Tara From Satara 7th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Tara Wins Dancer No 1 Show

Tara From Satara 7th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shatru offers Sachin and Tara to not expose his truth in front of anyone and he will vote Tara as winner. Tara warns that he cannot threaten her baba. Sachin says he accept Shatru’s offer as he doesn’t want his daughter to lose for his selfishness, he is ready to be called a loser than selfish, his duty is to protect his daughter, etc. Amol calls all 3 contestants on stage. Voting starts. Divya loses by 50000 votes. TJ and Tara’s voting continues. Tara wins. Everyone clap for her. Ahujaa gives trophy and 25 lakhs price cheque to Tara.

Amol asks Tara to speak. Tara says her Aaji says she will glow like tara/star, she realized one has to burn to glow like Tara. She gives credit of her success to her baba and calls him on stage. Sachin walks on stage. Tara says she danced for herself, but her trophy belongs t her baba. She gives him trophy and says she performed Manmane step fluently as its in her blood, 15 years ago her father Sachin Mane invented that step. Shatru says she is lying. Sachin says her daughter is telling truth. Shatru asks where is the proof. Srilekha says she is the proof. Shatru says she is doing this for publicity. Srilekha says she is established choreographer and doesn’t need publicity and she is just standing with truth now by standing with Sachin. Ahuja apologizes Sachin for supporting wrong person last time and announces Sachin will be his next film’s choreographer. Sachin touches Tara’s feet and says he is respecting her talent.

Tara with her family gets out of chawl. Sachin says let us go home. Tara gives her price money to Arjun saying it belongs to him as he purposefully lost semifinale for her sake. Arjun says he cannot accept it. Tara says she came here to get back her baba’s pride and agrees to share 50% price money. Sachin jokes and they all laugh.

Serial ends with Tara winning Dancer No 1 competition and exposing Shatru.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    I may not have commented frequently on this serial, but I am sad that it has ended, but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. Let’s hope that something exciting takes its place.

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Congratulations Tara!!!

  3. Rokiatu Dembeley

    Congratulations Tara, we love you

  4. Verma4

    Pity, used to enjoy the show. Hopefully Tara 2 will come out soon , D.I.D.

  5. Khushali Shah

    I will miss watching Tara from Satara. I didnot wish it to end so soon. I hope they come with season 2

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