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Rewa and Umang competed closely. Rewa took the lead of a few seconds and won. Rewa’s mother cries, TK cheers. Rewa jumps in the water. Her chances to represent India in Olympics were really bright. Rewa and Umang hug each other though Umang was upset as she looked at the face of her mother. Her mother had left the pool side angrily. Rewa‘s mother goes to hug Bhagat. Rewa comes to her, both cries. Her mother says her papa must be very happy, she is proud of her. Rewa cries hugging her mom. TK comes to Rewa and hugs her tight. Neel goes to hug Umang who was upset but smiled at Rewa and hugs her again.
The winner of Nationals was being announced. Bhagat was the winner in mens. The girls cheered as medal and bouquet was presented to him. Rewa was the female swimmer to represent India in Olympics. Bhagat and Rewa say to each other that they did it. There was a felicitation ceremony for Bhagat and Rewa the next day, and celebrations at night.
Rewa and Bhagat posed besides pool. Umang says she will upload these photos on pool side. Umang takes a call and leaves. Rewa watches the medal and says she loves it, will never take it out. Bhagat says she looks prettier with it. Rewa asks Bhagat for a dinner as they haven’t been to dinner for a long time. She says she will ask Umang and Neel for dinner as well. Bhagat thinks he can’t digest that she wants to go on dinner with her. He says he promised his mother for a video call. Bhagat tells Rewa that she deserve it, she did a lot of sacrifices for it. Rewa says he also did.
Rewa and Bhagat come ready towards the car. Tk waited for them. Rewa asks where the others are. TK asks who else, they must get in. in the car, and Rewa asks again, TK says everyone else was hungry and left already. Rewa says she was also hungry, she wanted to be with everyone else as well. She calls Umang and asks where they are. Umang says she have left, they were tired and hungry. Rewa says to Umang that she and Bhagat will come where UG and Neel are. Umang says they have already done the lunch. Bhagat says they will do the lunch and celebrate. Rewa says they would have enjoyed more if others were there too. Rewa’s mood was off. She asks to go back to academy.
On the academy door, Rewa asks Bhagat to go to canteen for lunch. Jai comes down running and asks them to report on the pool side there and then. Bhagat says they have just returned. Jai says Nationals are over, not Olympics. TK gives way to them.
Bhagat and Rewa come to the pool side, Rewa’s mood was off and says they are back. Bhagat asks where the rest of them are. Suddenly they were sprinkled with party poppers. Umang and Neel come to them and congratulate them saying this will be the most rocking party every. Rewa thanks Umang for arranging this all for her. Umang says when she had won, they also arranged a similar party. TK says he met Rewa the first time, in the party Umang is talking about. He remembers their introduction. Tk says if there wasn’t that party, they wouldn’t have been here. Umang says Jai helped her organizing this party a lot. She says that now, everyone will speak on their turn when this ball hits them in the pool. She turns around and throws the ball. It goes towards Jugnu. They all cheer him. Jugnu comes to hug Bhagat and asks if he will enlighten his name in Olympics, after all it is Jugnu’s training. Jugnu throws the ball at Jai but it comes to Tk. TK says there was a time Rewa invited him to a party, today Umang has organized a party in honor of Rewa. He says their friendship is truly inspiring, he didn’t think their friendship could survive these thick and thins. There is one word for them Respect! He says he has learnt another thing from them, those who can see the invisible can do the impossible. Rewa cries in elation. Umang hugs her and says they love her. They all come for a group hug. Deepam says this isn’t complete until… they all get it and indulge themselves in water fight. They dance on the pool side. Rewa asks Umang where is Neel. Umang says he was coming in ten minutes and wonder where he is. She gets a call, Neel asks her to come in the garden as there is a bad news. He tells her to come alone. Umang tells Rewa that she is just coming and goes to the garden calling Neel.
There was a village set up, Neel comes there and says what they find outside is there inside their hearts. Umang comes in panic. Neel says he must not spoil this romantic moment, he statues her and says since she came in his life, he has got a meaning of life. He takes a ring box and shows it to Umang. He says he knows this box is empty, but what he is going to confess is filled in love. He asks Umang if she will marry him. Umang hmms, he says statue over. Umang holds him to stand up and says I love you Neel. He says I love you too, both hug each other. She says off course she will marry him but not now. She says he has just started his career, he must get settled. It will take time. Neel says these are all excuses, she is trying to go far from her. Umang tells him he is dumb, they couldn’t qualify Olympics still they are professional swimmers. Neel says his father won’t finance him. Umang says she is there. Neel says she has broken his heart. Umang says if she had to break his heart, why she would do this. She kiss Neel.
Rewa and Bhagat sat beside pool. Rewa thinks that she is trying to say that she did a big mistake by taking the decision of their breakup. Bhagat asks what she is thinking. He says if they could never have achieved the victory had they not devoted a complete focus to their career. She asks how he is as good and understanding. Bhagat says there is her mistake in it, she inspired him to be as good and understanding. She goes to see Umang. Inside, Jai comes to Rewa and stops her. He congratulates Rewa that she did impossible as possible. He hopes she didn’t mind he ordered her strictly when she came back from Nationals. Rewa thanks him. He hopes she can forget whatever happened between them and they can be friends again.

PRECAP: Bhagat and Rewa come close to each other.

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