Tale of Tales – A Revenge Saga- Episode 4

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Sorry for the delay guys….As my placement was going in college, I was not able to update regularly…Now I’m placed in a good company and have free time….Sorry for the delay….

Scene 1:

At the park…..

Vish clears with raman that she is not shagun ….

Raman: Dont lie to me….you are my shagun..

Vish: How many times do I tell you…I’m not shagun…

Mr.Bhalla comes there and looks at vish and gets shocked….

Mr.Bhalla: Shagun…?

Vish: Oh…I’m not shagun….

Mr.Bhalla sends raman and ruhi home and talks with vish….

Mr.Bhalla : Sorry beta….Raman is my son and shagun is his wife and ruhi’s mom…She died in an accident recently….And you look exactly like her…After her death both father and daughter became depressed….We don’t know what to do?

Vish: Sorry to hear this….but the little girl is so cute…and I like her so much…

Just then Raman comes there…

Raman: sorry ….I just need a favour…Will you do it?

Vish : Sure tell me….

Raman : Can you act as my wife till ruhi recover?

Vish is taken aback…..

Raman: Only you could cure my daughter….She needs a mother’s love and only you can give it…Please do this for my daughter….

He cries and begs her…..

vish accepts this and tells everything to bela….bela ask her to come home with them…

Raman and ruhi pack bags and goes with vish….

Ruhi is sleeping in the car and raman while putting brake accidently touches vish hands….they both have an eyelock…

Raman: May I know your name?

Vish: Vish Arora…

Raman: Even my wife’s name is shagun arora…

vish: I need to tell you something…

Raman: yeah please..

Vish : I’m not an ordinary girl…I’m a naagin….

She tells her story with vikrant and bela…

Raman doesn’t believe her…so vish takes her naagin avatar…he gets shocked…vish comes to her own form and tells him that she wont harm him or ner daughter ask not to worry…

Raman: Leave your past…think about your future and hope for best….

Vish : thank you….

Vish sees Raman and feels something special….

they come to bela’s home…bela greets them…ruhi plays with bela’s baby….Raman leaves ruhi there and goes for work….

Ruhi talks to vish for hours and hours….vish happily listens to her….Bela and mahir sees this and tell each other that if raman marry vish her life will become beautiful…..Vish also thinks of same but then realizes raman is someone’s love….she hugs ruhi and ruhi sleeps peacefully in her lap…

Scene 2:


Vikrant and sesha eat fruits…while eating he takes vish name…sehsa fumes hearing that and tells him that she is his wife and not vish and gets angry…vikrant apologizes and cuddles with her….vikrant’s mum sees this and feels happy for her son and feels sad for vish…she hopes vish also gets settles in her life….

Scene 3:

Ishani and ranveer romances in office and has a cute nok-jhok….She tells him about love in a dramatic way and he tells her in a business manner…He asks her to continue her book writing as it is her passion….But Ishani doesnot listen to him and tells him about wedding preparations….Then Ranveer gets angry and tells her that if she is not going to pursue her passion, then he will not marry her….She promises him to write and not tell those words…They hug….

Scene 4:

Shivanya gets angry on herself as she could not figure out her parents murderer but found a new love….

She dances and tells shiv dev to show the killer….She closes her eyes and sees Rithik and gets shocked…She gets dilemmatic but then thinks that he is the killer and she should kill him…She decides to execute a plan and calls sesha…

Sesha comes there with vikrant…She tells them about rithik…Sesha tells her to leave this revenge and ask her to live happily with rithik as shivanya likes  ishani  a lot….if her bro-in-law dies her marriage may stop….Shivanya hears this and worries for ishani…She tells sesha that ishani and ranveer’s marriage wont stop…but she will kill rithik in any cause….

Scene 5:

Rajbeer and Paridhi’s marriage takes place….Ishita comes there as spirit and thinks of her marriage with rajbeer and how it got cancelled due to rajbeer family members trick and how she got killed…She thinks paridhis mom who is the sister of rajbeer’s dad want him to get married to pari…but rajbeer loves ishita …so she killed her on the wedding day ….after 3 years she made drama and ensured that rajbeer gets married to pari….She made rajbeer fall in love with pari…but pari does not know anything and falls in love with rajbeer while pacifying him for ishita’s death….Ishita feels concern for pari but she cannot see rajbeer with any other woman….She thinks to posess pari and can consummate with rajbeer so that she can stay in pari itself…She tries to possess pari but it goes in vain as she has a sacred thread on her hand……

Precap: Ishita posses pari and romance with rajbeer on their wedding night…Shivanya take part in Ishani’s marriage rituals….Raman makes vish to wear mangalsutra…Vikrant sees this and gets jealous…Sesha becomes pregnant….


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  1. Jasminerahul

    oh vish going to act as shagun for ruhi on raman’s request.interesting.good that she revealed to him that she is a naagin.eye lock was romantic. omg vish started feeling for raman.but can’t imagine raman falling for vish instead of ishita.shocking that rajbeer n ishita were lovers but his mom killed her n got him married to paridhi.shocking that ishita is trying to possess pari to acquire rajbeer.I wish ishita hadn’t died n fallen for raman.but since she is sad it can’t happen.sad. shocking that Shivanya found that ritik is her parebts’ killer n she is going to kill him.how is it possible?guess it’s a misunderstanding.guess shesha is not that bad. thats why she advised Shivanya not to kill ritik for ishveer life.oh while sitting with sesha also vikrant is thinking of vish. then how will he live peacefully with sesha?good that vikrant apologized to sesha n they patched up.wow ishani is a writer.good that somehow ranveer convinced ishani to pursue her writing career.

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