Swim Team 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa tells Coach..Coach tells that whole life is Coach introduce Rewa to Mr kulkarni..Kulkarni tells Rewa welcome to team..Rewa tells that she canno do that her mother will not give permission,,Coach tells that oppurtunity is knocking at door…Tk tells that just now Rewa put all her efforts,,,Rewa tells its not her detiny..Mr kulkarni shouts at Coach TK,,Rewa thinks,,Mr Kulkarni tells TK to bring Umang back,,TK tells that Umang will not come back and he will not listen board..Mr kulkarni removes the board Of TK and tells that he is fired..Rewa Call and tells Umang that she will come late..Rewa tells Coach TK sorry..Rewa tells she will talk at home and tell..TK tells that its of no use now.
TK tells that Rewa dont know what she want to do!!TK tells that he was wrong and Rewa cannot do anything…TK tells that there is no team and he is fired..Anotherside Umang tells that Rewa is a lier and never to trust her,,Door bell rings Umang tells what Rewa did was wrong..Jai tells that If Umang have not proposed TK then all have not happeend,,As she was involved with her teacher..Umang tells that Rewa is a lier and a betrayer..Deepsi tells that she has deleted all the pictures from friendsbook..Pixy comes and tells that Coach TK has removed..Anotherside Rewa comes Umang sees angrily…Rewa tells that TK has been removed from academey,,Umang sit son bed and tells that she knew this would have happened as TK is nothing without him,,Umang tells Rewa to go..Rewa goes…PIxy tells Deepsi that Academey is her life..Deepsi tells all her carrer was dependent on this academey,,Kanika comes and vomits..Pixy and deepsi sees and tells yuck..Umang tells she have to talk to Coach TK..Umang’s parents comes…Mother calls Jai..Umang tells her father to take back case against TK,,Mother asks why???Umang tells all is over..Father tells that it was TK who removed Umang..Umang tells to leave all what happeend..Jai tells nothing will change,,Mother tells that Coach was responsible..Umang tells to take the case back otherwise there is no swimming,,Umang’s mother tells she will take the case back but Umang have train with other Coach..Umang tells she will never…Jai tells its a good idea..Ritika calls Rewa..Rewa cuts the vegetable..Ritika tells to wash it first,,Rewa cuts onion and cries..Ritika tells only four days left for week,,Ritika tells she is cutting onions…Ritika asks what happened???Rewa cries and goes….Umang calls Coach TK picks up phone,,,Umang tells sorry..Coach tells its okey…Umang tells all will be fine as she will come back and her parents will talk to the board member’s…Coach tells Umang that she is making things worse and cuts the phone…Umang tells what the hell..Rewa text Umang but she ignores..Coach TK collects his things..Kanika,,Pixy and deepsi comes and tells they will help if he bring Umanng back..TK tells he failed because he didnt loose his principals..

precap::Umang tells Rewa that nobody is in Academey to beat her..Rewa tells she broked the record..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Love u Rewa.. love this show.

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