Swim Team 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Neel shouts at Umang shaves his leg. Umang asks why he doesn’t do it himself and heads to do it again. Neel teases him by poking her nose with his creamy hands.
TK asks Rewa to come and have a seat.
Neel and Bhagat’s race was about to begin.
TK asks Rewa where she was at the time of Kanika’s race. She says she was in rest room when… TK qualifies that she had something important to do. TK says he knows Rewa was lying when she said she was in rest room. He asks if she came to win a single race here. Rewa says she hasn’t lost her focus, she won’t let him down. TK only stared.
Neel was on the lead from Bhagat. Jugnu bucks Bhagat up.
TK says butterfly is the toughest race, and she won’t be able to beat Kanika after the record she has set.
Neel had won the race. Deepam cheers. Bhagat was zonal’s champion. None of Jugnu’s star swimmers won. Deepam congratulates Neel, Neel forwards hand to Jugnu who curtly shakes it.
Rewa was waiting on the stairs.
Jugnu was doing Yoga with Umang and Bhagat. Jugnu says they needed deep breathing to release stress. He asks them what is distracting them. Umang and Bhagat say there is nothing like that. Jugnu shouts and says his training never fails, there must be something in their minds that failed them. He asks them to confess whatever they have to, but they must keep his respect in pool tomorrow. He leaves. Umang asks Bhagat if he has to say? Bhagat says someone asked from him what was precious for him, but he knew that for her asking it was very difficult, so he said he also wanted to give it to her. But now he feels she doesn’t value his sacrifice. Umang was upset and worried at once.
At night, Rewa was making bed when Jai comes in changing room. He asks Rewa to come out, there is a surprise for her. Rewa asks what surprise. Jai says it is for others too, she must come fast.
Umang brings the plate from counter with ketchup on it for Bhagat. He asks what is this. Umang says he will only get food when he confesses, she knows it is Rewa. For him, the most precious thing was Rewa and it was their relation that was precious to him. He denies, Umang holds the plate to run the ketchup on it. Bhagat says yes, it is like that. Umang was irritated, she asks why is he doing this all only to take pain on himself. Bhagat and Umang were arguing when Jai comes to call them for a surprise.
All the swimmers gather around the fire. Neel and Umang were happy with the scenario. Deepam watches them. Rewa comes there, so does Bhagat. Jai says there is a surprise treat for them, Nationals isn’t about hardwork, they need to chill to. Umang watches Rewa’s face then Bhagat’s. Bhagat was worried if that Umang will tell Rewa about everything.
Rewa goes to get hot chocolate for her. She asks if this is low fat milk, the café man nods. Umang comes to her and tells Rewa to watch it, today many people are upset just to see her happy. Rewa asks what she means. Umang points at Bhagat and asks if she has seen that boy who wanted to break up from her, and wanted to concentrate on his career. He never wanted to break up. She asks Rewa to look at him, he is crushed. Umang says he only didn’t want Rewa to feel bad for him, she he said he wanted the breakup. She says Bhagat told this to her. Rewa says that TK is right about Umang, that Umang do anything for winning. She is saying this all to Rewa only because she lost the match.
Neel was posing with the medal. Umang comes to watch it closely, Neel says there is something missing in it. He puts the medal around her neck too and says her victory is his too. He says he can’t do anything without her medal. He says they will both go to Olympic. Umang was upset, she says they will really go together, be a winning couple and will set new world records. Deepam heard this all and leaves curtly.
They all sat together when Bhagat began playing guitar. Umang was busy talking to Neel. Everyone’s attention goes to the music, Rewa stared at Bhagat. Bhagat sings, Sanam Teri Kasam. Neel, Kanika and Deepam enjoy, Umang watch Bhagat and Rewa upset. Neel comes to hug Umang.
There was a whistle, Bhagat stops the guitar at once. Jai comes there and says it is quite late, they have to be in beds at ten exact. Neel asks Umang to have coffee, Umang asks Bhagat to come with them. Rewa was left alone. Deepam watches them, Kanika asks why is she upset. Deepam says her crush is dating someone else. Kanika says they must tease Umang and Rewa too, she asks Deepam to select a finger. She says she will make a plan and they will punch them both. She asks Deepam to have food now and thinks if someone doesn’t obey the rule he will be in problem.

PRECAP: Rewa comes to Bhagat and says girl’s locker room is locked from inside, can she sleep here. Bhagat says he has a solution, he climbs from the wooden stair down to the girl’s locker room storey. He tells Rewa to meet him outside the locker room. Insider the locker room, he hits break a glass. Kanika wakes up.

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