Tara From Satara 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Srilekha’s Past With Sachin

Tara From Satara 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radhika dances on a Bollywood song Odhni odhunto… Audience says its a blunder and not kathak. Another audience says this is dance show and anything is possible. Sachin shatters seeing her dance. Radhika stands shocked seeing Sachin. His family gets tensed seeing Sachin. Participants think something is wrong. Tara walks near stage and is shocked to see Sachin. Srilekha gets emotional seeing Sachin. MK asks Radhika if she is fine, did she forget dance step. RT asks if she forgot steps. Rahul says she got a shock and whatever it is she will get unnecessary attention like him.
Sachin leaves. Taara thinks where did papa go. Mishka says she must have forgotten her steps as she did Bollywood number instead of kathak. Srilekha ask not to be harsh on the girl. MK asks if her costume malfunctioned or she forgot her dance, she can come and tell them if she feels embarrassed on stage. Paddy asks Anmol to go on stage and handle situation. Anmol walks on stage and asks judges’ opinion. MK says Radhika performed really well till she stopped, so she may not continue. Mishka opines same. Srilekha says Radha’s performance was well till she stopped due to some reason, she is trained by a very good guru and has a strong base.

Tara walks on stage and takes Radhika to green room where Radhika cries profusely. She offers her water. Everyone look at her sympathetically. Family searches Sachin and doesn’t find him. Wife says she is worried how he must have felt seeing Radhika’s dance. Aaji says she will not go home without Sachin.

Srilekha goes into flashback where her guru considers her and Sachin as his further heirs. Sachin introducing his children to her, then saying leaving her after a small tussle and going to his village forever, etc. MK says Radhika cannot be spared for the mistake and should be eliminated. Srilekha says Mishka would say MK is right, but they should give Radhika also a fair chance like another contestant as her dance form is right except one mistake. MK says its okay but they cannot forgo the mistake, so they have to eliminate her. Their argument ensues. Tara consoles Radhika with her encouraging words.

Precap: Anmol asks Srilekha to announce elimination candidate.
Srilekha says according to majority’s decision, its Radhika. Family searches Sacin. Tara says she knows where papa can be and takes them to Sachin.

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  1. Verma4

    Radhika , you were so arrogant with your selection then you should have been more confident in front of your Dad. Why didn’t she push Tara away when she came to console her ? How dare Tara pass on her wisdom. Taxi for Radhika .

  2. Radhika actually did the right thing, her father didnt understand that in that show if she did only Kathak she wouldve been thrown out.

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