A tale of two strangers part 3 (last part)

hii i’m sorry i know i’m late ??????but there are reasons firstly i was very very busy & secondly i wrote the full episode but i don’t know what happened it didn’t get uploaded and the whole got deleted so i had to write it once again.
Ok so thank u everyone for ur beautiful comments and the silent readers too for patiently reading it
Ok now enough of my bak bak lets start befir that
precap: twinj second meeting and their conversation

part 3
Well even i’m single, he spoke munching on the cookies.
What? Impossible. I mean why so? I was surprised
Hey what makes it impossible? Even u are single, he sounded irritated.
No, i mean u have reasons to have a gf
Really? like?
You are a software engineer, handsome, smart well behaved & above all a very good company.
I gave my thoughts away.
Well thanks for all the compliments. But while u know a very little about me, u don’t know about my family. My parents are very conservative. They will kill me if they come to know i am so friendly with girls.
Unbelievable, i interrupted.
They never understand.

Our conversation soon ended as i was getting late.
I waited for him to say u soon, but to my surprised, he asked hesitantly, hey if u din’t mind can i get ur no? He then added quickly, don’t get me wrong just for casual chitchat.
Oh sure, i din’t mind! We exchanged our nos. and bade goodbye- ofcours after his enthusiastic, see u soon
After that day we used to chat over the phone daily- sometimes for mins & for hours too, about our regular updates, our whereabouts & everything. I din’t know why i enjoyed chatting with this stranger so much, although he is no more a stranger to me.Infact my fear to be close to someone also vanished & sometimes i used to feel that he is my childhood friend kunj but then i used to shove away the thought.
We became best friends, we became restless if fir some reason we could not talk. Such a small handy thing like a mobile phone can get two people so close to eachother.
After four months of chatting and casual meetings came the day of our last confrontation.
It was, his birthday and we planned to spend the evening together at a restaurant which was close to my school.
U knkw i used to study there, isaid pointing towards the school.
Really even i……, he paused.
Hey what’s ur full name, he asked immediately.
Twinkle Taneja, why
He was silent for few mins.
What happened? i persisted
U know my full name is Kunj Sarna.

Now both of us were silent, we didn’t know what to say. Our voices chocked, words vanished.
I think i should leave, i started almost with tears in my eyes.
Usually when best friends meet after years they hug happily, ask so many things, tell so many things. But ours was adifferent story. We had tears in our eyes, so many questions in our minds, so many things to say, but none of us could utter a single word.
Ya u r right i think we should never meet again.
I can’t afford to lose u once again, his reply shocked me but soon he gave me the explaination.
U r also aware of the fact that if we continue chatting we will fall in love with eachtother.
And after knowing that y r the one, i wa missing for so many years, i am quiet sure we will not be able to control our feelings. And to be frank it’s so easy to fall for u, so…… he again paused
U stole my words…. i could only say this much.
After that day he never came infront of me
Now whenever i came to the bustop a felt nostalgic, tearsdon’t listen to me & came out without warning.

picture abhi baki haan mere dost
third person’s pov
wow what an amazing decoration i’m awestruck
lets go inside.
ohh a newly wedded bride & groom are here oh they are going upsatairs for….
i know u all know that.
ok so lets go inside the room, i know its bad maners but to reveal the truth we need to go as i can’t handel the suspence anymore
OMG ??????the bride is none other than our twinkle but who is the….. OMG ????groom is our hero kunj
but how they were seperated right then
now most awaited
twinkle pov
hey don’t stress so much as i haven’t told u lie i told that he never came infront of me as he was
& he is always by my side just like a true life partner
And that day he told that we might fall in love with eachother but after seperation we understood that we have already fallen in love
and true his parents are really very conservative but u know na true love always wins

His parents were not at all ready but after trying ti make them understand for near about seven months they understood that we can’t stay away from eachother so they agreed as they also want their son’s happiness and moreover i am also a very good girl u know beauty with brains so how can they reject me.
So now we are happly married.
——————————-THE END—————————–

So how was the end i hope i am able to stand upto ur desire
actaully i was thinking to end it with a sad note but thought about all of ur sad faces by knowing our twinj’s seperation so thought of ending it with a happy note so u all will feel good
Well please tell me how was it silent readers please comment as it is the last episode
Well i’m really happy as i could see sidhant after such a long break omg he danced soooo well i was feeling great
ok so i might come soon with another os till then keep smiling always ????

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