Tale of love story – Episode 2 (Trouble…)

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Aliya phones twinkle..

Aliya: hello..

Twinkle: hello..

Aliya: twinkle.. kindly don’t search me as iam not coming to college today.

Twinkle makes a face..

Twinkle: are you going to enjoy with your boyfriend?

Aliya giggles..

Aliya: yes..he told me to come to a pub.

Twinkle: fine..enjoy nicely.

Aliya: ok..

Both cuts the call and aliya goes to a pub and waits for her boyfriend..

Aliya in mind: yug told to come at 10 am but now time is 11 am..I don’t know why he is taking much time.

Aliya waits little more and gets upset and furious..

Aliya in mind: what’s this useless man still doing??. I have cutted my college for him and came here but this idiot is taking this much time to reach from his house which is so nearby…

Suddenly yug comes from behind and shouts at her ears..

Yug: bangggggg..

Aliya gets scared and turns and looks at yug and makes an angry face..

Aliya: you…I want to kill you right now. I just skipped my college for you but you..

Yug smiled and holds her hands and..

Yug: iam sorry for making so late..

Aliya holds his ears..

Aliya: one sorry does not satisfy my heart. First tell me the reason of why you took this much time and let’s see..if reason is acceptable then I will forgive you oresle no..

Yug bows his head down..

Yug: ac.. actually the reason for calling you here is not to enjoy but telling some horrible truth.

Aliya gets shocked..

Aliya: what..what do you mean?

Yug: actually I usually don’t disturb you during your studies right?

Aliya: yes..

Yug: in the same way..I thought to inform this news after your college hours but time is very short for me..so only I called you at early morning and invited you to come here at 10am.

Aliya: but what’s that horrible truth and why did you take this much time?

Yug:I was preparing myself to face you because after knowing the truth..you will really feel betrayed and I was scared to face you and that’s why I was preparing to be strong all these hours..

Aliya gets shocked..

Aliya stammers: w..wh..what’s the truth?if you want to tell any horrible truth then why you called me to a pub instead of calling to a park?

Yug: because silence will kill you more when I tell you the truth and that’s why I called you here so that you will feel little better due to music’s after I tell you the truth.

Aliya gets shocked and stumbles..

Aliya: ok..te..tell me the truth.

Yug brings some other girl who was hiding behind him which shocks aliya..

Aliya stumbles: yu..yug..who is she?

Yug holds that girls hand and..

Yug: iam sorry aliya. I have married this girl and her name is roshni.

Aliya gets shocked and feels dizzy..

Aliya: yug… don’t lie. You just..just want to prank me right? You only love me..I know it.

Yug bows his head down..

Yug: iam sorry aliya..but really I have married roshni due to family’s pressure and I have started to love her after our marriage.i tried to tell this before but something stops me from revealing the truth to you and that’s why it took time to tell it to you.

Aliya gets shocked and tears fall from her eyes..

Aliya in tears: yuuuugggggg…

Yug: so this is our last meeting. Iam sorry for hurting you but if possible then forgive me..I will never see you back as iam ashamed to face you.

Yug holds roshni’s hands and takes her and he too gets teary as he have hurted aliya..

Yug in mind: iam sorry aliya for betraying you..but this is our fate. If I stand there more then you will surely break more so iam leaving you nowatself….

Yug goes away with roshni while aliya starts to cry more..

Aliya in mind: I..I never expected this..I thought he invited me to enjoy but he have invited me to break my heart..why did he do this with me??

Aliya cries more and sees a wine glass kept in a table and she goes and drinks it due to a huge heart break…

Aliya in mind: atleast these wines supports me now to carry such a big betrayal..

Due to wine’s effect she starts to dance in middle of the pub…

And a guy looks her with bad intention..

Guy in mind: wowww..this girl is looking s*xy..

He goes near her and holds her hip which shocks aliya and aliya looks him with her dizzy eyes..

Aliya: hey..you..why are you holding me? Your face is looking double for me but I don’t know why. So better leave me before I punch you..

He doesn’t leave and slowly his hands tightens her grip which makes aliya angry..

Aliya stumbles: you are crossing the limits..see what I will do.

She tries to punch him but she punches at wrong direction due to wine’s effect and the guy laughs..

Guy: madam..you are in bhaang’s effect so you can’t do anything..

He tries to kiss her and aliya tries to push him away but that doesn’t work..

He comes more closer to kiss her but suddenly someone comes and hits his head..

Aditya Angrily: how dare you..how dare you to do a cheap work?

That guy stands and fights with Aditya while aliya looks on..

Guy: who the hell are you to interfere? Are you her boyfriend or do you have interest on her like me..if you have then tell me we can both use her.

Aditya gets angry and he slaps him nicely and beats him nicely while aliya rubs her eyes and sees Aditya beating that guy out..

