Episode 1

The episode starts with Bondita running to her room and found that tapur was lying unconscious on her bed . Bondita wake her up.

Bondita – What happened to you?

Tapur- (Couldn’t say anything but trembled with fear) ..

Bondita- what happened , please tell me , who had done this to you ???

Tapur- he….

Bondita – who? Tell me who had done this to you??

Tapur said everything to Bondita. Bondita is shocked to hear that.

Bondita – What?

(Aside) I know my pati Can’t kill someone who is innocent, I knew there must be some reason …

(Aloud) tapur , please confess the truth in the court and expose chandrachur… he  doesn’t  has any right to live …

Tapur – No, I don’t  have any courage to speak the truth in the court…

Bondita – you have to make yourself strong and fight for your rights..

Tapur – but !?..

Bondita – you have to punish the culprit, being my sister , Why  are you falling weak??

Tapur – Ok di,  I will speak the truth in the court to save the innocent and punish the culprit..

Bondita – That’s  like my sister…

(Bondita in anirudh’s room )

Bondita – I have to find all proper evidence to save my pati babu..

Next day,

Bondita finds ksj broken and asked the reason..

Somnath –  what we feared , that only happend,  dada will will hanged in the next week..

Bondita – no , I will not let my pati baby to die, I will fight the case for him, it will be my first case..

Ksj- but Bahu, it is not that easy to collect proofs …

Bondita – ksj, trust me , I had already collected some proofs and will collect all of them by tommorow..

Ksj – Ok bahu, I trust you more than myself…

Bondita- shall I go to the jail to meet my pati baby??

Ksj- I am no one to stop you, you can go bahu…

Bondita – thanks…


precap- Bondita meets anirudh in jail and says , “I will not let you happen anything”. Next morning,  Bondita is  entering the court.


( Hi all sis, didi’s, dada’s … I am Shreee … this the first  episode of my fanfiction , di comment in it … )

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