Tamanna 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sameer pacifying Prakash. Dhara asks doctor about Sanjay. Doctor says he had internal nerve injury, we did the operation, but the next 12 hours for crucial for him. Dhara calls Bhai ji and asks him to start praying for Sanjay’s life, as now its my responsibility to end you, your life linked with Sanjay’s life, if you want your life, then pray that Sanjay gets saved, I will expose you and Khan, I know you got Sanjay shot, if anything happens to Sanjay, I will not leave you alive. Bhai ji asks her to stop nonsense, what will you do, yes I got Sanjay shot, you go and pray for yourself and Sanjay. She ends call. He calls her and asks how dare you end the call, Sanjy is gone, now its your turn, see how I make you cry.

Doctor says we are shifting Sanjay to ICU, you can meet him after he gets conscious. Inspector comes and asks Dhara what to write in FIR. Salamat says write that someone shot Sanjay to murder him. Dhara says not someone, write Bhai ji has attempted to murder Sanjay. Inspector asks do you have proof to blame Bhai ji. She says I know he did this, I don’t have proof, you take this FIR on any stranger’s name, I will find my proof. He says we want Sanjay’s statement, you know we can’t take FIR without victim’s statement. She asks is this a joke, he is fighting for his breath, you want his statement, Salamat was present there, he is giving statement.

Inspector says fine, Salamat give your statement. Dhara and everyone cry seeing Sanjay. Sameer goes to Dhara and gives her tea. She refuses for it. Prakash asks doctor about Sanjay and cries. Salamat prays for Sanjay. Baa calls Dhara and asks about Sanjay. Dhara says he is not fine, he was shot two bullets, I know you came home and I m here, sorry. Salamat asks Dhara to go home. Dhara refuses. Sameer says I m going home to meet Mridula and baby, come with me, meet Baa and Saroj, then we will come back. She asks Salamat to keep her informed. He says don’t worry, I m here.

The people come to hospital and ask Dhara about Sanjay, how is he, we all want to see him. Dhara says he did not get conscious till now, doctor said there is still risk, you all pray for him. Dhara comes home and cries. Baa asks her what happened. Dhara calls Roy and says I want your help, I have to get Bhai ji and Khan arrested, police is with them, there is no time, I want help of higher authorities, Bhai ji threatened that he will kill me, help me. Baa asks who is threatening you. Deepak comes there and hears everything. He asks what happened, who is threatening you. Dhara cries and hugs him. He says Baa told me about Sanjay on phone, so I came here, what happened. She tells him everything about Bhai ji. They all get shocked.

Dhara cries and says all this is happening because of Bhai ji. Salamat calls Dhara and says Sanjay got to senses, he is out of danger. She cries and tells them that Sanjay got conscious. Baa gives her water. Later, they all sit to dine. Dhara gets a call and says what….. Commissioner and high rank officers go to arrest Bhai ji. Dhara thanks the man and says I will come now. She asks Deepak to come with her. He asks what happened. She says I will tell you, Bhai ji and Izhar’s arrest warrant is released, come with me, we have to go court.

Dhara and Deepak come to court and see Bhai ji and Izhar there. She asks them did they get to know what she can do, remember my name Dhara Solanki. Deepak smiles. Izhar says you did your life’s biggest mistake, you think you will be spared, you will be punished for your mistake by my hands.

Dhara says you both are culprit of entire city. Bhai ji says you can’t do anything, where is the proof, we are innocent like always. She smiles.

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    Nice episode….
    Dhara emotions for sanjay do not look like as a friend, i think she has too feeling for sanjay… but only 6 episodes are left and so much to show, i hope no sudden ending they show and what happened to tournament that was about to begin???
    I hope show do not end on ques.??

  2. Dhahran has recorded the phone call which she done to blo*dy bhabi pratap

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