Aliya: who is this nice guy who saved me…i couldn’t see him properly.

Finally Aditya throws him away and he comes to aliya..

Aditya: excuse me mam..you are fine right?

Aliya feels dizzy and falls on Aditya’s chest..


After some hours the college gets over and twinkle Avika walks on road…

Avika: where are you going now?

Twinkle: to yuvi sir..as usual I should flirt him before I go to house.

Avika hits her head with her hand..

Avika: till when are you going to flirt yuvi sir? If he gets married then what you will do?

Twinkle pinches Avika and..

Twinkle: shut up..yuvi sir is only mine. If someone tries to marry him then I will sit on the bride’s place by kidnapping the real bride.

Avika makes o shape in shock..

Avika: everyone will get treated for illness but you she get treated for your love.

Twinkle: even you love a guy then why are making fun of me??

Avika stumbles..

Avika:w..who told that I have a boyfriend?…I don’t have any..

Twinkle pulls her legs..

Twinkle: don’t lie.. I saw you were talking romantically with someone then what is that mean??

Avika: hey stupid..stop pranking. I don’t love anyone.

Twinkle: no..I don’t believe you.

Suddenly a group of gang surrounds them which shocks twinkle and Avika..

Twinkle: hey stupid’s..who are you all? Don’t you have shame to surround tge girls?

Those guys laughs..one of the guy named manav comes in front of twinkle and..

Manav: hey milky lady..why will we surround you when you yourself doing wrong..

Twinkle comes near him angrily and..

Twinkle: excuse me…you guys are very disgusting. You guys do wrong things and then blame women’s but that will never happen with me..if you try with me then you will be buried under the earth.

Manav and his gang laughs..

Manav: really? Are you going to bury us under the earth?it’s like KG kids telling stories… really funny.

Manav and his gang laughs while twinkle stares them angrily..

In a bike rudraksh and yuvi are traveling..

Yuvi: rudraksh..once we reach home iam going to give beatings from brooms ad slippers for you.

Rudraksh: bro..what to do..iam really sorry.

Yuvi: today you made my day worst than ever. First you locked me with that stupid girl and then now you forget your book in college and made me to help you…I will take revenge for it.

Rudraksh: bro..

Suddenly they see twinkle with gang of boys and gets shocked..

Rudraksh: ohh my godd..what is your girlfriend doing with those boys?

Yuvi stops his bike and stares rudraksh angrily..

Yuvi: you never let me in peace..wait and watch I will spoil your beautiful night today.

Rudraksh giggles..

Rudraksh: bro..let’s go and see what your girlfriend..I mean your trouble maker is doing with those boys.

Yuvi turns his face away..

Yuvi: why should I go and see her?

Rudraksh: bro..I think they are some goons..so let’s go and check what’s happening there.

Yuvi gets worried..

Yuvi in mind: if rudraksh is right then something will happen to that girl..and I won’t let anything happen to her..I mean to anyone.

Yuvi stops the bike and they go near those gang and they watch while twinkle gets angry..

Twinkle: if you don’t believe me then shall I do it?

Manav:see you are a baby…so I will just ask you for one thing and if you do it then we will leave you orelse we will trouble you and don’t try to challenge then you will only get buried under the earth.

Avika whispers to twinkle..

Avika: see..they are looking familiar for me but I don’t know whom. But please accept and give whatever they ask and avoid the troubles…

Twinkle makes a face..

Twinkle: iam not a Humpty Dumpty who justs fell down easily like other womens because of these mens.. women’s are also getting bad names because of these mens and now I will teach them a nice lesson of how to respect girls.

Seeing this yuvi smiles unknowingly which is noticed by rudraksh..

Rudraksh whispers: bro..I think your heart started to beat properly now.

Yuvi comes to senses and stares him..

Yuvi: what rubbish?

Rudraksh: yes..first whenever you see this girl..you will get angry but now you started smiling and then iam sure you will start loving..

Yuvi: you stupid.. always connecting me with this girl which will never happen. You acting as if you are her brother and not mine.

Suddenly manav shouts which makes yuvi and rudraksh watch them..

Manav: you are not Humpty Dumpty who falls down but I will break your head like Humpty Dumpty if you mess with me..

Twinkle: ohh..wow..what a drama man you are? Shall I show my power?

Manav: if you have guts then show..let’s see who wins.

Twinkle starts to cry fakingly and goes to the outsiders who are walking on the road which confuses manav..

Manav in mind: what is this girl doing?

Twinkle (fake crying): sir..sir..

The stranger looks at her and..

Stranger: girl..why are you crying?

Twinkle points finger at manav and..

Twinkle: I and this man were in love and now he is telling that he just used me and he is threatening me along with his friends that they will kill me if I tell this matter to anyone…please save me from him..

