Tara From Satara 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Tara Becomes Sachin’s Student

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Tara tells Shatru that she feels odd dancing in a separate hall. Shatru asks if someone told her anything. She says no, but people may comment. Shatru walks away fuming. Amukh gets into record room wearing goggles like a spy. He copies Tara’s dance videos in a pendrive when Venky walks in. He hides under chair. Venky turns towards laptop when Radhika calls him and asks him to check song list and see if there is any copyright issue. Amukh copies video and escapes silently. Sachin checks Tara’s videos. Arjun takes Tara out for dance practice. Tara gets tired after 5 hours and says she will rest for sometime. Arjun says she should continue until her baba orders. Tara says baba must have slept by now. Sachin walks to her and says her dancing is good, but.. asks her to dance in front of him. She gets nervous and freezes. Arjun says she is nervous in front of her father. Sachin goes inside and watches her hiding. She dances. He comes out and says her dance was not bad at all and needs a bit of polishing.

Shatru calls Tara and asks about her dance practice. Tara says she was tired, so she is resting. Shatru says she should rest well before her finale performance. Tara disconnects call. Radhika says she shouldn’t be nervous to dance in front of baba. Tara says she can’t. Sachin takes her out and buying her candyfloss says he knows she and Amukh used to eat candfloss hiding from him, is it becaue of fear. Tara says out of respect, she cannot dance in front of him due to judgment. He explains how his guru handled his nervousness. Tara gets impressed.

Tara dances in front of Sachin fearlelessly. Sachin says he will accept her as his student tomorrow morning and she will have to follow his teachings. She agrees. Next morning, Sachin performs ritual and says she has to give him guru dakshina. She says anytime he says. He starts training and asks her to lift weights to strengthen her body.

Precap: Tara’s dangal training starts.

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