Please.. love me- Ragsan Episode 3

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Jan: sanskar, don’t take her wrong. Actually she’s little angry.
San: aunty ji, u did wrong. Ragini is rite. We ruined her life.
Ap: sanskar?
San: yes mom, I agree that u all arranged our, I mean mine and kavita’s marriage for dadi. Though I don’t love kavita but I thought after marriage everything will b ok. I had no issues. But till kavita, it was ok. I had made my mind. But ragini.
Jan: m sry sanskar. I agree for wat u said. But m not feeling guilty. Coz I know u r gud for ragini. Everything will b ok beta. Just give her some time.
Sanskar left from there to his room. He saw ragini sitting and eating bf watching her mobile. She looked at him and again started eating seeing mob. Sanskar changed his dress and left from there.
Jan: ap, m worried for both. Will u make sanskar understand?
Ap: don’t wry janki. M here to take care of both.
Shejan left from there.
………………………. …………..
Sankar was sitting on a chair in a cabin. Laksh (sanskar’s best frnd) comes there.
Lak: hey. Hi buddy.. I dint expect u here.
San: means?
Lak teasing: I mean u r newly married. U shud b with bhabhi. How’s kavita?
San: not kavita, ragini.
Lak: ragini? Who’s she?
San: kavita’s younger sis and my wife.
Lak: wat? Wife?
Sanskar explains him everything.
Lak: janki aunty is rite. Give sometime to her.
San: but she thinks m very elder.
Mahesh tanwar(laksh’s father. He has his own buiseness. His company is near to sanlak college. Sanlak and other frnds often come to company to spend some time. After college they had started to work with him. Mahesh is very frndly with them. Sanlak shares everything with him like a frnd) enters cabin: welcome boys. So how was ur vacation? Sanskar, m really sry. I cudnt attend ur marriage. I got stuck in a problem. Its all coz of this stupid laksh. He had created that prob. Well… how’s kavita?
Sanlak looked at each other. Sanskar tells him too whatever happened.
Mah: its not big prob sanskar. She’s 18. So still she need time to understand. Still she has not seen the world. Ur mom and aunty r rite. Give her sometime.
San nods.
Mah(to make their mood gud): guys y r u sitting so dull.? Now this time is over. I mean till now as u both decided u both will work with me for sometime. Now its over. Wat u both hav decided to do in future?
Lak: I hav already decided.
Mah: wat?
Lak: whatever sanskar will do, I’ll also do that only.
Mah(glares): laksh, its not time for joke.
Lak: m not joking dad. We both r best frnds. We will b together. Don’t wry dad I’ll also help u in our buiseness. But my first priority is with sanky.
Mah: fine. Sanskar. Wat u hav decided?
San: uncle, my dad wants me to join him in our buiseness. But my dadaji were lecturer. He was very nice. I was his fav. I want to b like him. He always used to say that any one can give money and other things to anyone. But giving knowledge to anyone is very gud thing. I want to become lecturer.
Lak: wow great.
Mah: ok my sons. Go on.
…….. …………..
It was nite. Ap, dp , ragsan were having dinner. Ragini was not behaving frndly with them after marriage.
Rag: aunty. Pass me that rice bowl.
Ap: call me mom beta.
Rag: aunty is ok for me.
Ap dint tel anything and passed the bowl. Sanskar looked at her. She was busy in eating. All finished their dinner.
Ragsan room.
As usual ragini was busy in her mob.
San closed his eyes and remembers whatever happened in past.
Sanlak were doing party with other frnds. Sanlak both r best frnds. Everything they share. They always make others happy with their smile and jokes. Sometime they become naughty with their family. It was their last day of college. They were celebrating. Sanskar was looking hot in black jeans and red t-shirt with black jacket. All girls cudnt take off their eyes from him.
Lak: wow sanky, look there , girls r staring u.
San: they r staring u also.
Lak: ya. But maximum girls r staring at u.
A girl comes to sanskar.
Girl: u r looking very handsome. That girl wud b lucky who’ll marry u.
Lak: hey, he’s not marrying me.
Girl: lucky means kismatwali idiot.. (this line was in golmal4, I think)
Lak: so to hai.
They enjoyed the party.
…….. ………………….. ………………..
2 yrs passed. Sanlak were working with Mahesh in his buiseness.
One day asusual sanlak were in mahesh’s cabin and chatting. Sanskar gets call from ap. Both left for sanskar’s home.
Maheshwari and gadodia family were all sitting in hall. All were looking tensed.
San: mom, how’s dadi? Y did u bring her home? She need treatment.
Dp: doc told she has less time. They cant do anything. So its better if she spends her remaining time with family.
San gets sad. Laksh also feels sad.
Dp: we need to talk something to u. its very imp.
San: yes dad.
Dp: ur dadi wants u to marry with gadodia’s daughter. Its her last wish. She wants u to see married before her last breath. We too want same. So….
San: so u want me to marry.
Dp: yes. But we want to know ur decision.
San: its not only abt my decision. Its abt her also who wil marry me.
Jan: kavita is ready beta. She doesn’t have any prob.
San: then its yes from my side too. I want to see dadi happy.
All smiled.
@Sanskar’s room
Lak: how can u say yes? U don’t know her better.
San: first of all family is my first priority. Then we both families have good bonding. I know kavita. I mean I just know her. I dint spend any time with her. I don’t even love her. If she said ok means, I’ll also try to maintain this relation gud. I love dadi a lot.
Lak: how wil u marry if u don’t love her?
San: leav it on time lucky. Everything wil b alrite.
Ap: sanskar, kavita has come. U both can talk.
She left both in room.
San: kavita, already u know the situation. Mom told u said yes. I don’t know whether u said it under any pressure or……. Well… I don’t want u to force urself for this marriage. I’ll talk with our parents.
Kav: no sanskar. M not pressurized. M ready for this marriage. I too love dadi very much.
San: thanku so much kavita.
Kav: don’t thank me. M very happy that dadi wud b happy coz of me.
Both smile.
Sanskar comes out of his flash back.
San: u wud hav told me kavita if u dint want this marriage. I wud have convinced our parents. But y u said yes. U did wrong.

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