Manav and his gang gets shocked..

Manav to his gang: what is This girl doing? Yes it’s true that I came here to flirt with her but this girl is lying now..

Friend: you go and tell the truth before she creates problem.

Manav: yes..

Manav runs to that stranger and..

Manav: sir..she is lying..

Twinkle in mind: iam a best drama queen..no one can defeat me. See what I’ll do now.

Twinkle falls down on knees in middle of the road and cries..

Twinkle cries(fake): please save me from him..please save me..he is trying to molest and kill me along with his friends.

Manav shouts: lie..

The people surrounds them and sees twinkle crying and they feel pity..

People 1: she is so affected.. nowadays everywhere boys are doing these kinds of work and we should not sit silently now like everytime..we will surely help her..

Manav and his gang gets scared and they panic..

Manav: no.. this girl is lying. I never knew about this girl.

People: then why did you and your friends surrounded her??

Manav and his gang stumbles..

Manav: ac..act.. actually.. We..

Every people gets angry..

Peoples: you couldn’t tell because that girl is true..now see what we will do. We will teach you guys such a lesson that every boys will start respecting the girls..

Seeing this twinkle giggles and she smirks seeing manav..

Twinkle in mind: this stupid guy thought twinkle will try to fight with him and then he can tie up like how every boys do..but my way of teaching a lesson is different.

People starts beating manav and his gang with stones and sticks..

Manav and his gang starts paining and they shout..

Manav and friends: ouchhhh..please leave us. We will ask forgiveness to that girl..but please leave us.

People leave him and..

People: common ask sorry and run away immediately orelse we will beat you guys black and blue..

Manav and his gang: sorry girl..

They run immediately and the people pacify twinkle..

People: be strong girl.we appreciate you that atleast you told and asked help but other womens sacrifice themselves to these kinds of boys in scared of their threatenings…so be strong always.

Twinkle acts as if she cried and rubs her eyes..

Twinkle: thank you for supporting and helping me.

The people gets dispersed while Avika comes to her..

Avika: I never knew that your acting skills will reach this much level.

Twinkle: see one day I will get Nobel prize for it.

Avika makes a face and..

Avika: I can appreciate you but don’t appreciate yourself because one day you will get failed if you keep on appreciating yourself.

Twinkle: shut up..if you are jealous then tell me directly instead of telling indirectly..

Avika hits her head..

Avika: you will never change..

The both go kidding each other while yuvi smiles seeing it..

Yuvi: she is over talkative but genius I think. Some people can’t be judged as wrong through their naughty acts… and in the case she is such type. Every womens are scared for these types of boys but she succeeded..there are less people who are like her.

Rudraksh gets suprised as yuvi have appreciated twinkle for first time and he thinks to tease him..

Rudraksh: so finally she have captured your heart.

Yuvi: ohh goddd..why did you create the creatures like rudraksh..he is irritating each and every minute.

Rudraksh: bhai..I really like her.

Yuvi makes a face..

Yuvi: then marry her but why are you always linking me with her if you like her??

Rudraksh: because I like her as my bhabhi..

Yuvi hits his head with hands..

Yuvi: you will never change at all..

Rudraksh: fine..take me to college now before watch closes the doors.

Yuvi: I will never help again..this will be the last time for helping you.

Rudraksh:bro..you repeated this dialogue 1000 times I think..

Yuvi: I have helped you by pitying but from now i won’t even pity you..

Rudraksh: I know about you bro..so iam not worried.

Yuvi takes rudraksh to his college and leaves and waits for him..

While rudraksh goes towards his class and passes 1st mba but suddenly he stops seeing preesha standing on table…

Rudraksh in mind: this is the girl whom I helped at morning…but why is she standing on table without going to house??

Rudraksh enters 1st mba and..

Rudraksh: excuse me…I think college is over before half an hour itself but why are you still here and why are you standing on table??

Preesha: thank god..I was praying to God to send some helper for me and finally you atself came..

Rudraksh gets confused..

Rudraksh: why do you need a helper? Don’t you know the way to exit college?

Preesha: no.. actually see there(pointing towards the door).

Rudraksh sees it and..

Rudraksh: that is door only and not a tiger..then why are you telling fearfully as if tiger is there?

Preesha makes a face..

Preesha: iam scared of cockroaches and it is standing at the corner of the door and that’s why I couldn’t get out of the class and so I was standing on the bench…

Rudraksh sees the cockroach at the corner of the door and then he looks at her innocent face and starts laughing…

Rudraksh: waahh..you are scared for a tiny insect.what a funny girl you are!!!..

He laughs more which makes preesha fume..

Preesha angrily: hey donkey..every humans will have some fear and I have fear for cockroaches that’s all.even you will have some fear but I don’t know what’s it…so don’t make fun of me..

