Tara From Satara 3rd February 2020 Written Episode Update: Shatru Insults Sachin

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Sachin meets Srilekha who asks if he came to forgive her. He calls her Sri and says yes as he feels she is repenting for her mistake. She says she is relieved now. Sachin says he needs a help. She asks him to be specific. He says Shatru will go to any extent to insult him and Tara, he can tolerate it, but Tara is too young for all this, so if Sri can help him. Sri says she will speak to Shatru in his own language and assures Tara will be safe. She walks to Shatru and warns him to stop bothering Tara, else she will reveal what he did years ago. Shatru asks her to go ahead and says she is kind hearted and he knows her extent, but he is very wicked and she doesn’t know how far he can go, so she should mind her own business. Sri informs Sachin who thanks her.

Tara during rehearsal break feels sad that Sachin cannot teach her dance. Amukh gives her Sachin’s given mobile and says she can learn dance via video call. Tara learns dance via video call. Diya notices that and complains Shatru. Shatru calls everyone and asks to check Tara’s bag. Staff finds mobile in Tara’s bag. Shatru says she broke rules and cannot use mobile till finale, she can use admin’s landline if she can speak to someone. Tara fumes and thinks Shatru is evil. Shatru rejoices.

At night, Sachin comes to teach Tara and she rehearses. Shatru goes to balcony to smoke and sees Sachin in Tara’s room. He calls everyone and complains that Sachin without being dance association member dared to teach Tara, so he should be punished. Association member bans Sachin from teaching and imposes 10000 rs fine. Tara thinks Shatru is reallly evil. RT tells Sachin that no one can stop him from meeting his daughter, but he has to wait till finale.

Precap: Tara informs Sachin that she needs to select dance form for finale

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