’t know what’s cooking between you both…And your best performances come out when mummy papa are around…Look at this.

Kunj (as Alisha): Haan…Aunty Uncle? Sab tikh hai…Mummy se sham ko baat huyi thi…office me leave ke issues toh hain, per manager ne kaha hain ki vo help ker dega…
(Aunty Uncle? Ohh..They both are fine…Yes, I have talked to Mom in the evening. Some issues are there at office regarding leave, but Manager said he will help me…)
Kunj: You portray as such a good girl. You behave as if you both have general casual talks and nothing else…You liar…
Both of them laugh…
Twinkle is in the kitchen looking at them. Usha has given her some vegetables to cut and left for some other work. Twinkle is chopping the vegetables so harshly…She is chopping them as if it is Alisha.She is continuously making noise on the chopping board by chopping harshly.

Yuvi comes from his room to take water. He could see what’s going on. He could find Twinkle fuming. Yuvi has a naughty smile on his face. He composes himself and goes to kitchen as if he doesn’t know anything. Yuvi took water from fridge. Twinkle knew that Yuvi is in kitchen. But she is least bothered as she is busy looking at the living room. Yuvi keeps the water bottle at the counter making noise so that Twinkle looks at him.
Yuvi: Aur kya chal reha hai? Mission Alisha roasting kahan pohcha? (How is it going? What is the progress in Mission Alisha roasting?)
Twinkle (Still looking at living room): pooch mat… Agar yehi halat reha toh uska kuch nahi hone wala…
(Pathetic…In this way, we are not gonna reach anywhere.)

Yuvi: Ek hafta toh hone ko hai…Aise kaise ho sakta hain..Sirf ek aur hafta hi bacha hai…Chalo…Kuch kero…
(It is almost a week. How is it possible? Remember, you are left with just 1 more week and she will leave. Pull your socks and concentrate…)
Twinkle: Mission ka toh pata nahi…Agar aisa hi chalta reha toh tere bhai ka encounter mere haathon hi hona hai… (I am not sure what’s gonna happen with our plan. But if this is the case, I am going to encounter your brother, for sure…)
Yuvi: Kya baat ker rehi hai? Aisa kya kiya bhai ne? (What nonsense? What has he done?)
Twinkle holds his face and turns towards living room.

Twinkle: Khud dekhle…Has has ke toh aise baat ker rehe hai, jaise janam janam ke bichde saathi mile hain…Mann toh ker reha hai ki ek rakh ke du us Alisha ko…
(Just have a look. They are talking, smiling and laughing as if nothing happened between them at all. Sometimes I feel like giving a tight slap on her face.)
Yuvi (with a smile): Chalo..Bhai bach gaya… (Thank god…Kunj is safe and you are not going to hurt him.)

Twinkle: Uske ke baad jo me tere bhai ke saath kerne wali hun, uska description koi language or koi vocabulary me nahi hai…Isliye nahi bola…Shamat hai uski toh…Ye toh mummy kabhi bhi aa jayegi, ye soch ke me chup hun…
(What I am going to do with your brother can’t be explained by any language or any vocabulary. That’s why I didn’t tell anything. He is gone forever. How dare he? Mummy will come back to kitchen in few seconds. I am not reacting just because of that..)
Yuvi: Vaise tumari problem kya hain? Vo donon dost hain toh thoda has bol le toh kya farak padta hain?

(What’s your problem? They both are friends. What’s the big deal if they enjoy each other’s company?)
Twinkle: Ye tum puch rehe ho? Hamari life ki usne wat lagayi hain aur ab aise behave ker rehe hain jaise kuch hua hi nahin ho? (I can’t believe you are asking this question to me. She has destroyed our love life and Kunj is behaving to her so casually as if nothing happened.)
Yuvi: I am sorry…Per tumari love life ki toh tum donon ne apne ego ke chalte wat lagayi hain…Usne toh sirf machis jalayi thi…Phuk phuk ke aag ko badhawa tum donon ne di hain…Ab agar iss chakkar me ghar jal reha hain toh, chillane se ya rone se kya fayda…
(I am sorry…Your love life is at this stage just because of your ego clashes. It has nothing to do with Alisha…Of course.. Alisha has given a spark by lighting a matchstick. But you both made it so huge by putting oil and paper…Now you realize that your house is catching fire… There is no point in putting blame on her.)
Twinkle looks at him weirdly…