Rudraksh stops his laughter for sometime and suddenly he bursts out laughing again..

Preesha gets angry more and throws the duster on rudraksh and his face and hair gets drenched with colour chalk powder….

Preesha laughs..

Preesha: no one can make fun of me..and if they do then this is the result.

Rudraksh makes a horrible face and sees preesha laughing..

Rudraksh in mind: ohh..you silly girl..see what I’ll do now.

He rubs colour chalk powder on his hand and he goes and climbs the table where preesha is standing and he comes close to her which shocks preesha..

Preesha: hey..what are you doing?

Rudraksh applies the colour chalk powder on preesha with his hands and laughs..

Rudraksh: if you can colour me then I can also do it…

Rudraksh jumps down and laughs..

Preesha stares him angrily and shouts..

Preesha shouts: you great donkey..how dare you..i will never leave you.

Preesha tries to get down but sees cockroach there and stands upset which makes rudraksh tease more…

Rudraksh: I think this cockroach will save me from you. So..bye iam going because if I chase cockroach then you will take revenge..so iam leaving.

He tries to go out but preesha makes a puppy face and..

Preesha: fine..I won’t take revenge but please save me from cockroach.

Rudraksh: shall I believe you?

Preesha: yeah..I won’t take revenge. If you don’t believe me then I will promise in my name atself Jhansi ki rani the way you call me..

Rudraksh gets stunned hearing this..

Rudraksh in mind: I used to call preesha only as jhansi ki rani and why did she say like this…and then I met her at morning only then how can she tell me that I called her like that?

Rudraksh confusingly: when did I call you jhansi ki rani?

Preesha sudden comes out of trance and gets shocked..

Preesha in mind: why did I tell like that? I don’t know him before at all and also I met him morning only then why did I tell that he used to call me as jhansi ki rani??

Preesha stumbles..

Preesha: nothing..act.. actually my..my best friend used to call me like that so I blabbered here as you was also making fun like my best friend.

Rudraksh gets shocked again..

Rudraksh in mind: preesha is my best friend and I used to call her like that and make fun but why is she telling dialogues which is matching me and preesha??..

Rudraksh: ohh..who is your best friend who calls you as jhansi ki rani?

Preesha gets shocked..

Preesha in mind: I just lied to avoid this situation and now I should lie again..

Preesha: actually it is a boy. And his name is donkey..I mean I used to call as donkey.

Preesha in mind: what am I blabbering? I thought to tell a girl name but iam blabbering something…

Rudraksh gets shocked again..

Rudraksh in mind: preesha used to call me as donkey and I used to call her as jhansi ki rani..but why preesha’s and my name’s friendship is matching with her and her friend?

Rudraksh: ohh..

Preesha: ok save me from that cockroach soon..I want to go home before my parents gets scared.

Rudraksh chases that cockroach away while preesha gets down and..

Preesha: thank you.

Rudraksh: it’s okay..

Preesha: today we had nice time..you are really nice. Can we be friends?

Preesha forwards her hands while rudraksh gets shocked..

Rudraksh in mind: no one can be best than preesha. I never shaken hands with any other girl for friendship as I consider only preesha as my bestie..but now my heart is asking to accept the friendship and I don’t why?

Rudraksh shakes hands with preesha..

Rudraksh: ok we will be friends..

Preesha smiles..

Preesha: ok.. what’s your name?

Rudraksh: my name is rudraksh.

Preesha gets some flashes hearing his name..

preesha holds her head..

Preesha in mind: what is happening with me?

Rudraksh notices her and..

Rudraksh: is there any problem?

Preesha : no..just I felt a slight headache..that’s why.

Rudraksh: ohh..ok. by the way..what’s your name?

Preesha: my name is pree…I mean preha.

Preesha in mind:why was I going to tell some other name?

Rudraksh: ok..bye..let’s meet tomorrow.

Preesha: ok.

They turn and go opposite direction and both thinks..

Preesha in mind: why did I feel different with rudraksh? I was speaking normally to everyone but why was I blabbering something to him alone without my knowledge? And why did some flashes came when he told his name??..

Rudraksh in mind: why did my heart told to accept her friendship though I don’t accept any girl’s friendship after preesha’s death? And why did she told which is exactly matching with me and preesha’s friendship?

Both stands at a certain distance and they look back each other…

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    Poor aliya.surprised to see her bf.sad that he married roshni n started loving her.aditya saving aliya from that guy was nice.so avika has a bf.waiting to see her bf.twinkle trapping manav was funny.yuvi appreciating her before rudraksh was nice.rusha scene was funny.hope rusha will find out why preesha is talking like rudraksh’s friend preesha.thwy becoming friends was nice.perfect pics.

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