Tara From Satara 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Priya’s curiosity about Mane’s

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Tara From Satara 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Varun asks his mother what if someone recognizes us. What will happen when Dada will find out where we are staying? She tells him to make sure he or the family shouldn’t know that they stayed here in the past. Don’t look sad in front of Bappa. He agrees.

Kaka announces the news of Arjun’s selection when everyone has gathered for the puja. Everyone cheers for him. Arjun’s mother says we will bring Prasad tomorrow. Kaka asks Arjun to do the aarti today. Tara shares that even her Tai got selected in the show. She should also do the aarti. Kaka asks her who she is. Tara says we have come here today. I have come but I haven’t really come yet. Everyone is confused. Chiman tells everyone that they have come today itself. Everyone congratulates Radhika. She moves Tara’s hand away

when people start asking her about her dance.

Sachin does puja. Bedane stands quietly behind him.

Salim reasons that Arjun has been staying in the chawl since he was a child. It is his right. Everyone agrees. Arjun does the aarti. Tara gestures Radhika but she shakes her head. Tara taps at Arjun’s shoulder to distract him. He hands the thaali to her and she passes it to Radhika. She smiles at Arjun. Priya looks at Ajji and Varun. They look familiar but where have I seen them? She suddenly recalls something. The aarti comes to an end.

Sachin also finishes his aarti. Bedane chants Ganpati Bappa Morya with him. Sachin prays to Bappa. The start was nice. Hope everything goes smoothly in future also. Make Radhika famous.

Tara tells Bappa that his work is still pending. Let me dance with MK once. Rohan asks her how her demands are never ending. You wanted to just meet MK first and now you want to dance with him? She tells him to focus on Prasad. I cannot insult Bappa by asking him small favors. He understands it. She requests Bappa to make her Tai Dancer No. 1. I am not asking it for myself but for the family.

Sachin looks proudly at his board before leaving. Rego looks on. His junior joins him. The board will be removed by tonight! Rego says I want him to lose his respect.

Priya asks Radhika and Tara if they have come from Satara. Tara asks her if she is also from Satara. Priya shakes her head. Tara asks her how she knows this. Priya says I know you guys. You are from film line, right? Tara smiles. Do we look like? Who are you? Priya gives her introduction. You are from film line only? Ajji and Varun wonder what this Jagga Jasoos must be asking the girls. Tara tells Priya that film industry is too big but Radhika tells the truth. We are normal people. Tara adds that they know MK from film industry. Priya gets confused. Who is he? Radhika tells her not to take Tara seriously. Priya tells her to let her know in case they need anything. Radhika nods and excuses herself. Radhika asks Tara if it looks good to walk away from people. Tara replies that she does not know those who don’t know MK. Radhika calls her crazy. Priya is still curious about Mane’s. they are not from film line and haven’t even come to Mumbai before yet they look familiar!

Tara looks at both Arjun and Priya. She is so nice whereas he is so arrogant. Same goes for Ajji and Baba though! I believe all the sons have taken after their fathers only!

Bedane’s friends are scolding him. He tells them to abuse him more. I don’t get that same feeling when Tara scolds me. He receives Tara’s call. She asks him why he took so much time in picking the call. He says our telepathy is great. I was also thinking about you. She says I was missing scolding you. Are you ready? He gladly agrees. She says you know that Tai got selected right. He says it would have been much better if you had been selected instead. It was your card and your chance! She recalls Ankit’s words. He says I was certain that you only got selected in the academy. She says I was hiding in the dark so no one has seen my face. I have to be careful of him. He insists that she should have been selected but she replies that they are two faces of the same coin. The only difference is that she knows dance but I don’t!

The elders count the money.. Chinu says I had only this much. Varun says I am wondering how you saved them. She says I saved them to shop in Mumbai. He assures her that they will still shop when they will get money from academy. Ajji reminds them that there are kids and elders in the house. Start meditating and doing yoga in the morning to control your emotions. The money totals to 7k. Varun says we have to give 7250 to Chiman. Ajji says we have to manage expenses in low budget only till the time Varun finds work. He says what will I do. Chinu encourages him to try. No one stops in Mumbai. Ajji advises them not to discuss this matter in front of the kids. Chinu agrees. Varun says we must tell Radhika to ask the academy how much will they give to her. Radhika says I will ask tomorrow. she gives her and Rohan’s share to them (Rs. 300).

Tara and Bedane discuss about Arjun. Bedane asks her if he said anything to her. Tell me if he did something. I wont spare him. She tells him that he instead helped them find a house in his chawl. He calls it his plan. Be careful. I heard that the chawl has very small houses. How will you guys stay here?

Rohan says even Tara might have something. Chinu says why not. She has a factory which makes money. Everyone smiles.

Bedane tells Tara she has a money factory called Bedane. She says it is enough that you said it.
He shares that he met a numerologist yesterday. He told me that tomorrow is a very big and important day for you. She is thrilled. It will be our first day at the academy tomorrow. Bappa has changed for good since we have come to Mumbai. He says it is a great combination. Forget your fears. Go to the set. Nothing will go wrong. The signal drops. Bedane gets sad.

Tara thinks Bedane is right. I will meet MK at the academy when Tai will go for practise. She hears a song and peeks at the room where Arjun is practising. Tara thinks his steps aren’t good. I will do it correctly. She starts dancing outside in the alley itself. Arjun and Tara are doing the same steps. They collide as he steps out while dancing. They both stare at each other.

Precap: RD says world likes villains and not good boys. Find our bad boy of the season. Find our heroine. A story is made with twists, turns and surprises. Find out the surprise package of this year. Maybe it is another story in itself. Tara comes to the academy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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