Tantra 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Akshat and Kanchal kidnapped by Damini

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Tantra 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nirwan steals an eye contact with Prithvi. Niyati tries to defend but Prithvi questions Nirwan if he wants to marry a girl he fall in love. Nirwan replies yes. Prithvi says marriage is a huge responsibility. He gave her the responsibility of Jalsa and Nirwan couldn’t come up to his expectations. How could Nirwan take such a huge decision of his life without consulting him? Niyati tells Prithvi that Nisha is a nice girl, she was the one to inform her about Nirwan last night. She feels Nisha is lucky for Nirwan and Prithvi might meet her. Sumati comes there and says Prithvi won’t even feel a need to meet Nisha when Niyati has approved, she will surely be a part of her son’s wedding but only to be called as mother.

Akshat comes out of the car and spots a body down the cliff. She runs down into

the Rocky Mountains to save Kanchan.

Prithvi was annoyed with Sumati’s attitude and says if she really wants to meet Nisha’s family she can surely go there. They can withdraw themselves from the decision. Inspector Bharat comes to Jalsa. He says he was told from higher authorities that there is an eyewitness who may help them draw a sketch. Prithvi warns Bharat that next time he must come here mannerly. Niyati says Akshat has gone to bring Kanchan. She dials Akshat’s number.

Akshat was running across the street. A black magical doll lay on the road. As Akshat steps over the doll, he was completely in control of Damini.

Sumati complains to Prithvi that Niyati didn’t tell her about Kanchan. Prithvi says the day Sumati considers Niyati her daughter, Niyati will also begin sharing with her.

Bharat gets a call about kidnapping. Niyati was ready to take him to Kanchan’s house in the same locality.

There, Akshat opens his eyes when he hung upside down the roof. The room was filled with rats. Akshat finds Kanchan unconscious and wakes her up. Both were worried about how they reached here. Damini’s voice echo in the room. Damini says Akshat was fond of being a super hero, and this girl Kanchan saw what she shouldn’t have; they both must leave this world young. Akshat wish Niyati saves them.

Niyati brings Bharat at a location and says they dropped Kanchan right here. Even the kidnapping took place here. There seems to be a connection in the two incidents. A builder nearby shows them Kanchan’s house. Kanchan’s mother cried outside the house. Niyati tells the lady that Kanchan came at her party last night, where is she? The lady narrates the whole incident to Niyati about Kanchan’s kidnapping. Bharat tells Niyati she was true, he commands the control room to update him about the kidnapping. Niyati assures the lady that Kanchan would soon return. The lady was hopeless of the police. Kanchan’s mother requests Niyati to ask her father Mr. Khurana for any assistance.

Akshat tells Kanchan to run the chocolate on the rope of her hand. The rats will bite and break the rope. They work to rub the ropes with the chocolate. Soon, the rat comes to bite on Kanchan’s rope.

Mr. Bharat and Niyati pass by Akshat’s car. Niyati stops Mr. Bharat as it’s her car that Akshat took. Bharat says the blood on windscreen shows either a crime was committed here or will soon be committed. He detects the mobile network and guess Akshat and Kanchan were within 5 meter radius of their house.

Kanchan was relieved that soon they are going to be safe. The goons enter the room. Damini’s voice echo the room. She says she feels tranquility in their sufferings and hope for life. She can even watch them and laughs devilishly, they seem to be film lovers who planned to get themselves freed through rats. They will get worse deaths than Chambu and Mohan. Kanchan’s hands had been freed. She runs to Akshat concerned. Akshat promises the goons that they won’t tell anything to police. The goon was about to stab Akshat with a knife but Bharat’s bullet hits the hand of that goon.


PRECAP: Bharat asks the goons who sent them. Damini’s voice echoes what Bharat will do by knowing her name. Damini drives a car thinking police can fight the goons, but can’t fight Tantra. Her real game has just begun.

Update Credit to: Sona

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