Yuvi: Pani…Pani lene aaya tha…(Water…I came here to take water…)
Yuvi takes the water bottle and is about to leave. Before leaving he comes near to Twinkle and whispers in her ear.
Yuvi: Vaise pani dal de toh shayad ghar bach sakta hain…Abhi bhi waqt hain…Sochlo…Ek aur hafta hain…
(If you put water on fire, house can be saved…Put water on your ego… You have one more week to think…Have a thought about it…)
Yuvi leaves in style with a cunning smile on his face.Twinkle frustrated with Yuvi’s talks and she lets her frustration out through chopping the vegetables.
Yuvi has informed Kunj about what Twinkle was feeling. After some time, Alisha has gone to meet Sachin. Usha and Manohar have gone to vegetable market and Yuvi is sleeping. Twinkle is preparing atta for evening in kitchen. Kunj comes to kitchen…
Kunj: Problem kya hain tumhari? (What’s your problem?)

Twinkle: Excuse me…
Kunj: Yuvi keh reha tha ki kuch bol rehi thi tum mere bare me? (Yuvi told me that you were angry on me today morning.)
Twinkle murmurs… “Bhai ka chamcha…har baat bolna zaroori hai kya?”
Kunj: You said something?
Twinkle: Haan…Bola…Toh..Darti hun kya tumse? Kya has has ke or chipak chipak ke baatein chal rehi thi usse? Itna toh kya hai baat kerne ko? (Yes, I did…What’s wrong in it? What was going on there…You were laughing and talking like anything.)
Kunj: Toh…Meri dost hain… Bachpan se saath me pale bade hain…bohut kuch hain baat kerne ko…Tumhe kya hain?
(So what? She is my friend since childhood. We have so many things to talk about..What’s your problem?)

Twinkle looks at him harshly.
Kunj: By the way, tumhe itni mirchi kyu lag rehi hain? Vaise bhi apna toh koi scene chal nahi reha hain na… Jahan tak muje yaad hain, uss din tumne kaha tha ki ab hamare beech kuch nahi ho sakta…Na koi feelings…aur na pyaar… Toh bus ek aur haftey ka natak hai, phir tum apne rastey aur me apne rastey…
(By the way why are you getting disturbed about it…There is nothing between us…You only told this few days back…Remember… “Our relationship is over…No more feelings and no more emotions…” Now it is just a matter of one more week’s acting and everything is over…)

Twinkle: Haan…Toh maine kab kaha ki muje koi problem hain…Jo marzi aaye kero…Tumhari dost hain…Sar chada ke rekho…Ek din gala kat ke le jaayegi tab akal aayega tumhe…
(You think I am jealous…What rubbish…Do whatever you feel like…Who am I to interfere?)
Kunj looks here and there as if he is searching for something.
Twinkle: Kya hua?
Kunj: Gas pe kuch hain kya? Kuch toh jal reha hain… (Check if something has kept on gas for a longer time…Some burnt smell is coming…)
Twinkle gives him a look.
Twinkle: Muje koi farak nahi padta..Galat fehmi hain tumhari… (It doesn’t matter to me…You are mistaken…)

Kunj: Jis tareke se tum behave ker rehi ho Muje aur Alisha ko saath dekh ke…Uss se toh kuch aur hi lag reha hain…Vo kya kehtey hain…typical biwiyan nahi hoti…Vasie vali feeling aa rehi hai tumhari behavior se…
(The way you responded after watching me and Alisha together seems a bit weird…It felt like how typical wife will behave when she finds her hubby hanging around with another girl…)
Twinkle is about to say in defence. Kunj interrupts…

Kunj: Acha hain galat fehmi hain toh…Ab muje bhi bachlerhood me maza aata hain…Apni marzi ka kero…Apney hisaab se jiyo…Koi tension hi nahi…
(I too hope it is a misunderstanding from my side…Even I am enjoying this bachlerhood. It is so awesome…You can hang around, chill and party the way you like…No more tensions…)
Kunj leaves.

Twinkle is stunned to hear that. She wants to stop him and tell him that you can’t do whatever you feel like…But if she says so it means she is still in love with him and want him back. Her ego doesn’t permit her to do that…She herself is confused as why she is this much disturbed to see them together. She realizes that she just have one more week left to be clear on what’s going on in her mind.

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