Tantra 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Saudamini to use Tantra against Guru jee

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Tantra 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saudamini gets a call from Kanchan while in car. Saudamini tells Kanchan that they have badly lost the game, now she must use the strongest Tantra against Guru Jee. Kanchan warns Saudamini to be careful, police is searching for her. Saudamini attempts to reverse the car but the police had noticed the car already. The police man reaches the car but Saudamini had flee from the car already. In the forest, Saudamini thinks how that Guru would jee be saved from her now.
In the room, Niyati coughed hard. Prithvi says he really thinks Niyati must go to hospital as these herbal medicines aren’t enough. Niyati says she only has cold, else she is fine. Akshat comes and suggests Prithvi that Niyati should go for a walk outside. Sumati scolds Akshat for always wandering here. Akshat explains he only came to ask for Niyati’s health, he signals Niyati and leaves. Prithvi feels bad that the one who must care for Niyati is dubious, while Akshat is being scolded. Niyati lays in the bed as Prithvi walks outside. Niyati thinks Sumati is here, she can’t go outside and that it’s extremely important to find the roots of that Tantra. Saudamini already challenged them.
Saudamini reaches a clearing in the forest and decides to lighten her Tantra’s powers, she can’t witness her Tantra go waste. She calls the black powers of Samshan closer and catches the ashes of fire that lighten the earth and woods nearby. She hysterically laughs as she can now that Guru jee’s game.
Guru jee walks in the corridor when someone place a hand over his shoulder. Guru jee asks if he didn’t go home. Akshat says he couldn’t, they must look for the spot of Tantra. Guru jee tells Akshat they must find Tantra’s roots without Niyati tonight. Akshat was ready. Guru jee asks him to lend him some time, he wish to gather some powers for the purpose.
Saudamini had reached outside Jalsa when he watch Sumati’s brother come outside. Saudamini hides behind the tree. He notices the gate of Jalsa was open and locks it. Saudamini thinks if she is spotted tonight, he will also have to die with that Baba. He suspects someone’s presence behind the tree but nothing could be spotted. Guru jee was in his room when someone opens the window behind.
Sumati felt unwell and walks to pour a glass of jug for herself. Niyati wakes up and says she hasn’t slept for past two days, she must sleep for a while. Sumati was unable to hold the jug of water. Sumati replies she can take care of herself and her family. Niyati notices she was about to fell down and runs supporting them. Sumati comes to the bed. Niyati requests her to at least take medicine for the sake of her family. Sumati doesn’t reply. Niyati brings the medicine and pour water for her hurriedly. Sumati denies drinking the water she brought, she demands Niyati to fill another glass right in front of her.
Guru jee wonders where his strengths vanished. Saudamini stood right behind him and says she came here to diminish his powers and kill him. She blows on Guru jee making him unconscious. Guru jee fell on the floor. Saudamini wonders who will save him now.
Sumati takes the medicine and tells Niyati to go and sleep now. Niyati comes to lay on the bed. Sumati fells sleepy and lay on the bed besides Niyati. Niyati get up at once, she thinks she learnt from her to protect her family and intends to do that. She covers Sumati with blanket and comes to Guru jee’s room. Guru jee wasn’t in the room, she notices some powder on the floor of the room. Niyati understands this is like the black magic of Shamshan. She calls Akshat. Akshat tells Niyati he is following Saudamini, he spot her enter the house and take Guru jee who lay unconscious. He says they are at Shamshan garh. Niyati tells him to stay there, Saudamini will tell them by herself where the roots of Tantra lay. Akshat watch Saudamini work on Guru jee with chilli and lemon threads. She holds a dagger in her hand.

PRECAP: Kanchan brings Saudamini who stood immobile. Kanchan says Saudamini has hypnotized Saudamini, even Akshat holds all the magical objects. Sumati notices Niyati was silently reading something, and tells her to stop it. She throws a glass of water over Niyati.

Update Credit to: Sona

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